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Thomas Faranda MBA BSc
"A Compelling Speaker With Bottom-Line Impact"
Thomas Faranda Expertise: Global Business • International Business • Globalization • Global Affairs
Fee Range: $20,000 to $30,000
Location: Arizona
Global Entrepreneur. A Compelling Speaker with Bottom Line Impact.

Few speakers know the global world as well as Thomas Faranda. His clients have included Siemen’s Germany, IBM Europe, Thermo-King Japan, Ford Canada, GE (on five continents) and he has clients in India, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, South Africa, the UK and many other areas of the world.

He is the former President of The Hospital Corporation of Chicago, the former National Accounts Sales Manager for Masonite Corporation and a 1988 candidate for the United States Senate.
Tom Faranda was named ‘one of the most exciting speakers in America by Meetings & Conventions Magazine’ due to his high content programs with humor, examples, stories and practical ideas. His books include "The Global Sales Professional" and "Uncommon Sense Leadership" . Thomas Faranda has published over one hundred business articles. He has the credibility and experience audiences respect in a featured speaker. Mr. Faranda has earned a BS, an MBA in International Business and a Doctorate( abd).

As an adventurer Thomas Faranda has climbed some of the tallest mountains around the world, raced 100 mile cycling events, competed in triathlons, duathlons, 100k ski races and more.

Thomas Faranda is a global executive with much to say . And a speaker with the style & substance to say it.

  • The China Meltdown
    China has the most overextended and overheated economy in the world today. It is built on a ‘house of cards’ that could fold over the next five years. The Chinese economy is built totally on major resource assumptions, such as a constant and sufficient supply of oil, that are not consistent with the world market. China’s major asset is cheap labor, an asset that will become more expensive as the years pass and will follow the same patterns of Japan, Korea, Indonesia and other ‘cheap labor’ suppliers.

    In this program, Thomas Faranda will explain the factors that may bring about a ‘meltdown’ in China’s economy and global expansions. He will highlight the lack of resources and raw materials and the use rate of these critical components of growth. He will show the water crisis, the health and environment crisis that is killing hundreds of thousands of China workers each year. He will explain the oil crisis that will lead to one of three possibilities, a deal with Russia for oil, a purchase of an oil producing area of Russia or a military takeover of oil from Russia. He will show the insolvency of the banks of China as well as the artificially low rate of exchange of the yuan to the US dollar and what all of this means to China’s future.

  • CHINA …and YOUR Bottom Line!
    Nothing you have ever done has prepared you to compete against CHINA. Unlike any other competitor in history, CHINA can steal your customers with prices that are half of yours and still provide fast delivery and acceptable quality. China is a new type of competitor with significant competitive advantages, including:
    • A huge retail presence with customers such as Wal-Mart
    • Significant new BRAND names to attack global markets
    • Huge foreign investment and a market open to the world
    CHINA is light years ahead of other global competitors and CHINA is closing in on American industry at lightning speed.

    In this program, Thomas Faranda will explain CHINA’s Game Plan for the next decade, China’s potential for an internal meltdown and how to compete against China. He will use facts, examples and stories to show how China’s rapid growth will affect the world’s top economies.

    Program Notes:
    • Format: Keynote of 30-90 minutes. Or,
    • Keynote with audience Q & A, up to three hours. Or,
    • Keynote with continuing seminar, up to three hours.
    • Style: Fast and compelling style with humor, global examples and stories to present profit making ideas for the global world.
    • Goal: Compel participants to execute the ideas/strategies into bottom-line results for their organizations.
  • The China Seminar
    What YOUR organization can do to gain growth and Profit from the China Market.

    Strategic seminar designed to take the principles of Mr. Faranda’s China programs and apply them specifically to your organization to promote your success in China and the global marketplace. This program is usually a follow up to one of Thomas Faranda’s global keynote programs.
    • Time: 1-2 hours
    • Format: “Hands On” workshop led by Thomas Faranda
    • With Q & A, global case studies and interaction.
    • Style: Fast and compelling style with humor, global examples and stories to present profit making ideas for the global world.
    • Goal: Compel participants to execute the ideas/strategies into bottom-line results for their organizations.
  • Global realities - Thriving On Globalization
    Global leaders/managers today must develop complimentary sets of new skills to thrive in a performance-based globally competitive marketplace.

    This amazing trip around the world teaches you to gain global competitive advantages. A powerful course in global business with a focus on cultures, values and business practices.

    Mr. Faranda shows you how to understand political, cultural and social environments overseas, how to develop strategic alliances and how to break into existing distribution channels. His global experiences provide practical techniques to increase your cultural awareness and gain a global perspective. His examples, stories and humor will show you how to win global markets.

    Learning Objectives:
    Learn techniques to develop relationships, alliances and partnerships abroad Learn to thrive on cultural, political and social differences to win new markets.

Client Testimonials:
"Your consulting in our medical and engineering divisions on five continents was outstanding."
-- Siemens Germany

"The senior executives of India will never forget your insights to grow their businesses."
-- Creative Communications of India

"Your ideas on the future of technology and making money in tech are fantastic."
-- Intel

Value-Added Selling
Creating A Profit Culture
Leadership Mistakes - How to run a multi-million-dollar business into the ground
Multi-Cultural Marketing
Language Marketing
eCommerce - Gaining Competitive Advantage
The Technology Paradox
Thriving On Change
UncommonSense Selling
Stealing Customers and Market Share
Hit Teams
Beyond Downsizing
Leadership Strategies

Book: UncommonSense Leadership  Author: Thomas Faranda    Book: The Global Sales Professional Author: Thomas Faranda

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