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Do you have an Emergency Living Personality?
by Diane Sieg

We all have certain innate personality traits that can predispose us to emergency living. These traits can dictate many of the decisions we make in both our personal and our professional lives. Far from being a negative, People with these personality traits can be very successful because they create positive outcomes when their energy is channeled appropriately. But when they cross the line and go to the extreme with these traits, they can end up living life like an emergency.

The Controller
We all need to feel like we are in control to some extent-that's normal and healthy. But if you feel you are the only one who can do it "right." When you think you are the only one who can do the laundry, set the table, and run the meeting most efficiently, you most likely want to control it all and will end up trying to do it all.
Practice: Delegating and asking for help.

The Perfectionist
When you can't say something is "good enough" the way it is, until you have struggled with it, done it over several times, or given it 150 percent, you are obsessed with doing a perfect job. Being obsessive about perfection requires more time and energy than you probably allow, which puts you at a faster pace just to keep up.
Practice: Saying "this is good enough".

The Driver
These individuals are value themselves for what they do and how much they get done instead of who they are. They are more critical of themselves than anyone else would ever be and often have unrealistic expectations. They tend to set high standards not only for themselves, but for everyone around them.
Practice: Slowing down by learning how to stop for 5 minutes and do nothing.

The Adrenaline Junkie
These individuals tend to thrive on lots of activity and the panic, chaos, and crisis management that go along with it. They create their own stressful situations by the choices they continue to make to meet their need for excitement. These situations, which can feel like "emergencies," are characterized by unhealthy relationships, ridiculous schedules, and impractical commitments.
Practice: Asking yourself why you continue to create your own emergencies

The Impatient
These individuals want it now. They live in the moment and want results in the moment. They can be impatient and even impulsive about spending their money, getting involved in relationships, and making other significant decisions. They are not long-term thinkers and are more inclined to think about next week's vacation than about retirement.
Practice: Thinking in terms of short term, medium term, and long term goals

The Rescuer
The rescuer is the person who is first to volunteer to work late, bake the cookies, walk the neighbor's dog, or do anything else to save the day. They frequently attract very needy people and usually have several projects or people they are trying to help. And since they find it very difficult to say no to a commitment or request, they are the first ones asked.
Practice: Postponing saying yes so that you can evaluate and prioritize each new request

I offer individual coaching, seminars, workshops, keynotes, and retreats designed to help you enjoy a more satisfying and productive life.

Copyright Diane Sieg. All Rights Reserved.

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