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Kevin Fleming
"Better Thinking. Better Performance. Better People."
Kevin Fleming Expertise: Alignment • Corporate Values • Transformational Change
Fee Range: $10,000 to $15,000
Location: Wyoming & Oklahoma     Video
Dr. Fleming is a highly motivating speaker who will connect with your audience.

Feel good words that don' t fit your corporate situation are not what you’ll get from Dr. Kevin Fleming. His talks offer life-changing messages that connect with the voice in one' s head, instilling truth, wisdom and the moral responsibility about what' s right in your corporate mission.

His talks center around the critical nature of alignment, corporate values, and transformative change. Combining humor, inspiration, and lasting wisdom participants walk away not with a fad but truth. For is there really a “leadership personality” or is success based more on the personality of corporate culture that can accelerate or detract a wide range of managers and leaders.
When Dr. Fleming speaks at your next meeting you will see why renowned Young Presidents Organization speaker and best selling author Tom Morris says, “In all my years as a speaker working with the Washington Speakers Bureau, I have recommended only 2 or 3 other speakers. I suspect Kevin will become a very well known presenter nationwide.”

Kevin J. Fleming is President & CEO of an international coaching, facilitation, and transformative behavior change firm concentrating on rewiring the personal and corporate brain for a state of neuro-excellence….literally.

Dr. Fleming, a practicing neuropsychologist-turned-professional coach is also a well known critic on the behavior change and therapeutic industries. He received his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame. Fleming's organizational and clinical practice for the past ten years has been devoted to refining “the neuroscience of leadership and behavior change in society” and assisting people in having the critical conversations that are driven by the internal dialogue within.

Utilizing alignment principles of human nature, virtues/ethics, and working with the ways of the brain, his is in the practice of moving individuals and organizations away from rote behavior toward areas of creativity and shared accomplishment.

Fleming's work produces profound behavioral and ethical changes, affirmed by its beneficiaries. He is an active critic of the 100 billion dollar a year training and coaching industry, which in general has little to show in terms of ROI. Fleming's clientele includes such notables as a prominent Asian-American billionaire, a former White House official, top ranking CEOs, Hollywood executives, Juilliard musicians, politicians, and even NFL players and other professional athletes. He was produced an e-learning product for Targeted Learning Corporation, sharing the spotlight of innovative web-based seminars with the likes of Marcus Buckingham and Stephen Covey. He recently was asked to contribute as an expert to Chief Learning Officer magazine, the leading publication for organizational development executives worldwide. His radical call to transform on a meta-level the "thinking of business thinking" has been far reaching, as evident in a recent request to speak to the Ministers and Prime Ministers of Jordan and United Arab Emirates.

He has worked at the renowned high profile Beau Monde programs for executive development and transformation, which has been featured in Money magazine (August, 2006). Dr. Fleming’s writings and expert insights have been featured in some of the widest circulated publications internationally, including The New York Times, New York Daily News, Christian Science Monitor, CNN, Fox News, msn.com, CFO.com, Consumer Health Journal, Prevention Magazine and Physician Executive. He contributes regularly to the Gately Newsletter, which emanates from a leading management consulting firm out of Boston, as well as being a regular columnist on “Transformation Insights,” with Executive Decision Magazine, a national innovative high end thought leadership magazine. He is Director of Innovation at the Family Business Institute. He will be featured as a hiring expert in an upcoming 2008 release published by American Society of Training and Development.

Dr. Fleming is an active member of the World Business Academy, Institute for Executive Development, American Society of Training & Development, and the American Psychological Association. His new book, The Half-Truth High: Breaking the Illusions of the Most Powerful Drug in Life & Business, is now released and features a foreword by NY Times bestselling author Tom Morris. This book has received noteworthy praise from Patch Adams (from the blockbuster Hollywood film starring Robin Williams) as well as Dr. Joe Dispenza, featured scientist in the hit underground movie, What The Bleep Do We Know.

Dr. Fleming has recently been selected to be a co-author with Marshall Goldsmith, the world's best executive advisor (New York Times) and noted as one of the top 50 management minds of the 21st century.

Programs With Brief Descriptions:
  • No-Brainer: Success Without Head Games
    A dynamic and engaging talk bringing the brain front and center around the laws of human nature that we discount when we try to change, learn and grow. A one-of-a-kind talk about thinking differently.
Client Testimonials:
"Dr. Fleming is an engaging, thoughtful and powerful Thought Leader! His uncanny ability of analyzing then breaking down complex issues and then creating viable work solutions is a gift to all of his clients. Any organization that is struggling with new directions and new visions, should call Dr. Fleming NOW!" "
-- Kymberly Garrett, MBA, SHRP, President & CEO, Certified Staffing Solutions

"Dr. Fleming has a unique ability of discovery when it comes to the nuances of human performance improvement. It is this amazing insight and application that keeps him on the cutting edge."
-- Tim Walther, President, Grand Dynamics, Inc.

"Kevin’s top notch speaking is about the best of the best in the fields of organizational behavior, brain science, philosophy of excellence, coaching, and human behavior change. This is refreshing in an industry full of fads."
-- Professor George Howard, Former Chair of Psychology, University of Notre Dame

"...In all my years as a speaking working with the Washington Speakers Bureau, I have recommended only 2 or 3 others. I suspect Kevin will become a very well known presenter nationwide”
-- Tom Morris, Bestselling author of If Aristotle Ran General Motors and True Success

Book: Roadmap to Success Author: Kevin Fleming Book: Coaching for Success Author: Kevin Fleming Book: The Half-Truth High Love Author: Kevin Fleming
Success Is A State of Mind
Dr. Kevin Fleming joins Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen & Deepak Chopra in an upcoming release of Success is a State of Mind - Building a Foundation for Your Future!
Book: Success Is A State of Mind  Author: Kevin Fleming
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