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Dr. James Canton Ph.D
"Technology Futurist"
Dr. James CantonExpertise:Future • Technology • Business • Trends • Innovation • Healthcare • Life Sciences • Financial Services • Nanotechnology • Leadership
Fee Range: $20,000 to $30,000
Location: California   Video
Dr. James Canton is a renowned global futurist, social scientist, author, and sought-after business advisor. For the past twenty-five years, he has been insightfully forecasting the impact of future trends and innovations on business, customers and society.

Dr. Canton is Chairman and CEO of the Institute for Global Futures, an internationally-recognized San Francisco-based think tank he founded in 1990, to help clients better anticipate the future. Dr. Canton advises Fortune 1000 corporations and governments worldwide.

He has also served as an advisor to the White House Office of Science and Technology, is on the advisory board of MIT’s Media Lab, Europe and advises the National Science Foundation.

A highly sought-after public speaker, Dr. Canton has spoken to thousands of organizations on five continents. He is noted for his unique and entertaining ability to blend fascinating forecasts of trends and breakthroughs that will shape the future. Successful Meetings Magazine named him as one of the top presenters in the nation.

A frequent guest of the media worldwide, he has served as a commentator on CNN, Financial News, where his insightful coverage has earned him the nickname, “the Digital Guru.” Media coverage about Dr. Canton’s innovative vision of the future have appeared in Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Report, The New York Times, US News and World Report, CEO, CIO and CFO Magazines.

Dr. Canton is the Editor-in-Chief of the Global Futures Report, which advises leaders about emerging innovations and trends. He is the author of Technofutures, a book acclaimed as a blueprint for how innovation will shape the future of business in the 21st century. His newest book, The Innovation Economy and the Future of Business, is set to be released in late 2004.

Programs with brief descriptions:
  • The Extreme Future: The Top Trends that will Shape the 21st Century
    Based on Dr. Canton’s new book, the Extreme Future, and his corporate consulting with Fortune 1000 clients, this dynamic and informative multi-media keynote provides a sweeping overview of the top trends that will shape the future of business and society. Trends include, the future of: Climate, energy, technology, the workforce, security, the economy, health care, demographics, entertainment, and lifestyles. Find out what’s next and how to prepare today.
  • Technofutures: The Top Innovation Trends that will Shape the 21st Century
    Fresh from his recent CNN Special Welcome to the Future, Dr. Canton identifies the top innovations--from the Internet to biotech, from wireless and nanotech to robotics, that will drive future change in business and society. Based on the best-selling book, this keynote is an entertaining and upbeat overview about the future of innovation.
  • The Future of Health Care in a High Tech World
    Radical innovations are reshaping health care and medicine at an accelerated rate of change. Every day, innovations from synthetic biology and cloning to stem cells, offer new risks and new opportunities. From personalized medicine, life extension, post-genomics and biotech futures, to the wireless hospital, nanotech, medical devices and human enhancement—here’s what’s coming next.
  • The Future of Financial Services in a High Tech World
    New innovations from wireless, to Internet 2 and virtualization, are reshaping the competitive landscape of financial services. From digital TV to wireless connectivity in cars and public kiosks, new tech innovations will drive competition. Shifting customer segments and globalization are creating change. This keynote identifies the top tech trends that will reshape financial service companies impacting on customers, industries and markets.
  • The Innovator's Mindset
    Innovation is a central competitive force of the 21st century organization. This keynote is a strategic overview of what leading innovators think and do to succeed. Business cases where innovative leaders and companies are using strategies to grow market share, establish competitive advantage, better deliver customer experiences and enhance quality will be demonstrated.
  • Consumer Trends that will Shape the Future Marketplace
    This keynote reviews the top consumer trends that will shape the marketplace of today and the future. Emerging trends such as Social Networking, Click-Stream, Green & Clean and Health Enhancement will redefine markets and products. Find out what the key consumer trends are that will determine competitive advantage in the near future and how they will affect you.
  • Dancing Dragons Coiling Cobras: The Future of Globalization
    This keynote forecasts the risks, trends and challenges of globalization. Find out what’s next for the future of globalization including: the war for talent, real-time trade, technology, security, emerging markets, new consumers and the Innovation Economy. Explore forecasts from China, India, Latin America, the US and Europe. Discover how your organization can better navigate the future.
  • Talent Wars: The Future of the Workforce
    Access to smart and skilled talent will define the winners and the losers in the 21st century economy. Based on new research at the Institute, this presentation reviews the emerging workforce trends and challenges that will impact organizations worldwide. These forecasts will bring to light the future risks and shifting demographics, skills, needs and values of the future workforce.
  • The Future of mBusiness and the Wireless Information Society
    This keynote reviews the top trends, innovations, opportunities and risks that will shape the future of mobile business and its impact on society. From the customer-centric world to pervasive mobility—a new wireless future is emerging.
  • The Click-Stream Consumer
    There is a powerful and dynamic new consumer who is fast emerging in the global marketplace. A new report by the Institute for Global Futures focuses on the power of the Click-Stream Consumer. Who is this consumer? How do you sell to them? How can you reach them? What do they need? The Click-Stream Consumer will redefine markets, industries and competition in the near future. Companies will have to retool their enterprise to attract them. Find out how.
  • The 21st Century Leader: Challenges and Opportunities
    Leadership is being redefined in the global economy where challenges from technology, the workforce, customers, and the competition are changing the very nature of organizations. Learn how to develop the Future-Ready Leadership Strategy, to anticipate the business-critical trends that will shape tomorrow.
Client Testimonial:
"Your skillful weaving of societal, business, technological and payments industry trends gave my team much to think about. The breakout groups we held following your presentation were highly energized and productive as a result of the material you presented."
-- Robert W. Selander, President and CEO, MasterCard International

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  Book: The Extreme Future Author: Dr. James Canton
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