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The Key To All Success
by Joe Heller

Many of you know me, we met on my travels and you've heard me speak somewhere on this planet about success. I have been a life-long student of what makes people successful from my early days when it seemed I couldn’t do anything right. I remember having to stretch just to pay my electric bill and nearly being fired from my first job after college. I'm thankful things have changed. My life has been an adventure, and a continual learning experience. As I ended last year, I had given talks in 5 countries with audiences numbering into the thousands.

As someone who has constantly searched for the key to "all success", I would like to share some thoughts with you as you begin 2007. I am assuming like me, many of you have searched for the key to all success. Then as you pondered what the 'secret recipe' for success must be… you opened a book and “wham” saw it in almost the very way you had pictured it? There it was right in front of you, and you thought it must be - GOALS, because after all, a man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder, they both end up on the rocks. Then, being a good student, you read a second book and discovered what must be the key to success - TIME Management, because time is the only resource we can truly control. After all, we are all born with the same amount of time so it must be how we invest our time that gives one person greater success over another. Of course then you read another book and then you read another book in your quest for the ‘secret’ and the list doesn’t end there does it?

All my life, I've studied, researched, and interviewed successful people from around the world until I came across the number one key to all success, you may want to write this down in your notes, but only if your interested in the number one key to all success - KNOWLEDGE. Then I realized it cannot possible be the number one key to all success. If it was all intelligent people would be successful and we know that's not true. Right? OK, here it really is the #1 key to all success. If you use it you can get everything else that you want in life - MASSIVE ACTION! You must command the steps necessary to take an idea then translate it into reality. Massive Action is the number one tool in life that most people fail to exercise and the number one gift everyone has. We all have the ability to act. Even if you have never used this gift you have the ability to change your life right now by taking action.

What is success? Let us use the following as the definition. Success is the ability to do what you want, with whom you want, when you want, as much as you want! In order to obtain success you must make a decision to do whatever it takes to in order to succeed. I remember my first sales job where I taped (that's right taped) the phone to my hand because I hated cold-calling. I did what ever it took to creating massive action and went from almost being fired to being named Salesperson of the Year. We are all equal, yet we do not all get equal results. Why? Most of you limit yourself by focusing on the gap’s that exist between where we are today and what is possible! Focusing on the gaps limits your sight on the goal and only shows you the obstacles that lie in front of you that limit your potential.

I believe that the fear of failure is clearly the number one hindrance for all people moving toward success. Successful people don’t have a fear of failure; they look at failure as a learning curve. You are able to apply what you've learned to build on your successes. Remember the story about Thomas Edison who made 10,000 attempts to invent the light bulb only to discover the secret on attempt 10,001. The second key to success is massive failure! I know what you're thinking… you're really pumped up with enthusiasm to go out and fail! Remember, you must develop outcomes (i.e. personal experiences) to get the results in life you desire.

The most successful people on the planet evaluate success and failure differently. The only way for you to fail is to not learn something from the experience. If you learned how not to do something, is it worth something? How many of you like to learn, how many of you learn from your experiences even painful ones. If you learned something you’ve succeeded, you can’t fail because you produced a result. It may not be the one you intended, but it was a result. One way to look at failure is by looking at failure differently and remembering that 'massive failure' differs from 'ultimate failure'. How? By default massive failure means you failed massively and that massive failure was powered by massive action whereby 'ultimate failure' is when you don't even try. Instead of creating a life, you’re watching life pass you by.

Were all made up of the same stuff and if any one else in the world can succeed then so can you. If you were all committed to being a master at something then you can! What would have happen when you learning to walk and the third time you fell, you gave up? Did you learn to walk? Of course! Why? You persisted. When I ask someone why they didn't succeed they tell me "I've tried a 1,000 times to succeed and just couldn't". I always respond… "really a 1,000 times?" and they always say something like… "ok, maybe it was 5 times". Why do you give up on yourself? Why are people successful? Because they persist, remember it only takes 10 years to become an overnight success. What I am suggesting is that if you don't learn anything from your failures you become a fool, if you let your learning lead to intelligent-action then you become wealthy in all areas of life. If you learned to walk then you can succeed at anything in life. Master your destiny by looking at failure differently.

Start today to take advantage of your unique talent, your natural gift and exploit it for the benefit of others. Your skill is earned through your life experiences. Look at role models like Michael Jordan and remember the fact that he was kicked off his High School basketball team. Most people believe that role models are different? They're not. They are no more special than anyone else. Just like them, you have the ability to do what ever you want in life. Design your life now; learn from your previous mistakes and never give up until you accomplish your predetermined, worthwhile goal that defines success for you.

Take control of your life now! It's what you do that makes the difference! Stop putting blame on the economy, it is not the economy! Only you're responsible for your actions. Did you know that more people became millionaires during the great depression than any other time in history? Stop waiting until you get 'this' master plan for your life. You can change the world with one simple thing, get off the bench and take action. Learn to live and enjoy life. You never know what is going to change you and reshape your destiny. I live a life of expectation that things are going to get better even in the face of adversity. Make '07 your year!

I ardently believe that you have everything you need to achieve your dreams by taking ‘massive action’ towards your life’s goal.

One final note; in order to find the “key to all success” you must become an avid student of lead generation and marketing strategy.

© Copyright Joe Heller. All Rights Reserved.

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