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Ed Rigsbee CSP
"Expert on Strategic Alliance Development and Implementation"
Expertise: Business • Competitive Advantage • Management • Relationships • Sales • Strategy • Strategic Alliances • Teams
Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000
Location: California
Ed Rigsbee, CSP, is the author of three business relationship books: PartnerShift-How to Profit from the Partnering Trend, Developing Strategic Alliances and The Art of Partnering. With more than 1,000 published articles to his credit, Rigsbee is a regular contributor to business, trade and professional publications throughout North America.

Through his writing, he regularly shares cutting-edge information in a no-nonsense format with thousands of people on a monthly basis.

His presentations, based on his mutually beneficial partnering philosophy have evolved through years of research and teaching management, marketing, and selling skills. Ed's work has earned him favor with corporations and national associations throughout North America.
PartnerShift--Double Your Strength Overnight with TOPS:
Double your strength overnight by shifting to cooperation and collaboration for success and profits. Learn how to adopt The Total Organizational Partnering System into your organization's culture. Through Rigsbee's Pentad Model (five key areas), discover mutually beneficial Partnering alliances possibilities throughout your business. External alliances become successful only when supported by the foundation of internal alliances. Understand interdepartmental Partnering, a crucial element, for strategic alliance success. Understand the potential Partnering Pitfalls and how to avoid them. Experience the value of Relationship Bank Deposits. Learn how to truly profit from today's Partnering trend.

PartnerShift to Outrageously Successful Relationships:
To every successful person, relationships are important! If you are in business, business relationships must be important to you too! Learn how to double the strength of your organization or your personal network by PartnerShifting to outrageously successful business relationships. Learn how to develop alliances that provide high-value for all involved. This keynote/general session presentation serves an eclectic audience, something in it for everybody. All the attendees at your meeting will receive value from this session. Through the alliance and business relationship window, Rigsbee shares the four keys to successful internal and external business (and personal) relationships.
  • Make Relationship Bank deposits.
  • Do Relationship Value Updates regularly.
  • Keep your word in times of conflict.
  • Through humor and personal stories.
    Rigsbee will connect with your meeting attendees, helping them to understand the Relationship Value Equation. This program delivers double value for your meeting attendees: business and personal relationship improvement. Outrageously Successful Relationships is an outstanding program for business alliance partners to attend together. Be your meeting corporate or association, this is a dynamite program, as every person in attendance receives value, spouses included.

    Developing Strategic Alliances:
    Adapted from the book,
  • Developing Strategic Alliances, learn the steps necessary for developing your successful alliances.
  • Identify the value you want from an alliance.
  • Determine the value you have to offer a potential alliance partner.
  • Find & select the right alliance partners.
  • Determine the alliance type & structure.
  • Organize and develop an alliance agreement.
  • Understanding alliance roadblocks.
  • Dealing with alliance conflict.
  • Keeping your alliance alive and healthy.
  • Rock-Solid Relationships for Turbulent Times.
    When troubles arise, the quality of the relationships (business and personal) you have built become apparent. While, uncontrollable factors (global unrest, stock market, e-commerce, etc.) will in part determine your success, if you have rock-solid relationships in place, those relationships will help carry you through difficult times. The quality of your relationships (external and internal) will influence some of the crucial success elements for your business.

    Client Testimonial:
    "Your keynote on Consolidation was right on the money, and I could tell from the rapt attention of the group, the overwhelming participation during the program, member comments, along with the ratings we gathered -- that your presentation was the best of the meeting and one of the best in our history."
    -- Cara Giebner, Executive Vice President, Service Specialists Association

    Profits through Employee Empowerment - Empowerment through P.A.R.T.N.E.R.
    Successful Partnering Starts in the Executive Suite
    Employee Partnership Through Delegation
    Partnering to Build High Performance Teams
    Give `em What They Want - Partnering With Your Customers

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