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Linda Larsen
"Think Strategically, Communicate Effectively and Lighten-Up"
Linda Larsen Expertise: Customer service • Management • Innovation • Creativity • Motivation • Leadership • Communication • Success
Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000
Location: Florida     Video
Linda Larsen is not your typical business woman. Yes, she is the founder and CEO of a successful communications company she started over 16 years ago. And as such, she is passionately committed to helping people upgrade their thinking, improve their communication and increase their bottom line. But more than that, she is willing to do whatever it takes to get her message across and make it stick.

Linda's passion and spontaneous humor stems from over 20 years as a professional actress in film, television and on the legitimate stage. Her experience and training (she holds an undergraduate degree in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Florida and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Florida State University) give her the unique ability to combine the entertaining, dynamic aspects of live theater with practical, high value content to produce lasting, positive changes.
In 1988 she established her own communications firm and began working exclusively with trial attorneys. As a trial consultant, she continues to provide CLE training for lawyers, helping them communicate more effectively and persuasively in the high stakes, high stress environment of the courtroom.

She is the author of the best selling audio program, 12 Secrets to High Self-Esteem, the critically acclaimed book, True Power, Linda Larsen's Power Tips on Tape. She has also written or been featured in over 100 articles in such publications as Investor's Business Daily, The Chicago Tribune, Opportunity World, Women In Business, Woman's Day, Personal Excellence, CBSHealthWatch.com, MSN.com, and drkoop.com, among others.

She is a member of the National Speakers Association, the American Business Women's Association, and the American Society of Trial Consultants.


  • Dare to Soar!
    5 Keys to a Life of Power, Passion and Pizzazz!
    This is one of Linda's most requested keynote presentations. Audience members listen and laugh as Linda shares stories and strategies designed to help them fly with their ideas and soar to new levels of joy, passion and fun. People leave with a clear sense of how they can rise above anything that life throws in their path. Extremely inspiring and motivating! Using the metaphor of flight, participants will leave knowing:
    1. How to create a personal vision for their life that gives them enthusiasm, passion and commitment.
    2. Why people get locked in to behaviors that don't serve them and how to overcome that propensity.
    3. How to get in, and stay in the driver's seat of their life.
    4. How to use their thinking to create the exact emotions, behaviors and results that they choose.
    5. How to take 100% responsibility for their lives - and most importantly - the interpretations they place on what happens to them in their lives.
  • Gripers, Complainers & Whiners, Oh My!
    How to Deal with Chronically Cranky People
    They're everywhere! We work with them, live with them and do business with them. And the truth is that they can make our lives miserable AND negatively impact our bottom line if we don't know the most effective ways to deal with them. In this fun and lively session, participants will learn:
    1. How to ask for what they want in such a way that dramatically increases the odds they will be heard and complied with.
    2. How to keep calm when tempers start to flare.
    3. Three human commonalities that they MUST know before they speak to anyone -cranky or otherwise!
    4. How they can dramatically turn an irritable person into a pleasant one - by using Linda's "Success Cycle"
    5. How to de-escalate any disagreement.
  • The Extreme Performance Makeover
    Going from Satisfactory to Stupendous (This has also been titled: The Extreme Attitude Makeover)
    Linda kept hearing, "I have great people. They are fighting a really tough market, and they are feeling stressed, burned out and overwhelmed. And unfortunately those feelings are showing up in their attitude and their performance. I need something that will 1) let them know how much we appreciate and value them, 2) be motivating, entertaining and make them feel absolutely great, and 3) actually give them valuable, lasting tools for continued performance improvement." Flying into action, she created this extremely fun and content-rich presentation that has rapidly become one of her most requested. In this session people will learn:
    1. How to stay positive in the face of bad news or negative people
    2. How to see possibilities when others see problems
    3. How to determine, and stay focused on creating very specific desired outcomes
    4. How to prevent others from pushing their buttons
    5. How to treat others with kindness and respect - even when it would be most justifiable to do otherwise.
    6. How to recognize how they may have unwittingly been contributing to the very problems they are complaining about - AND how to take responsibility for creating a positive change!
  • Innovative Thinking - Incite & Ignite!
    Inspiring Yourself and Others to New Heights of Creativity
    In business today we cannot rely on past successes to keep us going. We must be continually thinking ahead, and in different and more creative ways. In this workshop attendees learn how to inspire individuals, teams (and themselves, if necessary!) to new heights of productivity by challenging old assumptions and shifting perspectives. This presentation gives people the 5 essential tools they need to break out of their comfortable little boxes and be exponentially more creative. Interactive, fun and revealing! Attendees will also learn:
    1. The #2 thing that stops most people from expressing their creativity
    2. Twenty-one no- and/or low-cost ideas that will inspire people to go beyond what they think they can do
    3. "Killer Phrases" - What they are and why they absolutely MUST be eliminated
    4. The one essential creativity ingredient that is absent in most uninspired, uncreative, lackluster workplaces
    5. Why change is resisted so fiercely - AND, how to get people to actually welcome it!
    6. Ten qualities of highly creative people - that you ALREADY possess. How to bring them out of hiding and put them to work for you.
Client Testimonials:
"Not only do our members love your presentations at our conferences, but you are one of the most prepared, trouble-free, flexible, dependable and down-right fun speakers I've worked with. I guess that's why we've had you back 6 times!"
-- Linda McNamara - Meetings Department Coordinator - American Business Women's Association

"Your professionalism, sense of humor and willingness to do whatever it took to ensure success were just the beginning"
-- Sally Scott - Assistant Dir of Education - National Apartment Association

"It's Not What You Say..." (but sometimes it is)
Recovering the Attitude of Gratitude
Do Unto Others...As They Want to Be Done Unto
Seek & Ye Shall Find. - But only if you want it reeeeeeeally badly

Books / Audio Books:
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