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Jeff Rendel, CSP
"Create Value, Boost Profits, Increase Market Share"
Jeff Rendel Expertise: Change • Corporate culture • Customer service • Leadership • Motivation • Peak performance • Politics • Strategic planning • Team building
Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000
Location: California
Jeff Rendel, CSP, brings a wealth of education, knowledge, and experience to the platform for your corporation or association. With experience as a federal regulator, financial executive and Congressional lobbyist, Jeff knows business and, especially, the financial services' marketplace.

As President of Rising Above Enterprises, Jeff works with associations that want more loyal, dues-paying members and with professionals who want greater professional growth. He also works with financial services' providers that want deeper market penetration and engaged, committed workforces.
The mission of Rising Above Enterprises is simple: To develop excellent leaders - in life, on the job, for your customers, and for your organization. In support of this mission, his company researches, synthesizes, and articulates essential achievement elements as they relate to today's business practices. Because of this mission, corporations profit - financially and culturally - in their pursuit to fulfill their missions; and people experience the exhilaration of creating dynamic lives and careers.

A highly sought after and accomplished speaker; he is a professional member of the National Speakers Association (NSA). In 2007, the NSA presented him the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation. Fewer than five percent of the world's speakers hold this achievement. With a unique style and very personable approach, he informs, entertains, and persuades - all in the same presentation.

His keynote speeches and breakout sessions concentrate principally on leadership for your industry, customers, and colleagues. Time and again, audiences rate him "Best Speaker."

Outside of the office and off the platform, Jeff is an avid reader, recovering triathlete, and aspiring gourmet. Add a dose of University of Oklahoma devotion (he bleeds crimson and cream) and you'll understand how he keeps life stirring. His much better half and beautiful wife, Jayne, adds indispensable balance to his life. Together, they enjoy gardening, dancing, physical fitness training, and NASCAR.

Little Miss Molly's arrival in 2005 made his life whole. When he's not traveling the world, Jeff is busy unwrapping himself around Molly's little finger.

Programs with brief descriptions:
  • America's Most Admired Company - Yours.
    What makes a select group of American companies the most respected, influential, and profitable businesses in this land? How do these companies set themselves apart, steer clear of the peril of "commoditization," and prevail - regardless of declining prices, squeezed margins, and daunting competition. In understanding and applying the well-defined attributes of industry leadership these businesses have refined, your company can do much more than supervise and complement your competition. Instead, your company can stand out as the most esteemed, significant, and winning enterprise in your industry.

    Being the "Most Admired," isn't about one peerless company, innovation, or financial return. The bottom line is not about brand coolness, business positioning, or CEO pedigree. It is about the quantifiable, success-based blueprint - independent of economic cycles or industries - that winning companies follow to produce the accomplishment many esteem and desire to emulate. When your company stands alone, there's no need to break from the pack or leave the herd.

    Protect Your Capital at the Capitol - The Corporate Leader's Role in Building Political Influence. With the future of your business in the hands of elected leaders, corporate directors, executives, and managers must develop, nurture and uphold political relationships and influence. The organizations that play a part in the legislative and regulatory process the most will hold the largest role in influencing business policy.

    While lobbyists serve a vital purpose, legislators listen more attentively to local business owners and managers who can make clear the effect a given law may place upon their business. You, the local executive, have more influence with your lawmaker than a dozen lobbyists. Your involvement in lawmakers' understanding of your business is no longer an option - It's a responsibility.

  • Your Customer's Experience - Will It Win, Wow, or Worry?
    The Customer Revolution is in full swing. A fantastic product or service may bring your customers in the door, but only one factor will bring them back - an outstanding experience. Every customer touch point offers your company an opportunity to maximize the customer experience and establish a bond that will never be broken. Strategically managing the customer experience is a business tool that integrates the entire organization in its desire to connect with your customers.

    In dissecting, designing, measuring, and improving your customer's experience with your product or service, your company can transform its image and brand, making you more essential - more indispensable - to your customer's life. In a world where first-rate customer service is the expected norm, it's time to abandon being just competitive and concentrate on becoming a required, central part of life.

  • Satisfaction: Worthless; Commitment: Priceless - Developing Loyalty with Your Customers.
    Set aside the platitudes of loyalty, customers have a simple list of demands: Give me what I want, when I want it, and reward me for it or I'll go somewhere else and get it. In a marketplace that defines all participants as a commodity, it's time for your company to become an absolute necessity. Superior customer service and lifelong commitment hinges on: Thorough knowledge about your customers; Managing customers as investments; Rewarding those who choose you most; and, Creating campaigns that increase your customers' lifetime value to your company.

    Developing customer commitment is much more than conducting satisfaction studies that rarely equal repeat sales or enthusiastic referrals. Commitment involves a systematic process of: Customer feedback and knowledge-sharing; Rewards and measurable loyalty programs; and, Turning customers into advocates. Find out precisely what your customers want, use that information to generate effective products and services, and watch your customers keep coming back for more.

  • Building Team Trust - How it Changes Everything.
    When leading teams of experienced and established professionals, executives can meet various tests. One challenge is nurturing and sustaining a well-coordinated, high performance group able to achieve clear business objectives. Another contest is building the sort of trust that tears down the walls of corporate culture stumbling blocks and turns internal competitors into enterprise-wide colleagues.

    The essential skills for effective trust-building leadership - when taught, absorbed, and applied - make a considerable difference in individual and organizational leadership. Once implemented, they improve your capability to: Get people to do what really needs to be done; Enrich organizational efficiency; Provide focus and purpose for your organization; and, Construct a purposeful, unified team - one of the few remaining competitive points of differentiation.

  • Don't Mess With My Company - Building Engagement, Commitment, and Ownership Throughout Your Organization.
    When people become a member of an organization, they are typically eager, loyal, and prepared to be advocates for their employer. Simply put, they are very engaged. Then the honeymoon ends and - over time - employees become less engaged. From that point, what leaders do shapes the path that employees will take - toward sustained engagement or on the way to the ranks of those who by no means commit or who are actively discontented.

    To get to the bottom of this challenge, leaders must cultivate engaged employees who help build your business with their ownership way of thinking. Leaders must build a dedicated workforce of self-leaders. Self-leaders: Want to understand expectations so they can surpass them; Are unsurprisingly curious about their company and their position in it; Perform at reliably high levels; Use their capacities and strong suits at work every day; Work with zeal; and, Have an intuitive connection with their company. Move your organization forward with an enterprise full of leaders who think like owners - at every level.

  • Brand You - Achieving Success and Satisfaction in an Extraordinary Career and Life.
    Every day, life presents small opportunities to navigate your course and achieve your greatest desires. What really separates those who truly get ahead and those who do not? Hard work, accomplishments, and surviving in a dog-eat-dog world will only get you so far. Where you are today, and where you will be tomorrow is not a happenstance - It is an upfront result of your choices, reactions, and habits in life.

    A personal brand is more than a good impression, getting noticed, and putting your nose to the grindstone. A personal brand encompasses your individual integrity, professional presence, communications skills, and leadership abilities. "Brand You" embraces the unwritten rules of life, the real truths you need to know in order to build the kind of personal brand that shouts "headed for the top" - in and out of the office. "Brand You" replaces worn-out, ineffective practices with advantageous behaviors that yield spectacular results - Control of your destiny, realization of your ambitions, and a life full of energy and integrity.

Client Testimonials:
"Your professionalism, preparation and integrity make you one of my most valued resources on financial services' issues. Any organization that utilizes your talents, skills and desire for excellence will benefit. You will discover and receive value from Jeff Rendel - on and off the platform."
-- Congressman Gary Miller (R - California)

"Thanks for smashing the myth that leadership is reserved only for the privileged or a lucky few. The reality is that leadership is a visible collection of skills used everyday - on the front line, in the back office, and in the executive suite. Basically, leadership is everyone's responsibility and the most flourishing organizations will be those developing the widest range of everyday leaders."
-- Susan Taylor, CMP, Vice President/Director of Professional Development, Tennessee Bankers Association

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Til Death Do Us Part – Earning Loyalty From Your Customers
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