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Dr. Gregg Steinberg Ph.D
"Sports Psychologist and Authority on Health and Human Performance"
Dr. Gregg Steinberg Expertise: Peak Performance • competitive advantage • leadership • sales and marketing • productivity
Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000
Location: Tennessee
Why do great performers win championships?

They think better than the competition.

Drawing on the parallels between sports and business, Dr. Gregg Steinberg applies the strategies of the world's greatest athletes to business. Whether on the playing field or in the boardroom, the fundamental determinants for attaining excellence do not vary.

Knowing how the best athletes think will give you the competitive edge needed to thrive in the corporate arena.
Drawing upon his consulting experiences with professional athletes as well as with top-level executives, Dr. Steinberg reveals highly effective techniques and hands-on exercises that can be incorporated into daily business practices. He does more than just tell interesting stories of elite athletes, he shows you how to implement key thinking strategies so that you can perform like a champion under pressure . But is not just about sports, it is about elite performance and Dr. Steinberg shows how great performers think under pressure.

As a speaker, advisor and coach, Dr. Steinberg has worked with some of the greatest athletes in the world. Recently, recognized by Golf Digest as one of the greatest golf masterminds in the world, he consults with many PGA, LPGA golfers as well as NBA and Major League Baseball players. He also consulted with Fortune 500 companies such as Merrill Lynch and Primerica Financial Group in which he illustrated mental keys to peak performance. Dr. Steinberg appears frequently on CNN and Fox News Live to discuss performance principles.

Dr. Steinberg is a professor of human performance at Austin Peay State University, near Nashville. He is the author of the well-respected golf psychology book, MentalRules for Golf. His new book, Slam-Dunk: How Top Athletes Teach You To Win The Business Game will soon be on the shelves. His path is to help others achieve their dreams.

Why hire Dr. Steinberg?
His seminars are not just entertaining and informative. They are functional. Everyone leaves with drills and mental exercises to gain a greater competitive advantage. Each program is customized to fit the needs of each client.

Programs and brief descriptions:
  • Slam-Dunk Sales: What top athletes can teach you about winning the sales game.
    A true sales champion embodies mental and emotional characteristics that parallel those of world class athletes. The ability to deal with failure, bounce back from rejection, learn from your failures, and remain confident under pressure are just a few of the similarities successful athletes will have with successful salespeople. Dr. Steinberg shares the secrets that make an elite athlete mentally tough and apply those principles to the sales setting. This seminar is designed for sales personnel and their managers.
    Some of these principles will include:
    1. Failing Forward
    2. Acting like a champion
    3. Fearless Sales
    4. Developing a concentration routine
    5. Wearing an emotional suit of armor

  • Finding your flow at work: The mental strategies of peak performers applied to the work setting
    Peak performance, also known as flow, is the highest level of achievement in any setting. The principles that help individuals attain peak performance are the same in any setting, as well as the obstacles that block finding your flow. Dr. Steinberg has worked with both professional athletes and champions in the business world and knows what it takes to reach the highest level of performance in any venue. In this seminar, Dr. Steinberg will not only share his knowledge about peak performance, but also give hands-on exercises to reach that elusive state. This seminar is designed for staff and managers.
    Principles of finding your flow include:
    1. Finding a calm state
    2. Opening the gates of your concentration reservoir
    3. Bullet-proof confidence
    4. Reducing your fear
    5. Finding your joy spot

  • The Mind of Great Leaders: Top coaches teach you the secrets of leadership for the business world.
    Great coaches lead their teams to victory. Knowing how great coaches react to their players can make managers in business more effective and proficient. Dr. Steinberg consults with Nationally ranked collegiate teams as well as leaders at Fortune 500 companies and shares the secrets of great leaders. This seminar is designed for middle and upper tier management groups.
    Some of the leadership topics covered in this seminar include:
    1. Commitment is key
    2. Great leaders are caring
    3. Build great relationships with communication
    4. Talent selection is essential
    5. Building cohesion with your staff

  • The Secrets of the Greatest Teams: The strategies of the world's greatest sport teams and their team building secrets are revealed.
    Having team unity is essential to business productivity as it is with athletic teams. All great teams have strong cohesion as well as a unified goal. Without the glue that binds people together, productivity can greatly diminish. Dr. Steinberg has worked with National Championship teams in a variety of sport and knows the secrets to creating the strongest team unity. This seminar is designed for managers at any level.
    Team building principles covered in this seminar include:
    1. Sharing a team vision
    2. Role responsibility
    3. Preventing social loafing
    4. What to do with the bench warmers
    5. Developing team cohesion

  • Stress for Excellence: Strategies for changing stress into positive energy at work
    Stress of all kinds can be good for you. Actually, when you push beyond your limits, you can grow mentally, emotionally, and physically. Great athletes continually stress out their bodies and minds so that they can reach the next level. Dr. Steinberg shares his program of stressing for success. Given that stress invades everyone at work, this seminar is designed for all levels of managers and staff.
    Topics for stressing for excellence include:
    1. Getting smarter through stress
    2. Attaining a balance between home and work life
    3. Preventing burnout by growing with the job
    4. Becoming emotionally resilient.
    5. Creating a stress/recovery cycle
    6. Developing routines to reduce the stress.

  • Mental Rules for Golf: Legends of the game show you how to excel at business
    Using interesting stories and anecdotes, Dr. Gregg Steinberg demonstrates how the legends of golf, both past and present, use their mind to play their best. This seminar will also demonstrate how to use these strategies to perform your best in the business setting. Dr. Steinberg has consulted with numerous PGA and LPGA stars and he will share those secrets with you. This seminar is designed for staff and managers.
    Topics for Mental Rules for Golf include:
    1. Tiger Woods and his red shirt: How our actions affect our emotions
    2. Diversify your work portfolio: How Jack Nicklaus extended his career
    3. The benefits of going slow: The Gary Player Principle
    4. "54 vision": High expectations can lead to great success
Client Testimonials:
" Gregg Steinberg is a great motivator and speaker and did an incredible job speaking to our group about performance enhancement. He helped us all think better about our jobs."
-- Jonathan Polling, Vice President of Sales, Primerica Financial Group

"Dr. Steinberg is a great speaker and everyone loved his talk. We have hired him numerous times to discuss performance concepts to our staff."
-- Pam Brown, Director of Human Resources, Vanderbilt University

MentalRule: Wear the red shirt
MentalRule: Focus on yourself
MentalRule: Zen and the art of golf
MentalRule: Winners imitate winners
MentalRule: Find your purpose

Book:Mental Rules for Golf Author: Dr. Gregg Steinberg
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