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Scott Friedman, CSP
"Scott Friedman Refreshes The Soul, Nourishes The Mind."
Scott Friedman Expertise: Mastering Change • Stress • Communication
Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000
Location: Colorado   Video
Scott Friedman is a humorous speaker with a valuable message. Scott teaches audiences to open their minds through laughter, while sharing "how to" techniques and practical ideas. He illustrates an approach to becoming a victor of change instead of a victim.

Scott has earned the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation, the highest earned designation awarded by the National Speakers Association, and currently serves as its Immediate Past National President. He is also on the national board of directors for Camp To Belong, a non-profit organization dedicated to reuniting siblings in foster care.

With a degree in Marketing and a minor in Psychology from Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, Scott worked as Marketing Director for Duff's Smorgasbord, a national food chain, and as a top salesperson for AB Hirschfeld Press, the largest printing company west of the Mississippi.
Subsequently, as Marketing Director of SpeechMasters, a Denver company that trains lawyers, public speakers and executives in effective presentation skills, Scott doubled its business by carving out new market niches while, at the same time, receiving acclaimed speech training. Scott has been a full-time professional speaker for over 20 years, sharing practical ideas and 'how to' techniques on sales motivation, humor, and creating results.

Scott has discovered a way to instantly connect with almost any audience, regardless of age, creed, or gender. "Humor creates an immediate bond," says Scott. He uses humor to remove negative, non-productive feelings and install a positive, fresh approach towards work, relationships, and life! He is the author of "Using Humor for a Change, 101 Clever Ideas to 'Lighten Up' the Workload," and "Punchlines, Pitfalls and Powerful Programs - 10 Surefire Ways of Adding Humor to Your Presentations."

Programs with brief descriptions:
  • "The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it"
    In these turbulent, uncertain, globally competitive times, innovation and resourcefulness are essential to survival. This renowned program is fast-paced, humorous, and full of useable ideas on becoming a victor of change instead of a victim. Learn to create an environment that fosters creativity and team spirit. “The Best Way” makes a great kick-off, closing, or banquet talk. Participants come away feeling better about themselves, their responsibilities, and their roles in the future. Treat them to a grand “shot in the arm” loaded with needed tools for creating the futures they want!

  • "Connecting with Customers"
    Today, providing fast, efficient service is no longer enough for the customer. Surveys (including a recent Gallup poll) have shown that customers are increasingly looking for an engaging experience while being served. Highly responsive companies, such as Southwest Airlines, Walt Disney, and Pike’s Place Fish Market, have shown that engagement is a secret to success and a key strategy in achieving higher customer satisfaction. When you engage your customers, they will be transformed into loyal advocates for your company.

    In this entertaining and insightful program, you will learn to build perceived value in the eyes of your customers and highlight your uniqueness. Discover how to build customer loyalty and trust through consistent, reliable service and creating positive experiences. Develop a competitive advantage through a service culture and discover that he or she who engages—wins!

  • "Using Humor for a Change"
    Personnel directors in America’s largest firms believe showing a sense of humor is a prerequisite to success. Positive humor, when used appropriately in a business setting, dramatically increases productivity. Studies show how humor enhances problem-solving skills, improves communication, creates better employee relationships, elevates morale, and reduces burnout. This entertaining yet highly educational program delivers a multitude of techniques proven to add levity to work environments…and lives.

  • "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Sale"
    Positive humor creates an immediate bond between people, evoking feelings of warmth and camaraderie. What’s more, it enhances receptivity, reduces resistance, and sets a tone of cooperation rather than contention. This program explains how humor helps salespeople bond with new customers and keep them for life. Participants explore ways to differentiate themselves from others and build perceived value in the eyes of their customers. They learn to use humor, creativity, trust building, and other communication techniques to add value to their relationships. Through this entertaining, insightful, and interactive program, they discover that he or she who laughs, sells!

  • "Punchlines, Pitfalls and Powerful Programs" - 10 Surefire Ways of Adding Humor to your Presentations
    If you want to make an impact and truly “connect” with audiences, your programs must entertain as well as educate. This program is full of practical, imaginative ideas for using humor to increase the educational value of presentations across your organization. Participants learn to play off the audience, develop original material, and uncover an organization’s “humor” hot buttons. They determine where to find clean, appropriate humor and who to poke fun at in a meeting. As they bring more humor into their presentations, they reap the rewards of increased enjoyment and learning. Click here to view the program’s handout.

  • "How to Hold an Audience Without a Rope"
    Great leaders are great communicators. This program will greatly improve your presentation skills and make your words come alive. Learn to truly connect with your audience through the use of humor, stories and innovative ideas. Overcome stage fright, establish perceived credibility, and learn to touch a listeners heart, mind, and funny bone.

  • "Just a Spoonful of Humor"
    After painting the town red, does it take you three weeks before you can apply the second coat? Do you ever notice that the older you get, the better you used to be? Have senior moments become a way of life? Becoming chronologically gifted does have its challenges, and now it’s time to turn the challenges into chuckles. This humorous, motivational keynote takes a look at four ways to stay young at heart. By celebrating yourself, overlooking life’s little potholes, looking through the eyes of humor, and remembering what really matters, you’re guaranteed to laugh your way to a healthy state of mind. You can never turn back the clock but you can wind it up once again.

  • "So you Think You're Funny" - Enhancing communication with humor
    Great leaders are great communicators. Humor can be one of your most effective tools in becoming a great communicator. In this fun, highly interactive program, Scott will give you practical, useable ideas on using humor to increase your value as a presenter. Scott will teach when and when not to use humor, where to find clean, appropriate humor and how to truly connect with your listener. Come to your senses of humor as Scott teaches you the how to use the power of humor in your communications.

  • "What's So Funny About Being Single?"
    This is the perfect program for singles groups! Through a combination of comedy, spontaneous song writing, playful audience mixers, and a heavy dose of motivation, participants are given permission to lighten up, network, and have lots of fun. In addition, they are challenged to make choices congruent with their values and desired outcomes. Attendees have reported feeling more playful, spontaneous, willing to take risks, and realistic about their expectations. They learn how to communicate more effectively and become more attractive to the opposite sex. Give your participants a program that will give them a new positive attitude about themselves and being single!

  • Educational Programs
    Scott provides programs tailored to educators and students (both young and adult). Scott skillfully challenges people to take control of their lives and offers concrete ways to do so. Specifically, he assists participants in mastering change, relieving stress and burnout, developing their own sense of humor, and creating more value in their careers. For a list of educational programs click here.

Client Testimonials:
"I just can’t say enough great things about your presentation – you captured the audience with your wit, your warmth, and your unique and fun approaches to dealing with stress and change. In just a short time visiting with some of the attendees, you really zeroed in on their mood and their concerns. You were able to win them over in a heart beat. What an act to try to follow! What an amazingly awesome performance!"
-- Linda Bryant, Executive Director, Texas Housing Association

"THE RAVES ARE IN! We have had many talented speakers over our 45-year history, however none have held our audience spell bound as you did! Everyone left with a new concept of communication with humor; information that can prove beneficial as they administer their daily care and throughout their lives. Most impressive - full of surprises."
-- Carol Rogers, Director of Membership Services, New Jersey Assn. of Health Care Facilities, Trenton, NJ

The Perfect World
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Sale
Using Humor for a Change
To Do or Not to Do
SUCCESS: Sing The Song You Came To Sing!

Book: The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It Author: Scott Friedman Book: Punchlines, Pitfalls, and Powerful Programs Author: Scott Friedman Book: Using Humor For a Change Author: Scott Friedman Book: Punchlines, Pitfalls, and Powerful Programs  Author: Scott Friedman Book: Only the Best On Success  Author: Scott Friedman
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