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There Are Only Three Types of People
by Joe Heller

Here are a few personal thoughts about the people you will interact with in the course of running your daily business. I've taken archetypes from Robert Ringer's Book -- Winning Through Intimidation.

"The world is made up of three types of people: Type Number I's who understand and openly acknowledge that they always act in their own self-interest. Type Number II's, who understand that they always act in their own self-interest but try to make you and others believe otherwise. And Type Number III's, who either don't understand or don't want to understand that they always act in their own self-interest, but do anyway. Beware Type II's and Type III's."

There are two big chunks of wisdom here, and each one has saved me large sums of money and frustration. When ignored, this sage advice has cost me large personal loses.

The first chunk of wisdom is that humans are hard-wired to act in their own self-interest. Period - End of Story! Any superficially contrary evidence collapses under close scrutiny. This is neither evil or good, just reality. Fortunately, an individual's self-interest often runs parallel with other peoples' interests, and a lot of good comes of that. But if there is conflict, no person will ever voluntarily permit anyone else's interest to take priority over his own. This hard-wiring is absolutely necessary for species survival, by the way. The way to use this understanding is, first of all, as a means of being perfectly honest with yourself about your own motives; you get more accomplished with self-honesty than with self-deception.

Second, to understand other people and interact with them free of delusion or disappointment there is only the reality of human intent.

The second big chunk of wisdom is to steer clear of Types II and Type III.

Type II's will deliberately hurt you. They are thieves and con artists, liars and cheats who know their true nature is so dark they must carefully conceal it. Type III's will unintentionally harm you. Because they are constantly at war with themselves, denying their true nature, making decisions based on delusion rather than reality, they will inevitably string together enough bad decisions made for the wrong reasons to destroy themselves along with anybody standing around in bomb-blast range. In my life, I've been hurt worse by the Type III who I trusted than the Type II. Thankfully, I've gotten better at spotting the Type II's and getting away from them quickly. It's a skill I continually work at.

One final note; in order to overcome Type IIís and Type IIIís and start making more sales Ė you must become an avid student of lead generation and marketing strategy Ė the high-payoff items for necessary to succeed in business.

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