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Tim Sanders
"How To Win Business And Influence Friends."
Tim Sanders Expertise: Influence • Strategy • Leadership
Fee Range: $20,000 to $30,000
Location: California    Video
Tim Sanders is on a mission to transform the workplace - and society at large. He's the author of the New York Times best seller Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends, and the just-released The Likeability Factor: How to Boost Your L-Factor & Achieve Your Life's Dreams. Both books reveal the challenges we face with our business and personal relationships; they also show us how we can repair and renew them.

Currently advising business and public leaders on next-generation strategies, Tim is one of the most eloquent and poignant speakers on the conference and seminar circuit. Tim's quest is spreading the message that nice smart people do finish first.
Tim's extensive research, eye-popping statistics, and heart-breaking stories lead to WQED, a leading PBS affiliate, to create a two-hour special based on the tools and information revealed The Likeability Factor as well as a featured segment on the Today Show in May of 2005. In addition, Tim has recently appeared on numerous national and local TV networks including the NBC, FOX News Channel, CNN, Court TV, as well as being featured in TIME Magazine, Family Circle, The New York Time, Glamour Magazine and countless industry and internet newsletters.

At 43 years young, Tim has deep experience in cutting-edge businesses, most recently a senior level executive at Yahoo!, serving as Yahoo!'s Leadership Coach and prior to that as Chief Solutions Officer, where he oversaw next-generation marketing programs to world class brands. Prior to his senior positions at Yahoo!, Tim created and led the Yahoo! ValueLab, an in-house "think tank" which delivered value-added propositions to prospective and current Yahoo! clients.

Tim joined Yahoo! as part of the acquisition of broadcast.com in July 1999. For over two years at broadcast.com, he served as an integral part of the company's business services division and developed audio and video broadcast ventures for a variety of clients including The Limited, Inc. (the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Web cast), Harvard University, Dell Computers, Intel, and Ford Motors.

Tim attended Loyola Marymount University as an undergraduate and the University of Arizona for graduate work. He worked in the early cellular phone industry in the 1980s and produced content for cable television in the 1990s until going to work for broadcast.com in 1996.

Programs With Brief Descriptions
  • The Likeability Factor
    The concept of likeability runs deeper than you think. Every person has a likeability factor that either helps them win in the game of life or lose in the battle for relationships. It's our L-factor-diminished by unlikable behavior that cuts our profits, takes away our customers, friends, and partners. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is wildly likeable, and 1 is despised by all-too many rate a 3 or 4.

    Tim explores the measurable aspects of likeability, including levels of friendliness, relevance, empathy, and realness. Tim entertains and drives his points home by using relatable stories and research to build a case that being a better person will make you more successful in life and in business. He'll show how to get a competitive edge by learning that the more you care, the more people will want to be in your network and will want to support you.

    This tailored keynote presentation outlines how likeability is the key to health, wealth and happiness in all arenas. Tim's presentation will draw extensively from his latest book, The Likeability Factor. The early buzz about the book has already earned Tim a slot on the TODAY Show as well as PBS special. Join Tim as he challenges each of us to boost our own L-Factor!

  • Harnessing the Power of Great Relationships
    Based on his best selling book, Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends, this presentation outlines a neo-Carnegie approach to better business. His theme is that happy employees and satisfied customers drive business. He provides advice on how to build relationships with Knowledge, Networking and Compassion.

    Case studies, statistics and specific examples provide great proof that a positive work environment and positive customer dialogue always produces better profits as well as customer/employee satisfaction. Tim argues that some companies operate on a vicious cycle while others build a virtuous circle based on caring and trust.

    Throughout the talk, Tim draws on a theme that defines great relationships, solid business culture and innovation: Abundance vs. Scarcity. In this talk, Tim outlines the threat of scarcity thinking to any great organization. He also outlines ways to spot it and rid your culture of it.

    This is a customized talk, designed to meet the needs of a relationship driven theme. Tim conducts numerous interviews with audience members, executives and meeting planners to determine specific stories that will bring to life the following statement: "You will accomplish more in the next two months developing a sincere interest in two people than you'll accomplish in the next two years, trying to get two people interested in you!"

Client Testimonials:
"In 14 years we have never made as good a choice as we made in selecting you ....you have received the highest marks of any speakers we have ever hired. What a powerful testimony. This year, your message was orbital. It was so far out of the park you had people chasing your words as they exited your mouth. Your walking into the audience made your message so much more touching. But most of all, abundance was the paradigm shifter of the entire event. While we have taught you must give to get - you took that to an entirely new level. By the time it was said and done, the dump your change on the floor exercise produced $3,119.00 dollars for the Florida victims of the recent hurricanes. A powerful demonstration of collective abundance. I want to thank you. Your message was so very, very inspiring - you were the buzz of the conference and I want to thank you from the deepest part of my heart. You're the best!"
-- Todd Duncan - Founder of The Duncan Group

"The conference was a tremendous success and your presentation was a huge part of that! In fact, you and your presentation were the talk of the conference... conference participants wrote in your name as the best speaker of the conference. A standing ovation... is indeed rare with our group. Your ability to touch ever single person in an audience of hundreds is amazing as well. If there were a scorecard for meeting planners to complete, I would rate you as one of the best speakers I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Your willingness to spend time tailing the presentation and talking to members prior to the conference was most appreciated. I wish all the speakers I work with could be as generous and caring about the outcome of their efforts as you were."
-- M. Lauren Basham - Senior Director of Member Services of SOCAP International

Human Potential: You Like Me. You Really Like Me
Love Is the Killer App
The Rosetta Story

Book: The Likeability Factor: How to Boost Your L-Factor & Achieve Your Life's Dreams Author: Tim Sanders Book: Love is the Killer App:  How to Win Business and Influence Friends  Author: Tim Sanders Book: Saving the World at Work Author: Tim Sanders
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