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Kathleen Gage
"Use Instinct, Wit & Creativity To Achieve Your Full Potential"
Kathleen Gage Expertise: Marketing • Internet Marketing • Sales • Women’s Achievement
Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000
Location: Oregon
Bold, Daring and Inspirational describes the type of speaker you get when you bring Kathleen Gage on board for your next conference or in-house training workshop.

Kathleen Gage is a bestselling author and an internationally recognized Internet marketing and publicity expert. Described by many as one of the most inspirational speakers alive, Kathleen is known as the “Street Smarts” speaker and author. Kathleen teaches others how to use instinct, wit, creativity, and spirit to achieve their fullest potential.

Although Kathleen is recognized as a top leader in her field, this wasn’t always the case. Kathleen made choices in her teens and early twenties that took her from a comfortable middle-class upbringing to a life of homelessness and being unemployable.
Kathleen Gage rose above seemingly insurmountable odds to become an award winning business owner, bestselling author, Internet sales and marketing trainer, and award winning keynote speaker.

Living for extended periods of time on the West Bank of Israel and Mexico, overcoming a bout with paralysis at a young age and living through the great quake of 1985 in Mexico City, Kathleen has a unique understanding of the delicate balance of life.

With more than 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, management, public relations and promotions, Kathleen has worked with organizations such as the U.S. Marine Corps, Novus Corporation and AT&T. She has acted in leadership and advisory capacities for many organizations; including past president of the National Speakers Association Utah Chapter; past vice-chair and marketing chair for the Central Region Council for the Department of Workforce Services of Utah and a member of the legislative council for the American Cancer Society of Utah.

Kathleen has been the recipient of numerous awards including the National Speakers Association Utah Chapter Speaker of the Year; 1992 GTE Health Systems Employee of the Year; KMGG Radio Top Performer in Sales; the Leadership and Communications 2000 Award for Toastmasters International; and the 2004 Giant Step Award for Business Leadership, Innovation and Success awarded by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Workforce Services of Utah.

Kathleen is the bestselling author of The Law of Achievement, which was released in May, 2006. Some of her other works include Message of Hope, Inspirational Thoughts for Uncertain Times; Workplace Miracles, Inspiring Stories and Thoughts of Possibility; 101 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door: Success Strategies Guaranteed to Put You Miles Ahead of the Competition; Street Smarts Marketing and Promotions: Street Smarts Making Money With the Internet; 101 No Cost and Low Cost Ways to Market a Business; and her newest release; The Truth About Making Money with the Internet.

Kathleen is recognized as one of the top Internet marketers in her field with hundreds of articles published in trade journals, magazines, newspapers, Ezines, and various online locations.

Kathleen has dedicated herself to assisting others in unleashing possibilities to create a life rich in spirit, passion, prosperity, self-assurance, and success.

Programs with brief descriptions:
  • Achieving Your Fullest Potential
    A motivational and inspirational keynote that explores the importance of thinking patterns and attitude in both our personal and professional life. How we think impacts the quality of our work, productivity and relationships. In this fun-filled presentation you will truly understand that life is not about what happens to us, it is about what we do with what we’ve been given that makes all the difference.

  • Okay Life! What's Next?
    • Learn what to do when life simply becomes "overwhelming"
    • Discover how to turn adversity into victory
    • Understand why collaboration is far more powerful than competition
    • Recognize how powerful your thoughts are and how to focus on what will empowers you
    • Discover the one strategy guaranteed to turn any negative situation into an empowering experience
  • Street Smarts Marketing and Promotions TM
    An informative and inspiring keynote in which you will learn powerful strategies that can be used in virtually any industry to design a powerful mindset for your entire organization - one that will assist you to increase your market position, increase sales, and to create customers for life. Learn how marketing is different from sales, how to create a marketing mindset for unbelievable results regardless of what your job title is, why having a good marketing strategy is so important to increasing your sales revenue and how to apply Street Smarts Marketing and Promotion.

  • 101 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door
    Based on Kathleen's popular book by the same name
    • Learn fun, creative and unique strategies to Put Yourself Miles Ahead of the Competition
    • Discover how to increase client reach with unique sales and marketing strategies
    • Remain visible in your customer’s mind while creating a memorable presence even in your absence
    • Become known as a leading expert based on easy to apply principles

    Client Testimonials:
    "As a Vice President, I have a great interest in the development and growth of our credit union. I was so impressed with the new book entitled “101 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door” that we ordered a copy for each of our branch managers. The branch manager’s response was overwhelming."
    -- Carolyn A. Stimpson VP Membership Development, Mountain America Credit Union

    “Kathleen Gage is a deeply positive, enthusiastic and dynamic person with an enthusiasm not easily matched. It is easy to say that she is an excellent speaker, but that is too exclusive a term to use. She is an excellent person - who shines from fulfilling her passion to reach people, understand their fears and build them up to their potential.”
    -- Tara Hurley, Executive Director, Executive Women International

    Working Harder Works But . . .
    Blogging for the Non Blogger
    Create Your Vision of Success
    Dreams Do Come True …If You Are Willing To Work For Them
    Inside the Mind of a Champion
    The One Who Wins is the One Who is Visible
    The Rules of Success
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