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Rowan Gibson
"Winning In The Innovation Economy"
Rowan Gibson Expertise: Innovation • Strategy • Leadership • Future • Innovation Economy • Brand Strategy
Fee Range: $20,000 to $30,000
Location: Germany     Video
Rowan Gibson is a global business strategist, a bestselling author and an expert on radical rethinking. His powerful 'rethinking' message has moved organizations and individuals around the world to make important, far-reaching changes and to take charge of their own futures. Gibson's focus is on rethinking business in the new innovation economy. His book Rethinking The Future is an international best-seller, published in 23 language editions. In the book, Gibson argues that rapid, discontinuous change creates the need for regular and radical rethinking in order to keep pace with business and stay ahead of the game.

Rowan Gibson is a popular speaker with an upbeat presentation style. His big-picture insights, compelling observations and fresh business thinking have impressed a wide range of audiences across Europe, the USA and Asia. Gibson mixes insight, inspiration and information in a way that always leaves an audience feeling energized.
Gibson is co-founder and chairman of a company focused on helping organizations to rethink strategy, innovation, branding and culture.

He has been quoted in leading newspapers and magazines - including USA Today and Business Week - and has been interviewed on television and radio, as well as in the international press. He has written several books for corporate sponsors and. his books, articles, interviews and columns have been widely read around the globe. Gibson has also appeared in several business documentaries, often in the role of presenter.

Rowan Gibson was born and educated in London, where he began his career as an advertising executive in the early eighties. He spent almost two decades in the advertising, brand strategy and marketing business, including several years as an international creative director with Euro RSCG, one of the world's largest advertising agency networks.

Gibson has lived and worked in various countries over the last twenty years and speaks three languages fluently. Today, Rowan Gibson divides his time between writing, consulting and public speaking. He is currently co-writing a new book called "Innovation to the core" in cooperation with the well-known strategy guru Gary Hamel (to be published in January 2008 by Harvard Business School Press). Based on the new book, which is focused on how to build and sustain a corporate-wide innovation capability.

Programs and Brief Descriptions
  • Winning In The Innovation Economy
    Today's "Innovation Economy" is driven by hyper-acceleration, hyper-competition and the rapid commoditization of products, services and capabilities. In this difficult environment, the only option for creating new wealth, building new markets and driving future business is innovation. Of course, most organizations understand that, but they still can't make innovation happen. Why?

    The truth is that companies might espouse innovation but their culture and their management systems usually inhibit it - and they may not even be aware of it! The only way to close the rhetoric-reality gap is by turning innovation into a deep, systemic capability that reaches right to the core of the organization. Yet how can this be achieved?

    In this revolutionary keynote speech, Rowan Gibson focuses on how to build an enterprise-wide innovation system that actually works. A system based on new values, new skills, new processes, new metrics, new IT solutions and new management structures. A system that puts the focus on continuous innovation - not just at the product and service level, but at the level of the entire business model. A system that will enable the company to invent new breakthrough strategies for sustaining profitable growth and then turn those strategies into market success stories.

    "Winning in the Innovation Economy" is based on a forthcoming book on corporate innovation (to be published by Harvard Business School Press) which Rowan is currently co-writing. It's a speech that will give your audience practical advice and inspiring insights on how to make innovation really happen. A speech that reveals how to unleash the imagination, entrepreneurial spirit and "network power" of the organization in order to seize new growth opportunities, create new markets and even transform industries. A speech that shows how to recalibrate the whole organizational system around the paradigm of innovation. Learn how to:
    • understand innovation at the level of the entire business system
    • create an enterprise-wide culture that is committed to innovation
    • invent breakthrough strategies for sustaining profitable growth
    • build a management infrastructure that supports innovation
    • make innovation a systemic capability at the organization's core

  • The 'Rethinking' Retreat
    A strategic opportunity to rethink, reshape and redefine the way your organization delivers value and creates wealth as customer needs, technologies and markets evolve. This is custom-designed for your own organization and can be held at a venue of your choice. Some clients choose to make this a one-off event. Others prefer to stay ahead by instituting the 'Rethinking' Retreat on a regular basis (for example, annually or biannually).

  • Rethinking innovation
    Everyone preaches innovation. So why the rhetoric-reality gap? It's because innovation has to be more than a vague aspiration. It has to a deep, systemic capability in your organization, one that requires completely new management systems - new values, new processes, new tools, new training, and new IT networks. But how exactly do you build a corporate innovation system? How do you recalibrate your corporate culture so that innovation becomes embedded in your DNA?

  • Rethinking the future™
    Discontinuous change and disruptive technology can destroy the foundations of your organization's success. Yet they also make it possible for you to invent new growth strategies, transform your industry and create fundamentally new markets. So how can you make sure that you harness the forces of discontinuous change to shape your own future, before the future shapes you? How can you continually reinvent your business?

  • Rethinking strategy
    Strategy has traditionally been an analytical, data-driven exercise. But the science of strategy no longer works in a fast-moving and fuzzy world. Today, your organization needs to be driven by a big, distinctive idea - a breakthrough core strategy that works on 'emotional logic'. So how can you create and implement a coherent strategy in which your brand, your customer experience and your employee experience become inseparable? And how often should you rethink it?

  • Rethinking human capital
    If every company can now outsource, offshore or computerize huge chunks of its non-core activities (75% to 90% of what we do), then the only strategic difference between one company and the next will be the stuff that's left at the core - the value-added 'intellectual capital' of the company's hot talent. So how can you unleash the imagination, entrepreneurial spirit and 'network power' of your people? How can you build your strategy around human capital - the only competitive weapon you have left?

  • Rethinking the brand
    The age of 'brand image' is over. This is the age of 'brand reality'. In the highly networked and completely transparent world of the 21st century, companies can no longer hope to hide behind a marketing façade. They must 'live the brand' both internally and externally, creating a culture that walks the talk. So how can you ensure that your brand becomes 'special' by making a deep emotional connection with your customers and employees? How can you turn the brand into a 'lovemark'?

  • Rethinking the office
    Office design is not a cosmetic issue. We're finding out that the workplace has a powerful impact on your corporate culture and performance. That gives it a crucial place on the leadership agenda. So how can you use office design as a strategic tool - a catalyst - to bring about cultural change? How can you make sure your workplace communicates your brand values, attracts the best talent, fosters innovation and collaboration, and speeds up the flow of work, ideas and decision-making?

  • Rethinking leadership
    As business moves to a new level of complexity, leadership becomes more crucial than ever. The challenge for today's senior executives is to master a new and radically different set of competencies. These include the ability to routinely and radically rethink the business, a focus on wealth creation not operational efficiency and the talent to build an inspiring, innovation-based culture that is designed from the customer backwards. How do you develop these competencies?

Client Testimonials:
"Congratulations on your very interesting speech. It was brilliant and very well illustrated."
-- Pascale Siouffi, Renault

"We were delighted with your presence as a key speaker at our Acceleration Event. Thanks again for your inspiring speech. We had many positive reactions from the participants! Indeed, we had a very successful event."
-- Mariette de Bruin, CAP Gemini Ernst & Young

"We would like to thank you sincerely for your participation at the Rexam Forum. There has been universal praise for your input, which contributed so much to the success. It is also appreciated that you made a real effort to tailor your presentation to our needs. We have been asked by many delegates for your contact details."
-- Per Erlansson, Director Corporate Communications, Rexam

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Book:  Rethinking the Future Author: Rowan Gibson
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