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Ryan Blair
"The Five Principles of Fulfillment"
Ryan Blair Expertise: Goal-setting • Mentorship • Influence • Entrepreneurship • Empowerment • Personal Fulfillment • Sales Strategies • Venture Capital
Fee Range: $10,000 to $15,000
Location: California
"My purpose is to inspire the minds and actions of everybody I encounter. I will awaken people to their personal greatness. I will help people find the true meaning of independence and teach millions of people how to capture the genius within themselves."
-- Ryan Blair, 12/12/2003

At the age of 27, Ryan Blair has overcome a lifetime worth of challenges. Blair rose from poverty and abuse to become a respected member of society and achieve great economic success, having sold two multi-million dollar corporations. Rather than bask in his own triumphs, Blair is dedicated to sharing his story with others, teaching people how to achieve tremendous personal growth.
Ryan's journey from rock bottom to great achievement taught him a set of simple values that allowed him to find his purpose and unlock his full potential. These "Five Principles of Fulfillment" have touched students and executives alike, proving the universal power of discovering your purpose and dedicating your life to achieving your goals. His story is one of triumph over tragedy, made all the more inspiring by his dedication to showing others the respect and guidance his mentor showed to him. .

Blair refused to let adversity hold him down. At the age of 17, a mentor intervened and rescued Ryan from his disempowering beliefs and poverty-stricken environment. .

Blair's mentor saw in him something that no one else previously had; he saw potential. His mentor began working with him, helping him set and achieve his goals, creating empowering beliefs and cultivating in Ryan the self-confidence necessary to pursue a career as an entrepreneur.

At 21, Blair's first startup, 24x7 Tech, had grown to over $1MM in sales within just 12 months.

After selling 24x7 Tech, Blair founded SkyPipeline, a wireless communications company that revolutionized the industry. Under Blair's visionary leadership, SkyPipeline became the fastest-growing Wireless Broadband Communications Company in America and was named the 29th fastest growing company in Southern California.

In March, 2004, less than three years after founding the company, SkyPipeline was acquired by Nextweb in a $25,000,000 transaction.

Blair was recently named to the Business Times "Forty under Forty" and "Who's Who in Tech & Telecom Enterprises." He has been published and featured in many prestigious publications and news services such as the LA Times, Daily News, MSNBC, and CNBC.

Blair has appeared on the nationally-syndicated Larry Elder Show and the award-wining television show, "Voices of Tomorrow." He will also be a guest host on the 4th season kickoff show of KidsTalk TV, and has several upcoming interviews in national newspapers and magazines.

Ryan's newest venture is a company called PathConnect, which he founded in September 2004. PathConnect is the world's only free online community, designed to make mentorship and goal-setting a fun and interactive experience. PathConnect fuses the science of psychology with the technology of the internet to create an empowerment-based social network.

Its mission is to unite the minds of members and mentors by blending empowering live events with the tools and support structure of a community purposefully designed to help each member achieve a life of fulfillment.

Up until now, only the wealthy and those with connections could receive the kind of mentoring PathConnect offers. PathConnect's revolutionary community and free goal-setting tools will bring the benefits of mentoring and goal-setting to millions of people who would have otherwise been without such a remarkable gift.

As a motivational speaker, Ryan shares the secrets to his success in business, as well as the principles that led him to a life of fulfillment. His energy and passion inspire all those who get the chance to hear him speak. His testimonials, be they from CEO's, professional athletes, or students looking for a path, all speak to Ryan's incredible ability to awaken people to their paths and help them find purpose in all that they do.

  • Overcoming Obstacles: "Inspire Your Life & Inspire the World"
  • Young Entrepreneurship: "Starting, Building & Selling 3 Companies by 26"
  • Awaken to Victory: "How to Find Your Passion & Live Your Purpose"
  • Goal-Setting & Mentorship: "Run, Jump, Fly - Connecting Paths"
Seminar Topics:
  • Sales & Marketing: "Ask Questions First, Sales Come Later"
  • Awaken to Influence: "Communicate with Purpose"
  • Awaken to Leadership: "Your Purpose as a Leader"
  • Raising Venture Capital: "Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten"
Client Testimonials:
"In a recent appearance in San Diego, I teamed Ryan with Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana, giving the audience a powerful 1-2 punch. The thrill of meeting perhaps the greatest quarterback to ever step on a football field obviously brought tremendous energy and excitement to the room, but it was Ryan's ability to focus that energy that made the evening complete. The ability to inspire greatness is no small task, but Ryan has accomplished it at every level of his career. What makes Ryan a special speaker, however, is the fact that he takes the next step, giving his audiences the tools needed to turn that motivating energy into action."
-- Andrew Kline, CEO, The Athletes Agency International

"At first, I was skeptical about having a 27 year-old come speak to my company. Because we reward outside-the-box thinking, I decided to give him a shot. Ryan Blair exceeded my every expectation, instilling in me and my team a sense of purpose that extends beyond the workplace into each of our daily lives. He then left us the powerful tools of PathConnect to turn our inspiration into action."
-- Chip Ehrhardt, General Manager, D.O.S., Gold Coast Broadcasting

Find your purpose! Live an inspired life! Achieve any goal!
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