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Dr. Karen Wolfe, MBBS, MA
"The Australian Physician who brings body, mind and soul back to medicine."
Karen Wolfe Expertise: Stress Management • Mind/Body Health • Health and Wellness • Women's Health • Successful Aging • Life Coaching • Work/Life Balance • Spiritual Fitness
Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000
Location: California
Dr. Wolfe is an Australian physician, national and international speaker, author and mindful life coach. She is the author of seven books that include Give Stress A Rest, Medicine From the Inside Out, Menopause: Renewal in Midlife, From Stress to Strength, Successful Aging and A Wise Womanís Approach to Healing and Cancer and her latest book Create the Body Your Soul Desires.

She has extensive experience in health care, wellness and disease management and presents at local, national and international conferences on subjects such as Mind/Body Medicine, disease management strategies and integrated health management. She is a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine.
Dr. Wolfe graduated from Sydney University Medical School and completed her residency at Royal North Shore Hospital. She worked as a Primary Care Physician for two years and then became the Director of the Australian Government Health Service. She also went to National University in Irvine, California to complete her Masters Degree in Psychology and she has a special interest in health care reform, chronic disease prevention and Mind-Body medicine.

Karen is the Principal of Healing Quest, her company dedicated to bringing an integrated healing model into the health and wellness community. She is a wife, mother and step mother and she lives in Mission Viejo, California.

Programs With Brief Descriptions
  • Create the Body Your Soul Desires
    Alternate title (Wait! Itís Not About the Weight)
    Are you tired of the diet craziness? Based on her book, Create the Body Your Soul Desires: The Girlfriendsí Guide to Body Image, Weight, Food, Energy and Sexuality, Dr. Wolfe gives women a whole new integrated way to manage their relationship to their bodies and re-claim their power. Dr. Wolfe advocates a female-friendly way to connect and cooperate with our bodies, using commonsense tools that women (especially girlfriends!) can relate to. Free from guilt and blame, discover the soul-stirring joy of a body that helps you life your life to the fullest!
  • Is Stress Making You Fat?
    How to Break the Stress - Fat Connection and Reclaim Your Energy
    Itís a fact: stress makes you fat. Chronically elevated levels of stress hormones not only stimulate appetite but also encourage intra-abdominal fat storage that can lead to serious illness. How you respond to stress determines your appetite, body composition and overall fitness level. Dr Wolfe teaches you how to re-balance your mind and body resulting in lasting changes in your total state of being.
  • Marketing Obesity to Children
    Although kidís food choices are influenced by many factors, food marketing plays a key role. Studies show that food marketing attracts childrenís attention, influences their food choices and prompts then to request that their parents buy certain products. Children receive about 58 messages from television advertising each day (about half are for food) along with many additional marketing messages from websites, schools and in retail stores. Obesity is at an all-time high in children and now is the time to set standards on what foods may be marketed to kids on television and in schools. This presentation demonstrates how food marketing aimed at kids undermines parental authority and helps fuel the epidemic of childhood obesity.
  • Trusting Your Gut: Beyond A Womanís Intuition
    Did you know that the "gut" is the only organ in the human body that contains an intrinsic nervous system and is often referred to as the "second brain"? Even more importantly, did you know that both brains Ėthe one in our head and the one in our gut-must cooperate in order for you to understand their messages? Learn the latest about a wide range of gut problems such as irritable bowel disease, heart burn and colon cancer, and how you can learn to listen to your body and help heal yourself.
  • What Every Woman (and man) Needs to Know About Menopause
    Hormone Replacement - Whatís New, Whatís true
    Itís a joke until it happens to you. Levity can be a coping tool but the truth is, that hot flashes, night sweats, sleep deprivation and other symptoms associated with menopause are serious when you are caught in the crossfire of "the change". Add to that the flood of media "information", and confusion reigns. What are the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy? Is it safe and effective? What is the link between HRT and breast cancer and heart disease? What about soy? Dr. Wolfe will empower you to sort through the conflicting information and come away with a plan thatís right for you!
  • Tired of being Tired?
    How to Outsmart Female Fatigue
    Work. Kids. Cooking. Cleaning. Caring for aging parents. No wonder we are exhausted..and it doesnít have to do with the clock! Mental and emotional stress, in addition to being direct causes of fatigue, can also be indirect causes of your inability to get a full nightís sleep. That is why an estimated 50 percent of American adults are chronically sleep deprived. This presentation teaches you eight energizing strategies for lifelong vitality that will dramatically change your life.
  • Listening to the Female Heart
    The Whole Truth About Women and Heart Health
    Itís more important than ever before for women to listen to their hearts, and learn that body-wise, heart disease in women shows up differently than in men. In addition, there is truly a connection between matters of the heart and the heart muscle. Dr. Wolfe goes into the unique aspects of heart disease in women "understanding, avoiding and surviving it" as well as the emotional and spiritual aspects. She reveals the research that tells us the powerful role family, friends, faith and forgiveness play in our health and healing, and gives us tools for thriving, not just surviving.
  • From Stress to Strength: Options for Optimal Living
    Stress shows up in expected and unexpected ways. Itís not an option. It just is. It can be good. It can feel difficult. It can be joyful. Learning to help yourself not only cope, but ease through it into joy and balance is the ultimate outcome. Explore the options for relief from stress-related dis-ease, as well as ideas for coping on a day-to-day basis with the stuff of life to avoid stress-related discomfort. Learn how to get in balance in order to prevent the harmful effects that stress can have on your health and all aspects of your life and transform stress into strength.
  • Successful Aging: The Antioxidant Advantage
    What determines how well we age? How can we maintain optimal physical and mental strength throughout later life? Rather than looking at aging in terms of expected disease and decline, Dr. Wolfe explores the life-affirming role of nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, productive work, self-care and service to others.
  • Alternative Medicine: Hope or Hype?
    Like trains on two tracks, conventional medicine and alternative medicine appear to be missing a connection. Patients are seeking new treatments to the tune of $18 billion, and theyíre not telling their physicians. Dr. Wolfe explains the current research on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and shows you how to integrate all of our healing choices for optimal health.
  • WORKSHOP: Move Your Body to Move Out Your Stress
    Give your mind a break. Get out of your head and into your body. You will learn practical, energizing routines you can use every day that will make a difference in your life. Boost your metabolism every morning and you will discover how to access your body's wisdom and explore ways to recognize the hidden blessings in even the most stressful situations
Client Testimonials:
"We are back in South Africa after an amazing visit to an amazing country and meeting with amazing people like yourself! Just wanted to say thank-you for sharing yourself and your ideas with us! We learned so much and we are hungry for more! The world is in desperate need for more people thinking like yourself!!!!!
Yes - I meant it - I like you for there is something different in you... an understanding, a spirit of acceptance and leadership that makes people want to follow you....!
We are defenitely planning to be back at the conference next year! Hope we will see you there again....
Be blessed in everything you do!"
-- Jannie Putter, Wellness Africa, Attendee at the National Wellness Conference

"Dr. Karen Wolfe offer a powerful antidote to the crushing, mechanistic and ultimately doomed messages that traditional "dieting" imposes on an already confused culture. The Conscious Body Method‘ realigns body, mind and spirit behind a coherent program for living a fully embodied life, geared to produce a strong, energized and fully integrated being, heart and soul included!"
-- Belleruth Naparstek, LISW, BCD, Author of Staying Well with Guided Imagery, Your Sixth Sense and creator of the Health Journeys guided imagery series.

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Book: Create The Body Your Soul Desires Author: Dr. Karen Wolfe
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