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Jean Gatz, CSP
"Bring Pride & Joy To Work And Life"
Jean Gatz Expertise: Leadership • Customer Service • Communication • Relationships • Productivity • Change
Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000
Location: Louisiana
Have you noticed that attendees at your events are looking a bit more frazzled these days? With workplace stress on the rise, many have lost their passion and are simply going through the motions to get the job done. Your participants are worn out, burned out, and just plain tired! Keynote speaker Jean Gatz can help you change that scenario.

Blending humor and motivation with practical ideas, Jean shows your participants how to rekindle their passion and excitement for their work. But she doesn't stop there. With her unique blend of wit with wisdom and humor with common sense, she helps them reaffirm their pride in their jobs, their organization and their industry.
In her highly customized programs, Jean delivers proven strategies to help your attendees lead more effectively, handle change with more flexibility, communicate more successfully, service customers with more profitability and deal with difficult people – without becoming one. She provides the much-needed encouragement that's so often missing in today's hurried, harried and hectic workplace. Audiences talk about the impact of her humor, stories and life lessons long after your event has ended.

Jean works with a wide variety of clients including women's organizations, food service, business and industry, realtors, healthcare, banking, pharmaceuticals, education, HR, government, and associations, both profit and nonprofit. As a successful keynoter and author, Jean brings a wealth of experience and entertainment value to every audience.

As a CSP, Jean is one of only 175 women in the world to hold the designation of Certified Speaking Professional. This means she has the proven platform experience, understands what is required, and knows how to deliver client satisfaction - every time. Voted one of the “top ten speakers” for the Society for Human Resource Management at the largest HR conference in the world, Jean is also a Platinum Level Speaker for Meeting Professionals International. She's the author of "How to Be the Person Successful Companies Fight to Keep" (translated into several languages) and "Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This," stories and strategies for living life with wisdom, courage and a sense of humor.

Jean's goal is to help your attendees bring Pride and Joy back to work and life. She will change attitudes and behaviors, educate, entertain, and inspire your participants, and deliver results as promised. Your attendees will leave her session with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for who they are, and for the people and issues that really matter.

Programs and Brief Descriptions
  • Mama Said There'd be Days Like This!
    Is your life filled with days your Mama warned you about? Learn how to manage life's challenges with wisdom, courage and a sense of humor. Jean shares strategies to help you handle change with more flexibility, make tough decisions with more clarity, communicate more compassionately, and deal with difficult people - without becoming one. Gain skills to stress-proof your hurried, harried and hectic life. This session is based on Jean's book by the same title.

  • I Already Took a Pain Pill, So Why Are You Still Here?
    This session focuses on dealing with difficult people - with a lighter touch! Jean blends humor with practical strategies you can implement throughout your department and your entire organization to deal with difficult people (including gossips, tattletales, whiners ad complainers), reduce conflict and improve both morale and productivity.

  • How to Be an Effective Leader When Your Magic Wand is Broken
    Wouldn't it be helpful to wave your magic leadership wand and transform everyone else into "perfect" followers? We all know that magic wands don't work, and that effective leadership is serious business. It starts with modeling the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors you expect - and need - from those you lead. Jean delivers proven strategies to help your leaders impact customers, coworkers and the bottom line.

  • Managing Change for Maximum Impact with Minimum Stress
    Whether you're leading change within your department or taking your organization from local to global presence, managing change can be an overwhelming task. What new attitudes and behaviors will you have to model? How will you address expectations and handle questions, fears and concerns? How will you deliver results? In this highly customized session, you will develop your PLAN to manage the dynamics of change along with the various components of the change process.

  • Planning "the Trip" of Your Life
    We can't be in charge of everything that happens to us, but we can make choices every day that dramatically impact our careers, our relationships and our lives. Jean blends humor and motivation to help attendees develop the map - the plan they need to get more satisfaction, pride and joy from their work. With wit and wisdom, Jean applies these principles to leadership, teamwork, customer service and dealing with difficult "passengers" (customers, coworkers, colleagues and family) along the way.

  • Clean Out the "Junk Drawer" of Your Life
    Most of us would admit to having at least one junk drawer somewhere, at work or at home, crowded with stuff we don't need any more. We hang onto that junk, even though we know it needs to go. In this lively and fun filled session, Jean shares life lessons to help you get rid of "junk drawer thinking." She blends original humor and stories with practical, down to earth strategies to help you create a "less stressed" life - no matter who you are and what you do.

  • How to Be the Person Successful Companies Fight to Keep
    (Based on Jean's book with Simon & Schuster) What do the terms downsizing, restructuring and budget constraints mean to you and your career? Jean will help you look at your future and understand what today's organizations are asking - and even demanding - of management and support staff at every level. Learn the high performance behaviors employees must demonstrate to bring added value to the organization. Jean shows attendees how to demonstrate that their jobs - and the way they DO their jobs - are linked to their organization's Number One Goal.

  • Positive Impact! Connecting with Customers, Coworkers and the Bottom Line
    Blending humor and motivation with a common sense approach, Jean helps participants improve performance and add value; bring a positive and proactive attitude to work; deal with dissatisfied customers and handle their complaints; increase productivity without compromising quality and service; accept change without resorting to complaints, anger, apathy or fear; cope with difficult people, and maintain personal accountability for their contribution to the bottom line.

  • Presenting Yourself and Your Ideas to Get Results
    Whether you're presenting to one person, a small group or a large audience, effective presentation skills can play an integral part in your career success. Jean delivers specific strategies to strengthen and enhance your presentation skills at every level. You will develop a detailed approach to plan, prepare, organize, develop and deliver outstanding presentations so necessary for the success of your organization and your career.

  • How to Discover, Develop and Deliver Powerful Stories
    Using stories can help you create a more powerful impact when you speak, as you share memorable lessons from your own life experiences. If you're not a natural-born storyteller, there is good news! While storytelling is an art, it's also a learned skill. In this entertaining and content rich session, Jean helps attendees find a universal theme for their stories and develop a plan to create "AHA" moments for every audience every time they speak. This session can also be incorporated into "Presenting Yourself and Your Ideas to Get Results."

Client Testimonials:
"You had everyone's attention from the moment you took center stage until the end of the session when we were all convulsed with laughter. You made us all feel like we could touch the sky."
-- Marisol Lara, Program Chair, American Pediatric Surgery Managers Association

"Responses to your opening keynote were unanimously positive. Your presentation helped us get the jump-start we needed. You took the time to do the research and ask the questions so you could sculpt your presentation into something that would be meaningful to our attendees. Thanks for being so easy to work with. I would highly recommend you."
-- Tammy Martin, Annual Meeting Program Chair, Central Association of College and University Business Officers

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