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Eileen McDargh CSP CPAE
"Expert on Mastering Change, Leadership and Personal Potential"
Expertise: Change • Leadership • Teamwork
Fee Range: $10,000 to $15,000
Location: California
Since beginning her consulting and training practice in 1980, Eileen has become noted for her ability to speak the truth with clarity, wisdom, humor and compassion.

Long-standing clients and repeat engagements attest to her commitment to make a difference in minds, hearts and spirits of organizations and individuals.

She draws upon practical business know-how, life's experiences and years of consulting to major national and international organizations that have ranged from global pharmaceuticals to the US Armed Forces, from health care associations to religious institutions.
She authored Work for a Living & Still Be Free to Live, the first book on work/life balance -- a topic that placed her as a futurist in this issue and continues to be published in revised editions. Her newest book, The Resilient Spirit, is found from South Africa to California. She's been a guest on CNN as well as other television and radio programs and has created an exciting Chicago-based radio commentary, Celebrating the Human Spirit. She is a featured author in A Women's Way to Incredible Success: Real Life Lessons from 20 Prominent Business Women and a contributing author in Meditations for the Road Warrior. Her three-part video training program, Engaging the Spirit of Nurse Leadership is in constant demand within the healthcare arena.

Clients have ranged from American Airlines to Xerox, from 3M to IBM, from drill foremen in the Arctic to juvenile offenders in prison. She served as one of ten faculty members in a business television series, Reclaiming Business Excellence and has headlined with speakers like NBA Coach Pat Riley, Notre Dame's former coach Lou Holtz, Dr. Ken Blanchard, executive strategist Marshall Goldsmith, William Bridges, and boardroom poet, David Whyte.

Eileen is a certified speaking professional (CSP) and her election into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame places her among the top 3% of the 3500-member National Speakers Association.

Connecting the Human Web: Plain Talk For Complex Times
High intensity, lean times challenge us as leaders to bring out the best in our employees and ourselves. Technology can only take us so far. Explore what it will take to transform and grow the talent within us and around us. Discover a model for understanding and growing human capacity and connections so that everyone becomes fully engaged in the work we are tasked to do. Be prepared to think, laugh, and learn.

In this session you will:
  • Learn the role of internal conversation to promote or demote ideas and people.
  • Develop a new appreciation for the power of visual and vocal messages in making connections.
  • Discover potent questions for making connections that elicit trust.
  • Celebrate the power of humor to connect.
JourneyWork: Designing The Resilient Life
This interactive session helps participants discover how to optimize their innate talents and begin to get some control over the stresses of the work environment, serving the internal clients, and juggling the demands of our busy lives. It also explores the deeper, personal causes behind an all-too-common condition of imbalance.

Designed for a 3-hour to all-day forum, participants use Journeywork, a 52 week journal workbook, to guide their progress.You'll begin to develop a personal strategy for getting in control and moving forward in all parts of your life. Be prepared to think, stretch, laugh and grow as you move from pooped to peak performance.

Relighting and Retaining Good People
Innovation, productivity, service and bottom-line profits are the result of people: solid, talented, engaged and committed employees. Even as some sectors of the economy slow down, the reality is that losing valuable, industry-trained people has long-term implications… Particularly if your star performers go to the competition!

In this interactive program, you'll learn that star performers aren't always looking for more money, but rather career growth, learning and development, exciting work, meaningful work, making a difference, and the chance to make a contribution on a team. And-of course-a good manager who make the difference in winning the talent war.

At the end of this session, participants will:
  • Understand the high cost of talent loss in the 21st Century
  • Appreciate the significance of retention factors other than pay
  • Discover the four primary areas that influence retention
  • Dialogue about at least six retention strategies that will work for any leader anywhere
  • Leave with concrete "to-dos" and a renewed energy and optimism about the role that leaders at all levels play in the race for talent.
This program is based on the research of my colleague, Dr. Beverly Kaye, the work of her organization, Career Systems International (CSI), as well as the work I have done for over 20 years with a wide variety of organizations. Beverly is co-author of Love'Em or Lose'Em, a leading expert on employee retention and founder/president of CSI. The program can include appropriate CSI materials, some of them being an in-depth workbook, the book Love'Em or Lose'Em, survey materials, as well as an opportunity for continued training through the staff of CSI. The program is suitable for a keynote to half-day.

Women as Leaders: Power, Passion and Purpose
Whether a family leader, a community activist, or a corporate employee, women have specific strengths to be nurtured. This program explores the power of knowledge ownership, the passion of talent engagement and the purpose of a life focused on seven generations. The program has been given for the women of IBM San Antonio, Ernst & Young, Accenture, and Proctor & Gamble Mid-Atlantic.

Making Shift Happen: Inner Tools for Transforming Our Lives
This keynote is based on the premise that transforming our work requires nothing less than transforming ourselves and together we take a look at four inner skills essential for coaching ourselves along this journey. Our own "work in progress" becomes the touchstone for connecting at a deeper level with our work mates and our soul mates. As we ease on down this road, we find our wisdom, ah-ha moments and greatest learnings through the context of our lives. This wisdom becomes deeper if it is forged in a furnace fueled with mind, heart and spirit.

At the end of this program you will:
  • Discover the role of learn-ability, vulnerability, credibility and laugh-ability in effective self-coaching
  • Learn critical questions for enhancing personal growth
  • Be encouraged to take risks
  • Celebrate your role in the larger world
Work For a Living and Still Be Free to Live
How can you work smarter and live more happily? Is it even possible in this fast-paced, frantic world?

From senior executives to front line employees, this issue is key to the changing nature of America's workforce.

We hear about the need to balance personal and work priorities, but how do you go from burned out to fired up? How can we juggle the many responsibilities and demands on our busy lives?

In this insightful and interactive program you will:
  • Understand why traditional models of balance no longer work in today's world
  • Discover how to conduct your own "CAT" scan of life
  • Acquire the skills to "sail" within the five critical areas of living
  • Create your own action plan for juggling the demands of your fast-paced life
  • Develop personal strategies for creating "a life by design, not be default"™
  • Learn at least two new strategies for self-improvement you can put to work immediately
Navigating The Rapids Of Change: Thinking Ourselves New
This inspiring keynote is based on the belief that successful organizations and individuals continually hone their thinking and self-management skills in order survive in rapidly changing times. They are experienced 'navigators' who lead their people and their organizations through tough times to smoother waters.

These companies and their top performers are usually experienced 'masters' at accepting and welcoming the change process as the path toward individual and organizational growth.

You'll find much to think about, talk about and laugh about, as Eileen provides an understanding of the 'mastery' model and explores what it takes to deepen our professional and personal lives in order to be better tomorrow than we are today.

In this thought-provoking session you will:
  • Discover the 'mastery' model of thinking .
  • Understand the hallmarks of a resilient change master and navigator.
  • Become an innovative change master yourself .
  • Learn the three characteristics for resiliency.
  • Explore ideas for seeing "new", hearing "new", and living "new" .
  • Reclaim excellence in yourself that will transform, energize and grow the talent within you and around you .
  • Walk away with a new appreciation for the role you play; within the workforce and the greater workplace.
Engaging the Spirit: Leading from the Inside Out
In times of profound, rapid change, it is not enough to engage the mind; one must also tap into the heart and the spirit.

This presentation invites you to explore what it takes to engage spirit in the workplace from the "inside out". You will understand why continual improvement in products, services, or personal performance requires a deeper level of involvement and commitment. Be prepared to think, talk, laugh and learn. .

In this thought-provoking session you will:
  • Learn the power of S.O.U.L.
  • Discover what "engaging" the spirit really means
  • Unleash the power of listening
  • Explore the "blind spots" of management practices
  • Discover what it will take to transform, energize and grow talent in and around you.
  • Test your trust quotient.
Surviving & Thriving with Difficult People
This ninety-minute breakout session focuses on improving relationships at work through successfully dealing with people.

Using humor and examples, Eileen will guide participants through the process of learning how to defuse anger in themselves and others. They will discover how to identify and understand problem behavior and how to use systematic methods for handling such behaviors.

Participants will also:
  • Understand techniques for "scripting" and creating rapport
  • Identify the behavior of difficult people and personal responses to such behaviors
  • Focus on effective responses to the hostile-aggressive trio
  • Discover the 4-step model for handling anger on and off the phone
  • Learn the difference between difficult people and people within a difficult situation
  • Identify self-management tools for developing rapport and maintaining inner calm and integrity under pressure
Understanding Communication Behaviors: Upping the E-Quotient
Using a personal communication profile (the DISC), you'll discover your unique behavioral preferences. You'll gain insights on where and why relationships grow or suffer. This workshop is designed to open channels for sharing communication preferences and valuing differences.

With interaction, humor and high content, Eileen will help you walk away with ideas for improving your own communication while understanding others.

This program provides plenty of 'meat' - high content, useful information you can put to work at the office and at home. You will:
  • Learn an easy-to-grasp framework to improve communication skills long after the workshop is over
  • Discover why some people "bug you" and why you do well with others
  • Find out how to work with peers and bosses using key information on 'what makes them tick'
  • Learn how to "sell" different people, differently
  • Understand how to select a dynamic and productive team, valuing individual differences
  • Improve communication skills with clients, colleagues, friends and family
  • Look at every human interaction differently, using new-found knowledge and insights
Remaking Our Lives Remarkable
A keynote presentation for reliving and laughing about our foibles, for celebrating our uniqueness, for renewing our passion and commitment to life, and for establishing the common traits which allow all of us to bloom where we are planted. We can learn to be heroines of our own story and leaders shaping tomorrow for all our children.

This is your time to refreshed, realign, reawaken; reflect; refuel, regenerate, rejoice, release, remember, and renew.

You will:
  • Celebrate all you are (outlaw negative thinking and projection paralysis; banish living to someone else's expectations.)
  • Be fully alive (laughter and tears flow from the same well.)
  • Act on the dream (small gifts-great rewards.)
  • Love without ceasing (the grace of gratitude.)
  • In-joy the ride (power of laughter.)
Engaging The Spirit of Leadership in Healthcare
In times of profound, rapid change in the healthcare industry, it is not enough to engage just the mind. One must also tap into the heart and the spirit. The question is how does one do that?

In this keynote, renowned motivational speaker, author and trainer Eileen McDargh addresses the audience on "engaging the spirit and uncovering soul in the workplace." Attendees will explore the "blind spots" of management practices in the healthcare industry and learn critical skills for creating spirit in your healthcare setting.

Eileen sets the stage for defining "spirit" in the workplace by asking "how do you know it if you see t?" Eileen provides examples to teach you not only how to have meaningful interactions with others, but how to hold the mirror up to yourself. Then Eileen introduces the three "Ss" of spirited leadership: staying power, stamina and soulfulness. Eileen then proceeds to explore "Soulfulness" and turns the word SOUL into the acronym S.O.U.L. Through inspirational stories and examples, Eileen shows you how to create and sustain "a culture of the heart" at your healthcare setting.

The Resilient Spirit: Staying Right Side Up When the World is Upside Down
In times of uncertainty and life-altering events, the ability to not only survive but thrive is an inside-out task. Our spirits need encouragement to stay the course in a world of challenge and complexity. It also requires the partnership of people who walk not only on common ground but can hold a vision for the "uncommon possibilities" of a better tomorrow. This is no Pollyanna presentation but rather the results of research and interviews with people who have "made it through". You'll be invited to reconsider the connection of lifework with a life well lived.

In this session, you will:
  • Learn coping strategies for handling the current challenges
  • Develop a knowledge base for "learned optimism"
  • Find ways to harness the power of synchronicity.
  • Discover the power of laughter as a tool for thriving.
There's something here for everyone - laughter, insight and tears all flow from the same well.

As an added bonus, The Resilient Spirit companion book is available as a supportive resource for audience members. Using digital printing, the book can be customized with a company logo as well as a personal message from key association or corporate leaders.

Client Testimonials:
"Well, what can I say? Words do not even begin to describe the overwhelming response we received after your speech, "Enabling The Human Web," at the CSUGA International Users' Conference. Understanding that CSC's customers come from large corporate cultures, and have had "industry focused" speakers at their past General Sessions, your presentation on the fundamental basics of communications and human relationships and the importance of nurturing all relationships in this world of high tech, couldn't have hit home any more than it did with this group! From the "outstanding" score on the evaluations, the sell-out of your book, and the hundreds of compliments from clients, employees and CSC Executive staff - you were the hit of the conference, Eileen! We all needed to hear what you had to say!"
-- Computer Sciences Corporation

"The way you energized and captivated our audience at our 7th Global Payroll Management Conference August 26, 2003 in San Francisco was magical! From the moment you made your spectacular and surprising entrance, and throughout your often hilarious, yet compelling presentation, you held us in the palm of your hand. Your perspective on human capital successfully combined humor with incredible insight. Feedback on you and your presentation was universally spectacular. Judging from the crowd that rushed to your post presentation book-signing, your success was truly an unqualified triumph!"
-- American Payroll Association

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