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Mike McKinley, CSP, CPAE
"Laugh Your Way to Wisdom That Works"
Mike McKinley Expertise: Motivation • Change • Customer Specialness • Leadership • Teamwork • Safety • Balancing Work and Home
Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000
Location: Wisconsin
Every year Mike draws on his extensive experience—over 4 decades in business and over 20 years of professional speaking—to deliver his programs coast to coast at seminars, conventions, in-house programs, and professional-association meetings.

Mike has earned the designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) from the National Speakers Association and has served as president of this prestigious association. In addition, Mike has been selected for the Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE) Speaker Hall of Fame award—an award given annually to no more than five professional speakers in the world, based on such criteria as style, experience, and professionalism.
His many years in business began at age 15 with his own garbage-hauling enterprise. Radio and television broadcasting followed. Then, for over a decade, Mike was president and general manager of a manufacturing/retail furniture and mattress company. Today, Mike is president of Thinking Publications, his multi-million dollar educational publishing house, and Alive!Alive! Associates, his professional-speaking and consulting business. Most recently, Mike founded GEM, a pick-your-own flower and produce operation he runs near his home. He is also the author of books and articles about personal experiences and his years in business.

When Mike was in his mid-30s, he was told he had 6 months to live. As a cancer survivor, Mike shares his message of maximizing performance and having fun in the process.

Keynotes, Short Programs and Breakout Sessions
  • Motivation
    Learn to make the most of each day. People with a positive outlook are happier and more effective both at work and at home. Mike sparks permanent changes by motivating you to focus on what is important in your life.

    Suggested Program Title: Staying Alive...Wait until You're Dead before You Die!
    Pick and choose from the topics below to create a personalized program.
    • Putting Overwhelming Concerns in Perspective: Globalization; Lack of Trained Workers; Debt; Speed of Change
    • Failing your Way to Success: Embrace Failure as your Teacher; See that the Fun Is in the Journey to a Goal
    • Maintaining a Positive Attitude: Learn to Like What You Do for a Living; Know How to Get Out of the Pits; Laugh your Way to Success; See Death as a Motivator; Laugh or Go Crazy
    • Using your Time Wisely: Avoid "As Soon As" People; Set Goals and Take Risks; Understand that Worry Is Negative Goal Setting; Recognize that Happiness Is a Decision; Remember, There Is No Security in How Much Time You Have Left
    • Audience Activities: What Would You Do If You Only Had 6 Months to Live?; Goals for 1, 2, and 5 Years; Objectives, Objections, and Overcoming the Objections

  • Change
    You simply must change to keep up with your competition. But change does not have to be scary. Learn how to react to change constructively, thereby maximizing your performance and encouraging flexibility in the people around you.

    Suggested Program Title: Change Was Changed before It Was Changed
    Pick and choose from the topics below to create a personalized program.
    • Understanding How People Deal with Change: Recognize the Adapters, the Resisters, and the Coasters; Either Buy In or Buy Out; Adopt the HABIT Response--Have a Belief in Transition
    • Taking Risks as a Way of Life: Take Risks or Live with Regrets; Overcome your Fear of Failure; Observe Opportunities; Make Quicker Decisions
    • Accepting Failure as a Helpful Tool: Learn from Past Mistakes; Ask If It's More Painful to Change or to Stay the Same; Set a Plan for Change after Failure
    • Developing Flexible People: Allow No Crabs, No Whiners; See Learning as an Ongoing Process; Analyze Procedures, Then Change If Necessary; Realize the Options of Cross-Training or Firing; Empower Frontline Employees to Make Decisions
    • Audience Activities: Greatest/Worst Change Scenario; What Will It Take for Long-Term Success?; Promise Exercise--What Will I Implement after this Meeting?

  • Customer Specialness
    Right now your competition is trying to win over your customers. Don't let it happen. Learn how to take your clients beyond customer service to a place called customer specialness, where your clients are loyal and your sales increase.

    Suggested Program Title: If It Weren't for Those Darn Customers, We Could Get Our Work Done around Here
    Pick and choose from the topics below to create a personalized program.
    • Taking Care of Business: Know Low Prices Are only Part of the Answer to Customer Retention; Realize Businesses Fail Because Employees Don't Feel Good about Who They Are, What They Do, or Who the Customer Is; Understand your Customers Have Different Personalities, Needs, and Allegiances
    • Winning Customers over from your Competition: Do Things your Competition Refuses to Do; Solve your Customers' Problems; Make Things Easier for Customers; Promise Results, Then Deliver; Learn about Businesses and Customers by Watching Other Businesses
    • Knowing What your Customers Want from your Business: Honesty and Integrity; Sincerity; A Sense of Importance; Trust; Courtesy; Empathy
    • Keeping Customers Returning for More Specialness and More Sales: Ask Questions and Listen to Ideas and Feedback; Establish Customer Focus Groups and Harness their Power; Make Decisions that Benefit the Customer; Use P.A.T. (Personal Added Touch) Systems
    • Audience Activities: We Impress our Customers by...; We Turn Off our Customers by...; Best and Worst Customer Service Stories

  • Leadership
    Learn when to manage and when to lead. Businesses need to be managed, but people need to be led. Effective managers who are also leaders become resource people for, not bosses of, others. And isn't that what superVISION is all about?

    Suggested Program Title: SuperVISION...Becoming a Resource to your People
    Pick and choose from the topics below to create a personalized program.
    • Evaluating Yourself: Recognize your Strengths, Weaknesses, and Fears; Lead Yourself, Lead Others; Determine Role Models You Admire
    • Becoming a Resource for your People through High-Achiever Skills: Set and Meet Goals; Become a Master of Negotiation; Control Stress and Time
    • Managing People to Help Them Grow Personally and Professionally: Praise, Evaluate, and Correct; Recognize People's Daily Problems; Adjust for the Adapters, the Resisters, and the Coasters; Set the Educational Curriculum for your People
    • Recognizing What People Want from Their Jobs: Interesting Work; Security; Loyalty; Good Pay; Appreciation; Tactful Discipline; Promotion Possibility; Feeling In on Things
    • Learning from Past Management Inadequacies: Failing to Plan and Misusing Time; Ignoring the Human Factor; Not Paying Enough Attention to Marketing; Not Changing as Roles Change
    • Audience Activities: Mission Statements for your Professional and Personal Lives; A Staff Development Plan Including Critical Thinking, Self-Esteem, Adaptation to Change, and Responsible Citizenship

  • Teamwork
    In an era of cutbacks, improving productivity with fewer employees becomes essential. But accomplishing more with fewer people takes teamwork. Learn how to meet or exceed your goals—without compromising quality or service standards—by building self-motivated teams.

    Suggested Program Title: Working in Harmony...Making Music from the Same Song Sheet
    Pick and choose from the topics below to create a personalized program.
    • Doing More with Fewer People: Accept that Having a Lot to Do Is Good; Implement the 1-1/2 : 1 Ratio (1-1/2 Jobs to Every 1 Person); Realize "If You Don't Like Employment, Try Unemployment"
    • Enjoying Yourself, your Work, and your Co-workers: See Enjoyment as a Decision Affecting Quality and Productivity; Assess Things You Like about Yourself and Your Job
    • Working Together to Improve Quality and Productivity: Understand Trial and Error Vs. Trial and Success; Perfect "Learning by Observing"; Learning about Others' Jobs
    • Implementing and Communicating What Is Learned: Evaluate Problems Vs. Solutions; Do Things Sooner, Not Later; Do What You Do Best, and Hire the Rest
    • Controlling the Environment and Standards: Anticipate Obstacles; Evaluate Progress; Become above Average
    • Keeping Teams Committed and Effective: Create Security; Observe Opportunities to Learn, Help, and Laugh; Accept Change/Transition; Recognize the Efforts of Self and Others; Make Meetings Work
    • Audience Activities: "Jobs In a Hat" Activity; Kazoo Team-Building Exercise

  • Safety
    If an organization's leaders are not totally committed to safety, you can bet no one else in the organization is. Learn how to make safety an everyday practice. Remember, if someone thinks something is unsafe, it is.

    Suggested Program Title: Safety in the Workplace...You Make the Difference
    Pick and choose from the topics below to create a personalized program.
    • Understanding the Consequences of Not Being Safe: Recognize Quality and Safety Are Usually Compromised When Leadership Decides Something Has to Be Done in a Hurry; What Are the Repercussions When People Chose to Be Unsafe?
    • Adopting a Safety Philosophy: Know that Safety Is Not a Training Session, Safety Is a Way of Life and the Way We Do Business; See How Safety, Quality, Problem-Solving, Decision-Making, and Teamwork Go Together
    • Analyzing your Work Environment: Look at your Work Site as if You've Never Seen It, Then Determine Needed Changes; Create an Environment Where You Can Watch Out for Yourself and Others
    • Making Safety a Value: Motivate People to Be Safety-Conscious; Adopt an Emergency Plan, and Plan for an Emergency; Enforce consequences for Safety Violations
    • Audience Activities: Tape One or Several Fingers to your Hand and Go About your Daily Activities (Or Imagine This); If You Take away All the Safety Precautions, What Would your Work Environment Look Like?

  • Balancing Work and Home
    It is hard to succeed at work and at home when both are filled with goals, expectations, and demands. Finding the right balance can increase your productivity and improve your attitude. Put more balance in your life!

    Suggested Program Title: The Great Balancing Act—Work and Home
    Pick and choose from the topics below to create a personalized program.
    • Determining Priorities: Maximize your Daily Time Allotment; Make Things Easier at Home and Work
    • Solidifying Personal Relationships: Keeping It Exciting in 5 Minutes a Day; 3 Honeymoons a Year; Firm-and-Fair Policy for Parenting; Going Together vs. Being Together
    • Communicating for Success at Home and at Work: Listen and Ask Questions; Be Honest; Choose the Right Time and Place; Think about Where and How You Reprimand
    • Putting Work in Perspective: Find Purpose in your Daily Work Activities; Stay Financially Flexible
    • Mixing Home and Work: Understand the Great Fallacy that Problems at Home Stay at Home and Problems at Work Stay at Work; Accept the Challenge of Figuring Out What You Like to Do and How to Make Money Doing It
    • Audience Activities: Write Down Top 4 Priorities then Throw Out 3; Things You Want from a Relationship and Things You Have to Give in a Relationship; Promise Exercise—What Will We Implement after this Meeting?

Client Testimonials:
"I would recommend you to any organization that is seeking a professional speaker who can deliver a serious, right-on-target message in an entertaining, fun, and memorable manner."
-- Hank Unck, Vice President-Sales & Marketing PROCHEM

"What can I say except that you were outstanding. Why did I wait so long to have you back?"
-- George MacKenzie, Director of Special Projects, Wisconsin Health Care Association

"I should be reluctant to tell other utilities about you, what with the impending competitive world we are all about to step into; but the employees of all utilities deserve to hear what you have to say, and laugh a bit while doing so! You were absolutely great. Thank you!"
-- Kevin Fowler, Safety Director, Training & Compliance, Dakota Electric Association

If They Aren't Getting Better, They Can't Stay
The Art of Bouncing Back
Safety is Attitude
Business Is Simple -- It's the People Who Make It Complicated
Compliments Pay Off
Becoming a Resource
It's Not the Words, It's How You Use Them
Principles of Service You Can Live By
Think Solutions, Not Problems
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