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Robert Kriegel, Ph.D.
"New York Times Best Selling Author and Change Strategist"
Robert  Kriegel Expertise: Leadership • Change Management • Winning Under Pressure • Innovation • Peak Performance
Fee Range: $10,000 to $15,000
Location: California
New York Times best selling author
Commentator, NPR’s Marketplace Program
One of the most in demand business speakers, Dr. Robert Kriegel teaches bold, innovative, ‘out of the box’ strategies for keeping ahead of the changes, challenges and competition in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Author of the national bestseller: If it ain’t broke...BREAK IT!, Dr. Kriegel has been called by U.S. News & World Report one of this country’s leading authorities in the field of change and human performance. His latest book is How to Succeed in Business Without Working so Damn Hard. His last book, Sacred Cows Make The Best Burgers, made Business Week’s bestseller list in it’s first month! A commentator on National Public Radio’s Marketplace program, Kriegel recently made two specials for PBS.
An all American athlete and pioneer in the field of sports psychology, Kriegel has coached both Olympic and pro athletes. The New York Times said his work “spurred a revolution in performance practices.” He is the co-author of Inner Skiing and has done color commentary for the US Professional Ski Tour on ESPN.

A former advertising executive for Young and Rubicam in New York, Kriegel taught at Stanford University’s Executive Management Program and was a member of the California Governor’s Council.

Dr. Kriegel’s customized speeches and programs will entertain you, inform you and inspire you. He will teach you how to develop and lead Change- Ready© people and organizations. You will learn how to round up sacred cows that cost money and inhibit change and new opportunities. He also outlines strategies for gaining the competitive edge by not competing but changing the game, leading customers not following them and rethinking rules, redefining roles and reinventing the game.

Programs With Brief Descriptions
Robert Kriegel's customized presentations draw on his 25 years of pioneering work with leaders and peak performers in all fields and his best selling books.

Dr. Kriegel’s presentations outline bold, innovative strategies and practical guidelines for excelling in these turbulent, rapidly changing, intensely competitive times.

Each of Dr. Kriegel's presentations is individually designed to reinforce the objectives of your meeting, to address the specific challenges and concerns facing the audience, and to have practical "take home" value.

To gather information about your organization, and the specific goals of your meeting, Dr. Kriegel will send you a pre-conference questionnaire, interview people in your organization, and read relevant materials.
  • Change-Readiness©
    If it ain’t broke…BREAK IT!©
    Riding the wave of change without wiping out.
    • Three Break-IT© thinking strategies for keeping ahead of change.
    • Creating new opportunities and possibilities by breaking out of old mind sets.
    • The value of thinking like a beginner and messing with success.
    • The two most common obstacles to change and how to overcome them.
  • Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers
    Maximizing performance, productivity and profits
    • How to round up Sacred Cows that cost money, take time, and inhibit change and innovation.
    • Organizing Sacred Cow hunts to eliminate outdated thinking and practices.
    • How to identify and put the most common Sacred Cows out to pasture.
    • How to get control of email epidemics, paper piles and meeting mania.
  • Leadership
    Turn Managers into Leaders
    • Developing Change-Ready© people & organizations
    • Three strategies for motivating people to change
    • Coaching skills for turning potential into performance and maximizing teamwork
    • How to overcome firehosing and resistance to change
    • Four steps for turning ideas into action
  • Innovation
    "Out of the box" thinking strategies for creating new opportunities and possibilities
    • Five techniques for developing five innovative strategies and solutions
    • Three common obstacles to innovative thinking
    • Three steps for successfully implementing innovative ideas
  • Sales & Marketing
    Don’t Compete…Change the Game
    How to gain the edge by:
    • Out-thinking not out-working the competition
    • Leading not following the customer
    • Playing to win vs. playing not to lose
    • How to keep motivated and performing at peak levels
    • Three essential characteristics for maximizing customer relationships
    • How to surprise, not merely satisfy, and do the impossible for your client
  • Motivation and recognition
    Peak Performance Under Pressure
    • Three characteristics of personal winners
    • How to use success as a springboard to greater heights
    • How to get into the Peak Performance Zone
    • Conquering sabotage thinking
  • Hi-Tech
    Out of the Back Room and onto the Front Line
    • High Tech needs High Tough to be highly successful
    • How to add value to business units
    • How to sell to internal customers
Client Testimonials:
“No one has ever inspired our sales force like you... You made our people believe in doing the impossible! It’s people like you that will shape business leaders of the future.”
-- John Barbera, President, Turner Broadcasting Sales, Inc.

"You hit it out of the park. …your remarks were perfect for our group in our ever changing business world and industry."
-- David Van Houten C.O.O Coca Cola Enterprises

“Great job! Your strategies for developing Change-Ready organizations were right on target for what GTE needs in the shifting tele- communications marketplace.”
-- Charles R. Lee, Chairman & CEO, GTE Corporation

Working Harder Works But . . .Chapter 1 from How to Succeed in Business Without Working so Damn Hard

Book: How to Succeed in Business Without Working so Damn Hard Author: Bob Kriegel Book: If it ain’t broke... Break it! Author: Bob Kriegel Book: Sacred Cows Make The Best Burgers Author: Bob Kriegel Book: INNER SKIING Mastering the Slopes Through Mind/Body Awareness Author: Bob Kriegel
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