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Lorna Riley CSP
"Elite, Award Winning Sales and Productivity Speaker"
Lorna Riley Expertise: Motivation • Business • Sales • Marketing • Time Management • Customer Service • Communication • Achievement • Perseverance
Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000
Location: California
Many say Lorna Riley is the most inspiring, dynamic, and bottom-line speaker they've heard. She's a great corporate event keynote speaker. Over the past ten years, thousands of people in the US and abroad have benefited from Lorna's cutting-edge programs.

Lorna Riley is a 16-year experienced professional speaker, trainer, and President of the American Training Association. She brings a diverse background and high level of achievement to the podium with numerous awards to show for her success as a business owner, sales executive, sales trainer and program facilitator.
Her track record of increasing sales by 600% in her first sales position, and consistent success as the top sales producer, demonstrates her unique ability to enter into new situations, quickly determine what activities produce the greatest results, and consistently out-produce the competition.

Lorna’s wide range of experiences also includes careers as a classical pianist, teacher, author, computer graphic artist, marketing director, and banking officer. Her diversity provides a unique richness to her programs, while her keen eye for the bottom line provides results driven training.

Her academic background includes undergraduate and graduate work in literature, education, and music. In her personal life she is a mother of two, and wife of 30 years to author Dan Riley. Her “Big Picture” approach shows how we can have it all by increasing our contribution to others.

A member of the National Speakers Association, and the American Society of Training and Development, she’s also written Quest for Your Best: A Roadmap for Finding Fulfillment in a Challenging World, 76 Ways to Build a Straight Referral Business ASAP!, The Movie Lover’s Cookbook: Reel Meals, Acts of Love, and Axe of Love. She has also written and produced several cassette albums including The Power Pak: The Three Most Powerful Skills for Creating Success, Proactive Time Management, and Memory Management. Her family has been featured in national publications such as Glamour Magazine and TV talk shows.

She frequently contributes to trade publications and shares her unique philosophy of success in internationally known seminars, workshops, keynote presentations, and interviews with radio and TV audiences.

Lorna’s dynamic energy and broad knowledge adds depth, humor and intelligence to any presentation. Her message and “how-to’s” on the most powerful skills for creating success captivates, inspires, and moves even the “toughest” audiences to new levels of achievement

Four Stages to Outrageous Achievement in a Changing World Based on 60 years of combined research, including 45 years of interviews with over 80,000 managers in 400 companies & over one billion customer, learn how to achieve multiple concurrent results, ask the right questions, set direction , know the difference between leading and managing, create action plans, face challenges, gain desired rewards, and achieve fulfillment. Comes with two assessments.

THE CHANGE GAME: How to Win at Every Turn
Learn the four stages of the change cycle, how to anticipate change, get unstuck, and be prepared for the unknown. You will learn how to create order out of chaos, use effective communication tools, and implement proven strategies that provide strength and control in rapid change.

QUEST FOR YOUR BEST: Achieving Excellence in Chaos and Change
Discover the road map for personal and professional excellence: inspiring a shared vision, getting unstuck, using appropriate resources, communicating with clarity and speed, reducing risk, solving problems, overcoming resistance, and finding rewards that motivate continual excellence.

10 TYRANNIES OF OUR TIME: And What you Can Do to Get Out From Under
Learn how to conquer the tyranny of speed, idle talk, moreness, the learning cure, fear, perpetual planning, perfectionism, sacred cows, rising expectations, lost time, nonstop change, and technology. Straight tools and tips delivered for survival in a fast-paced world.

BILLIONS OF CUSTOMERS: Creating Customer Advocates
Based on Gallup's 20-year research of over one billion customers, learn the four stages that turn prospects into advocates who sing your praises. Advocates build a "free" sales team that spread your word. Learn how to listen, respond, and resolve explicit and implied problems, use the telephone for maximum service, eliminate customer obstacles, and maximize "moments of truth."

SOARING SALES: Achieving Blockbuster Sales Results
Learn how to set "stretch" goals, utilize sales resources, eliminate "No," use two words guaranteed to increase sales, face challenges enthusiastically, and gain multiple concurrent results. Discover selling more in less time, 76 ways to build a straight referral business, and managing sales time/territory.

THE EVERYDAY JACKPOT: Winning Your Vitality, Balance, and Meaning in Life
Discover the secrets of lining up the three most important areas of life so that you can feel like a winner everyday. Learn how to be actively calm, juggle the components of a balanced life, use six RX's for managing stress, eat for energy, guide self-motivation, prevent job burnout, manage multiple A priorities, end the do-it all syndrome, and 30 timesaving tips for winning everyday.

TIME MANAGEMENT FOR RESULTS: Achieving Mastery Over Time
Learn three stages of managing time, set missions/goals, implement three techniques for managing multiple "A" priorities, eliminate the 10 biggest time wasters, utilize six criteria for efficiency, reduce stress, achieve work/life balance, schedule activities for maximum results, manage paperwork over- load, use organizational solutions, and allocate time for all you want to achieve.

Client Testimonials:
"...you were no ordinary keynote speaker. Was I ever impressed! You not only held their attention for the two hours, but you had group participation the likes of which I have never seen before...and a standing ovation!"
        Don Safarik, National Management Assn.

"You received the highest marks on the evaluation forms. Your "Quest for Your Best"... was by far the best workshop presentation of the entire day."
        Barbara Lowell, Business Services for Networking Forum

"Never before have I had so many great comments about a keynote speaker. They are begging me to bring you back next year."
        Shane Ott, Kampgrounds of America

Slippage: Sliding From Good to Great
Increase Your Business in Competitive, Changing Times
Preventing Job Burnout
Qualifying Buying Power!

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