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John Tschohl
"Customer Service Guru. International Management Consultant"
John Tschohl Expertise: Customer Service • E-Commerce • Service Excellence • Quality
Fee Range: $10,000 to $15,000
Location: Minnesota
John Tschohl, called the “guru of customer service” by Time and Entrepreneur magazines, is a best selling author, service strategist and president of Service Quality Institute, the global leader in customer service.

For the last 25 years he has solely focused on helping organizations drive a service culture and develop a team of employees providing superior service. His message will help you learn how to keep your customers in an era of global merciless change and reinvent your company at a level of processes, policies, attitudes, and business philosophy in order to deliver unlimited value and extraordinary service. He will help you develop a detailed and aggressive strategy to keep your customers and prevent them from defecting to your competition.
Tschohl is dynamic, hard hitting, and inspirational. He will create an emotional buy-in using measurable data that CEO’s respond to. John’s message is based on common sense built around his 35 years in speaking, designing training programs, and building high performing workforces.

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He is the author of four best selling books:
  • Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service: the bible for organizations who want to learn how and why to implement a service strategy
  • e-Service: Speed, Technology & Price Built Around Service
  • Cashing In: Make More Money, Get A Promotion, Love Your Job: written for the high achiever within your work force
  • The Customer Is Boss: a hard hitting book that teaches you how to get and demand service.
Featured on major television shows from Good Morning America, CNBC and PBS to newspapers, radio stations, and magazines from almost every corner of the world. John’s technology and books are in 11 languages, represented in over 40 countries, and 60 percent of Service Quality Institute’s business is international.


Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service
A customer service strategy is imperative in today’s competitive marketplace. The importance of service must be recognized and addressed by everyone within an organization. Becoming a service driven organization requires a commitment by top management, proper training for each and every employee, and an empowered work force with customer friendly systems and procedures. The following is a synopsis listing the major topics covered in Service Strategist, John Tschohl’s Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service presentation.
  • Customer Service: A Strategic Weapon
  • The Power of a Highly Motivated Workforce
  • The Service Strategy
  • E-Service Competition
  • Six Major Steps to Becoming Customer Service Driven
  • Customer Service Role Models
  • Don’t Hire Employees Who Hate Customers
  • Empowerment
  • Dissatisfied Customers - The Real Cost
  • Five Critical Design Characteristics to Motivate and Train Employees
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction
E-Service: Speed, Technology And Price Built Around Service
  • e-Service: A Strategic Weapon
  • e-Commerce: How to Survive and Grow
  • The Leadership Challenge: How to Keep Customer Service Quality on Track
  • Benchmarking Customer Satisfaction - How Do You Stack Up Against Your Competitors?
  • Advanced Techniques for Building Customer Satisfaction
  • Cutting Costs to Survive
  • Creating a Dedicated Workforce
  • Fostering an Empowered Workforce
  • Service Recovery
Service First
Energize your entire workforce with a seminar built around the power of customer service, empowerment, building employees’ self-worth, self-concept, and self-esteem. A combination of video vignettes can be used to dramatize the message with real world examples of good and poor service. Start building a service culture from your front-line employees to top management. The seminar can be anywhere from one hour to one day, all customized for you.
  • Customer Service - A Strategy
  • Global Service Role Models
  • Ca$hing In: Make More Money, Get a Promotion, Love Your Job
  • Six Major Steps to Become Customer Service Driven
  • Someone is Going to Get Promoted
  • Empowerment
  • Handling Complaints & Irate Customers
  • Service Recovery
Additional Presentation Titles: John Tschohl always customizes his presentation to your specific industry and individual needs. Presentation titles can be tailored for your organization.

One Day Seminar

Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service
  • Customer Service: A Strategic Weapon
    • Customer Service as a Differentiation Strategy
    • Six Critical Steps Necessary to Establish A Quality Service Strategy
    • Building Market Share and Market Dominance
  • E-Service
    • Eat or Be Eaten
    • Speed, Price and Service
    • e-Commerce: How to Survive and Grow
    • Role Models: Amazon, Land’s End, Dell
  • The Leadership Challenge: How To Keep Customer Service Quality On Track
    • Developing a Customer-Focused Corporate Culture
    • The Key Ingredients for Absolute Superior Service
    • Effectively Model Visions, Values and Behaviors
  • Advanced Techniques For Building Customer Satisfaction
    • Lessons Learned From World-Class Leaders: Wal-Mart, Southwest Airlines, General Electric
    • Developing the Attributes Displayed by World-Class Service Quality Leaders: Home Depot, JetBlue, Delta Dental, Commerce Bank
  • Cutting Costs
    • Secret Strategy of Service Leaders
    • Eliminating Waste and Costs
    • Why Price is Critical to Building Value
  • Creating A Dedicated Workforce
    • Recruit and Select the Very Best Employees
    • Powerful Techniques on How to Motivate and Improve Morale
    • Keeping Employees Once You’ve Got-em
    • Terminating Non-performing Employees
  • Fostering An Empowered Workforce
    • Steps for Implementing Empowerment
    • Creating a Climate That Consistently Stimulates Empowerment
    • Super Charging Employees to Stay and Perform
    • Saturn Strategies to Improve Quality and Reduce Costs
  • Designing Effective Quality Training Tools
    • Building a Service Culture
    • Key Critical Design Features
    • How to Motivate Employees to Care
  • Service Recovery
    • The Art of Keeping Unhappy Customers
    • Techniques That Work
    • Moving Heaven and Earth
    • Ritz Carlton Strategies
  • Customer Retention
    • How to Measure the Results of a Service Strategy
    • Achieving Zero Defections
Client Testimonials:
"Mr. Tschohl's speech was inspiring, focused and well-received. His presentation received high marks from all attendees - he showed everyone how a company can ride a service strategy business success. I highly recommend Mr. Tschohl for presentations related to total quality, customer service, and business strategy. You will be inspired and won't be disappointed. "
-- Thomas Raffio - President & CEO, Delta Dental, Concord, New Hampshire

"There are few occassions when inspiration takes hold of so many when it comes to enhancing customer satisfaction. Your presentation to the Absa delegates provided one of these moments."
-- Len Stander - General Manager, ABSA, Johannesburg, South Africa

Improve Your Self-Confidence
8 steps to pleasing the customer
Training: Don't Ignore the Soft Skills
Service Recovery
Geeks: Train And Handle With Care
Need Good Ideas? Ask Your Employees
Customer Service, What is it?

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