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Philippa Gamse CMC
"E-Business Internet Marketing Strategies for Maximum Competitive Advantage"
Philippa Gamse Expertise: Ecommerce • Internet • Marketing Strategy • Internet Public Relations • Technology
Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000
Location: California
Philippa Gamse is a consultant and professional speaker on eBusiness and Website strategy. She helps companies, small businesses and nonprofit organizations to maximize their return on investment in their Internet presence. She is a Certified Management Consultant, a designation earned by less than one percent of professionals.

One of the few women speakers in this field, she has presented in seven countries both in N. America and Europe. Her clients come from a wide range of industries, including Harley-Davidson Motor Company, P&O Cruises (UK) Ltd., Reed Exhibitions, Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, the Produce Marketing Association and the International Association for Exhibition Management.

Philippa explains complex technological concepts in a non-jargon, user-friendly way, helping her audiences to take a fresh and different look at their Websites. Her track record of innovative thinking around the Web has created key improvements for her clients, who report significantly increased levels and quality of leads, sales and customer relationships.

She is frequently approached by media for her expertise on subjects including eBusiness strategy best practices, creating Websites that produce results, and small business online techniques and solutions. Her business articles appear widely across the Web, and in many association publications.

She combines her extensive knowledge and background with her British accent and dry humor. You'll be both informed and entertained when Philippa brings you "the Internet in English".

Programs with Brief Descriptions:
  • How Does Your Website Make Me Feel?
    "Emotionally Connected WebsitesSM"
    People make decisions emotionally, not intellectually. We all know that. To sell effectively in the 'real world', we?re told to anticipate our customers? needs, to show that we ?feel their pain?, and to respond to hidden clues in their body language and tone of voice.
    So why do most Websites fail to create the crucial emotional connections with their visitors which can significantly enhance their response and ongoing return on investment?
    In this program, participants will learn:
    • the five critical emotions for creating and sustaining productive online relationships
    • tools and techniques for making these emotional connections on any Website
    • key tips to avoid destroying or diluting the connection

  • The Top Seven Strategies for Website Success
    Key strategy issues for executives and managers
    Seven critical strategic considerations, issues and opportunities for any company or organization with a Web presence - whether primarily business to business, or business to consumer. Offers plenty of customized examples, case studies and solutions.
    In this program participants learn:
    • the key areas for consideration in developing an integrated Website / technology / business strategy
    • identifying the potential for developing new markets, services and products that may only exist online
    • tools and techniques for evaluating the ROI of the site against the organization's strategies and goals

  • Making the Internet Work for You
    Online business and marketing strategy
    No matter how far along you are in creating your Web site, you'll benefit from this seminar. Whether you are putting up a Web site for the first time or have been online since the beginning and no matter how large or small your business is, you'll pick up practical advice that you can put to use at once.
    During this presentation, participants will learn how to:
    • define the strategies, goals and target markets for a Website
    • develop compelling content, copy and navigation to engage the visitor and create interaction
    • explore opportunities for new online revenue sources
    • promote the site in and beyond the search engines
    • mine traffic information for those crucial "gold nuggets" that will help them to grow even further!

  • Exposing your Expertise
    Creating and leveraging powerful Web content
    Whatever your area of expertise, writing is one of the most powerful ways to create credibility around it. Creatively leveraged, your articles, white papers and special reports can exponentially grow your business both online and offline.
    Learn from Philippa's latest insights and practical take-home techniques as she reveals the inside secrets of her "Number One marketing strategy".
    You'll learn how to:
    • use your Website and online resources to generate writing ideas
    • develop a clear strategy and objectives for articles dissemination
    • present your material to engage your visitors and create response
    • leverage the contacts and results that you achieve for profit!

  • Beyond Hits: Mining for Gold in your Web Traffic Reports
    Interpreting your Website metrics
    Understanding your traffic patterns is absolutely key to measuring the success of your site - but what do all the numbers and graphs really tell you?
    After this program, participants will be able to:
    • identify the critical information in their Website visitor and internal search engine reports.
    • understand and apply this information in refining their eBusiness strategy and achieving their online goals.
    • use this information to develop new strategies, products and customer services.
    "Thank you for the most informative session of the conference."
    -- Daniel Benson, Golf Course Superintendents Association

  • Creating Compelling Communities
    Virtual interactions in associations and nonprofits
    Online communities have the potential to offer great benefits for nonprofit organizations. E-mail discussion lists and / or Web-based forums allow members to exchange best practices, Board committees and staff can share documents, and instant messaging is becoming an efficient communication system.
    However, vibrant communities can be labor-intensive to create and nurture until they are self-sustaining, "one size does not fit all", and these applications may not be appropriate for the demographics of your organization.
    This program explores:
    • determining whether virtual communities are right for your members and services
    • designing effective applications
    • encouraging members and staff to participate
    • evaluating the return on investment of your virtual community activities
Client Testimonials:
"I did enjoy your talk! It's so hard to follow high-powered motivational speakers, however I feel you did it rather handily. It was interesting to go over what did and did not work in a web site. By using examples, we can visually see what you are referring to in your advice. . . . Thanks for making the effort to get back to each of us - I'm impressed!!!"
-- Sheila Kemp, CTC, Kemp International

""So highly rated that she's coming back again . . . managing to satisfy everyone in the room from the CEO's to computer gurus to the marketing staff . . . content rich and perfectly paced."
-- Betty Brock, CAE, Immediate Past TN SAE Executive Director

Beyond "Hits"
Outsourcing your Web Marketing
Is Your On-Line Business Customer Friendly?
e is for everything?? . . .
How Does Your Website Make Me Feel?
Exposing Your Expertise
Growing Your Meeting In CyberSpace
Metrics Matter!
Technology Strategy: Decision Making for Nonprofit Boards
The Top Seven Strategies for Website Success
Top Seven Ways to Tune up your Website
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