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It's Your Life! Make It A Happy, Healthy One
by Edie Raether, CSP

"Once you commit to something, life moves in ways you could never have imagined."

Choosing a healthy and therefore happy lifestyle begins with a commitment. Although the United States has the most modern healthcare system, we still have some of the sickest, most obese and malnourished people on the earth. Forty-two million Americans suffer from high blood pressure, fifteen million are chronic alcoholics, sixteen million suffer from ulcers, and over forty million will spend some time in the hospital each year. According to the National Institute of Health 66 % of all diseases are a direct result of our lifestyle, which includes choices on what we eat and drink, how we cope with stress (and we all know that won't go away), and our level of physical activity, which does not include walking to and from the refrigerator!

Here are just a few tips to get you started on the path to better health and longevity.
  1. Laughing Matters.
    Laughing one hundred times during a twenty-four hour period has the same cardiovascular benefit as rowing a rowing machine for ten minutes. This does not mean that instead of going to the gym or taking your daily walk, you just simply laugh, but that we do need to "lighten up." Even a fake laugh provides the same health benefits, but spontaneous laughter would seem to be more fun.
  2. Color Counts.
    Eating colorful and texture-rich meals will boost your immune system, and the high fiber will "keep things moving." The majority of Americans are getting only one-fifth of the dietary fiber they need which is thirty to fifty grams per day. Fiber also keeps blood sugar normal and removes toxicants that could result in cancer to your bowels.
  3. Mind and Moods.
    What you eat does affect your moods and how you feel When you choose certain foods you are choosing to be happy or depressed. Foods high in protein supply the brain with significant amounts of the amino acid, tyrosin, which converts to the chemical known to enhance alertness, dopamine and norepinephrine. When carbohydrates are eaten alone, tryptophan is introduced to the brain, and serotonin, the calming brain chemical, causes a state of relaxation. Perhaps that is why so many of our "comfort foods" are high in simple carbohydrates.
  4. Don't Keep It Simple.
    If the majority of carbohydrates you consume come from highly processed sources such as white flour and/or white sugar, you will become nutritionally bankrupt. Because you need certain vitamins and minerals to assimilate carbohydrates in general, and refined crabs usually provide less than optimal nutrition, you'll be drawing from your own body's stores of nutrients to metabolize the simple sugar creating a nutritional debt.
  5. Take It Easy.
    While women tend to eat more under stress, men tend to eat less. Nine out of ten Americans say they experience some form of stress one to two times per week, and one in four estimates stress happens everyday. Seventy-five percent of all doctor visits are related to stress. Learning to relax will give you more energy and reduce self-destructive tendencies such as drug and alcohol abuse, smoking, and compulsive eating.
  6. Reduced Calories Can Save Your Life.
    Studies find that reducing calories can extend your life and significantly boost longevity even if started late in life. It's never too late! As reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, test animals of a relatively advanced age were fed a restricted diet and lived 42% longer than animals of the same age fed a standard diet. One of the most important lifestyle changes you can make is to maintain a well-balanced diet and adhere to a moderate exercise program, preferably walking. Along with diet and exercise, consider supplementing your diet with a whole-food nutritional supplement such as Juice Plus which I can provide more information on if you contact me at edie@raether.com.
  7. Change Your Mind - Change Your Life.
    All of the information, facts, figures and statistics mentioned will not give you the health, energy, and vitality you desire unless you choose to change. To assist and give a boost to your desired goals I highly recommend hypnosis to help in the behavioral change process. What we eat determines who we are and the mind-empowering strategies and visualization create a mind-body connection which magnifies our efforts for our preferred change in lifestyle. Habits, such as not exercising or eating the wrong foods, are lodged in the subconscious mind and thus to bring about a change we must connect with the source to remove undesirable choices and addictions and replace those unhealthy attitudes and behavior patterns with new, positive suggestions for how we live. We are truly rebooting the brain and reprogramming our minds for success. In recent studies reported on such programs as 48 Hours and Dateline, hypnosis was determined to be the number one method of weight management over a period of time. Over time it was determined to be superior to Atkins, The South Beach Diet or any of the diet programs such as Jenny Craig, although it can be used to enhance any other weight management system. While hypnosis is not a "quick fix," it is solid, gradual change in attitudes, behavior and lifestyles which lasts and helps you last much, much longer. Please visit www.raether.com to learn about hypnosis programs available to help you more readily accomplish your desired goals for health and longevity.
Edie Raether, MS, CSP, is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in private practice for thirty years. She is also an international keynote speaker, personal and business coach, and author of Why Cats Don't Bark, Sex for the Soul, and forthcoming books on influence and persuasion as well as one on the minds of champions.

©2004 Edie Raether. All Rights Reserved

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