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Healing And The New Physics
by Dr. Karen Wolfe

There is a new science that is challenging the Western society world view of health. It is called quantum physics. Although its first principles were enunciated by Max Planck as far back as 1900, quantum physics is often termed "new physics".

Conscious mental activity can affect our physical body. Mind is an irrefutably genuine factor in the process by which health and disease unfold.

Dr Larry Dossey, in his book Reinventing Medicine, explores Era-3 medicine, where thoughts, attitudes and healing intentions of one individual can influence the physiology of another person. This is very well supported by scientific studies into the healing power of prayer. This can’t be explained with the known principles of physics and world view of traditional science.

What is the "New" Physics?
The new physics began to emerge when a foundational assumption governing Newtonian physics began to be challenged. Evidence began to mount to challenge the assumption that the conscious attitudes and biases of the experimenter have no effect on the outcome of the experiment. Contemporary quantum theory has created new theories designed to account for the interconnectedness of the observation process.

Quantum mechanics are not the fellows who repair automobiles in Mr Quantum’s garage. A "quantum" is a quantity of something, a specific amount. "Mechanics" is the study of motion. Therefore, "quantum mechanics" is the study of the motion of quantities. Quantum mechanics does not replace Newtonian physics, it includes it. Newtonian physics is still applicable to the large-scale world, but it does not work at the sub-atomic level.

OLD PHYSICS (Newtonian) NEW PHYSICS (Quantum)
The Universe is governed by laws that are susceptible to rational understanding. By applying these laws we extend our knowledge of, and therefore our influence over, our environment. Our knowledge of what governs events at the sub-atomic level is not nearly what we assumed it would be. We cannot predict subatomic phenomena with any certainty. We can only predict their probabilities
Predicts events. Predicts probabilities.
There is an external world "out there" that exists apart from us and can be studied objectively. There is no such thing as external objective reality that is separate from our own experience.
We can observe, measure and speculate about the external world without changing it. It is not possible to observe reality without changing it
Separateness Wholeness
The external world is indifferent to us and to our needs. We are part of nature, and when we studying nature, nature is studying itself.
Claims to be based on "absolute truth"; the way that nature really is "behind the scenes". Claims to only correlate experience correctly.

How Does it Work?
Classical science starts with the assumption of separate parts which together constitute physical reality. Since its inception, it has concerned itself with how these separate parts are related. The starting point of this process is a mental attitude which initially perceives the physical world as fragmented and different experiences as logically unrelated. Newtonian science is the effort to find the relationship between pre-existing "separate parts".

Quantum mechanics is based upon the opposite assumption. The starting point of this process is a mental attitude oriented toward a perception of the "unbroken wholeness" of which everything is a form.

There already exists an instrument of thought based on "unbroken wholeness." For example, all Eastern religions are compatible in a very fundamental way with Quantum physics and philosophy. All of them are based upon the experience of a pure and undifferentiated reality. In Zen Buddhism, the master guides the student to the point where conscious searching is finally abandoned. The rational mind is thought to impede acquisition of true understanding. Our greatest growth is achieved only through the complete integration of the spiritual and physical. In this light, perhaps the ultimate spiritual goal is not so much to transcend, but to finally acknowledge and embrace the immanent oneness of our own being.

Philosophy or Physics?
Consider the following sentences:
  • The word "reality" is derived from the roots "thing"(res) and "think" (revi). "Reality" means everything "everything you can think about." This is not that-which-is. No idea can capture "truth" in the sense of that-which-is.
  • There is a similarity between thought and matter. All matter, including ourselves, is determined by "information." Information is what determines space and time.
  • The ultimate perception does not originate in the brain or any material structure, although a material structure is necessary to manifest it. The subtle mechanism of knowing the truth does not originate in the brain.
Were these statements made at a physics lecture or a philosophy class? In fact, these sentences were excerpted from different parts of two physics lectures that Professor Bohm gave at Berkeley in April, 1977. Perhaps the physics curricula of the twenty-first century will include classes in meditation.

7 Principles of the "New Physics"
  1. All reality is interconnected at the deepest levels
  2. All time is simultaneous, and unmarred by either natural or artificial demarcations or divisions.
  3. Each body is in dynamic relationship with the universe and every other body via sub quantum contact.
  4. All matter, space and time are relative.
  5. The observer is so interconnected with the thing observed that isolation and insulation are impossible and "pure objectivity" is fiction.
  6. The elemental components of the human body are in dynamic relationship with all the other particles throughout the universe.
  7. The mind functions holographically. Each thought creates a discrete three-dimensional reality (parallel universe) in which anything is possible.
The Role of Conscious Thought
Niels Bohr proposed that the dynamics of conscious thought occur on such a minute scale, involving such infinitesimal exchanges of energy, that only a quantum mechanical explanation could properly account for the actual phenomenon of consciousness.

The New Physics and Healing
Thanks to David Bohm, the renowned physicist who developed the causal interpretation of quantum mechanics, we have returned to the concept of "wholeness" and not "separateness". There is an intrinsic unity of the constitutional elements of our being. Bohm believed in man’s essential oneness, he disdained dichotomy in favor of the doctrine of wholeness. Bohm held that we all possess the ability to listen to our bodies, and to thus harness the disease process to redirect our lives and to finally acknowledge and embrace the immanent oneness of our own being.

Dossey. Larry (1999 Reinventing Medicine – Beyond Mind-Body to a New Era of Healing. Harper Collins, NY
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Zukav, Gary (1980) The Dancing Wu Li Maters – An Overview of the New Physics.Bantam Books, NY

Copyright Dr. Karen Wolfe. All Rights Reserved.

Karen Wolfe is a national and international speaker, author and coach. She is the author of:
  • Medicine From the Inside Out - 7 Keys to Unlock Your Natural Healing Wisdom
  • Menopause - Renewal in Midlife,
  • From Stress to Strength
  • Successful Aging
  • A Wise Woman’s Approach to Healing and Cancer
  • Awaken Your Healer Within
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