Our focus is intense. Our standards in providing creative, innovative and practical solutions for our clients is unwavering.

We cherish our client relationships and will strive to justify their trust. Enjoying the work we do, relating effectively with each other and our clients is an integral part of our culture.

Keynote Resource offers you a business portal that functions as a comprehensive source of information, ideas and solutions. Whether you are looking for a dynamic keynote speaker for your conference or a trainer/consultant to work with your P & D team to stimulate new product ideas, we can provide what you need.

In serving a select group of clients extraordinarily well you are assured of personal service and attention as we work closely with you to identify, evaluate and recommend the speaker, trainer or consultant who will be the best fit for what you have in mind. Only the highly caliber of professional talent lives on our web pages.

You benefit from our many years of experience. Our knowledge of the marketplace enables us to align a presenters’ expertise, energy and delivery style to your group. Making the right match results in highly successful events and measurable, sustainable benefits for program participants.

Yvon Douran - President

Yvon Douran – President

Yvon Douran, founder of Keynote Resource Agency has the spirit of adventure in her blood. Back in 1789 her infamous ancestor, Fletcher Christian, led a mutiny on HMS “Bounty”. The band of Bounty mutineers eventually settled on Pitcairn Island where they burned the ship and lived undiscovered for the next 30 years. It is not difficult then to understand Ms. Douran’s bold decision to leave an idyllic lifestyle on a tiny South Pacific island and travel 13,000 miles across the ocean to study at the famed Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California.

Moving a great distance from her family and friends Ms Douran was introduced to a new lifestyle, a new profession and many new possibilities far greater than the five by three mile Island she had once called home.

After earning her college degree, Ms. Douran invested in an independent record label and contributed her talents to a number of film and video productions. Additionally, her photography has appeared on album covers, in commercial publications and in print. She has also co-executive produced 17 record albums and was a key member of a West Coast based art restoration company.

Along the way she became a lover of the California lifestyle and the piece of fertile soil she now calls home.


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Working with Keynote Resource:

Locating and selecting the ideal speaker for your event can be a huge responsibility and time consuming process involving

•  Lots of phone calls
•  Research
•  Time spent reviewing material

Rather than spending your valuable time on these tasks our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you. Once you provide some basic information on the kind of speakers you are interested in and your meeting objectives, we will complete an extensive search and send a short list of professionals who best meet your needs. We will attend to all requests in a timely manner and make all necessary arrangements to secure the speakers of your choice.

More Information

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