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Ed Brodow
"The Nation's Most Innovative Expert on the Art of Negotiation"
Expertise: Negotiation • Communication • Conflict resolution • Personal Growth • Life Balance • Sales • Success • Presentation skills
Fee Range: $10,000 to $15,000
Location: California
Ed Brodow has led the kind of swashbuckling life that people dream about: Speaker, Author, Corporate Executive, Negotiation Expert, U.S. Marine, and Movie Star. He is the nation’s most innovative expert on the art of negotiation, a nationally recognized television personality, and best selling author of Negotiation Boot Camp, Beating the Success Trap, and Negotiate With Confidence.

As a television personality, Ed has appeared as negotiation guru on Fox News, Inside Edition, PBS, Fortune Business Report (New York), and KRON-TV4 (San Francisco). His two-hour negotiating special on PBS garnered rave reviews. His ideas have been showcased in The Washington Post, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, Entrepreneur, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Professional Speaker, Readers Digest, and Selling Power.
Since 1987, more than 1,000 corporate and association audiences have enjoyed Ed's charismatic stage presence, infectious humor, and practical ideas. He has spoken to groups from every industry and region. His impressive client list includes Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, The Hartford, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, 3M, Learjet, McDonald’s, Mobil Oil, Cisco Systems, The Gap, Revlon, Starbucks, and the Pentagon.

For content, Ed draws upon more than 20 years of practical experience as Corporate Sales Executive and Negotiator for IBM, Litton Industries, and The Singer Company. Making deals ever since he was a kid in Brooklyn, Ed has negotiated everything from simple sales transactions to complex multi-million dollar agreements.

Ed's riveting platform skills spring from his creative side – as a professional actor. A veteran member of Screen Actors Guild, he is often recognized from his many starring roles in feature films, made-for-TV movies, a soap opera, and commercials. He won the lead in the European film Jackpot, and appeared opposite Jessica Lange (Frances), Ron Howard (Fire on the Mountain), Christopher Reeve (Love of Life), and other Hollywood luminaries.

"I am the only negotiation expert who has made love to Jessica Lange – on screen, that is," Ed confides. Clients appreciate the spontaneity, story telling ability, and rapport with the audience that Ed learned in Hollywood.

The Bottom Line: Keynotes and seminars that are as entertaining as they are informative!

Programs with brief description
  • Negotiating for Your Success
    Audiences relate to this topic because people negotiate all the time, in business and in life. That's why Ed Brodow's entertaining and informative negotiation keynote is always SRO: Standing Room Only. Audiences love how Ed relates his talk to their unique issues. For a group of real estate brokers and agents, he gave advice about negotiating with clients when the market takes a nosedive. For an audience of bankers, Ed discussed the importance of negotiating with the system to achieve a workable life balance. For a publishing association, Ed talked about negotiating with "the devil," referring to their tongue-in-cheek reference to literary agents. Ed's high energy, humorous anecdotes, and useful ideas will create an upbeat rhythm for your meeting or convention.

  • The Human’s Guide to Win-Win Negotiating
    Chimpanzees are hostile. Bonobos make love. Which are you? Using the unusual metaphor of our closest relations, monkeys, Ed Brodow's entertaining program proves that success happens when you treat other people as partners. The differing behaviors of chimps (adversarial) and bonobos (cooperative) remind us that win-win collaboration works best. Trust develops when you acknowledge the other side's perspective and explore options for mutual satisfaction. According to Ed’s new book, Negotiation Boot Camp (Doubleday): “If both sides feel satisfied, everything is possible.” Your audience will laugh their heads off when Ed shows photos of monkeys negotiating. And they will love it when Ed challenges them to decide: "Are you a chimp or are you a bonobo?"

  • Life Balance
    Ed Brodow debunks the myths of success as he shows your audience how to lead a more personally fulfilling life. Based on his best selling book, Beating the Success Trap (HarperCollins), Ed argues that balancing the competing aspects of your life is more important than money, fame, status, and power. With insight, humor, and self-revelation, he challenges our toxic definition of success: Instead of envying people who have more money or fame, create a balanced lifestyle that fits your own temperament and preferences. In this increasingly complicated world, success is the result of taking risks, maintaining a sense of balance, and being true to yourself. Your audience will walk away feeling more excited about their jobs and their lives.

  • Sales Negotiation: More Is Better
    When it comes to the selling price for your product or service, more is definitely better. In fact, closing the sale means nothing if the deal is not profitable. Ed Brodow draws on his sales negotiation experience to show your sales force how to create satisfied customers at higher prices. According to Ed, the most satisfied customers are the ones who pay top dollar because they appreciate the value of their investment. Successful sales negotiators exude confidence, focus on perceived value, and aren't afraid to say "no." Your sales force will stop discounting after they hear Ed’s entertaining, real-life stories about how to turn customer price objections into value-based sales. The mantra for the rest of your sales meeting will be “More Is Better!”

  • Acting Techniques for Executives
    Ed Brodow applies Hollywood acting skills to give business executives greater command over presentations and business meetings. He demonstrates how to convert nervousness into energy, tell an exciting story, and hold the audience in the palm of your hand. A veteran member of Screen Actors Guild, Ed has appeared on film with Jessica Lange, Ron Howard, and Christopher Reeve. This talk originated when several of Ed’s clients begged him to share his crowd-pleasing presentation techniques. At the National Speakers Association National Convention in Dallas, it was Standing Room Only.

Client Testimonials:
"It was wonderful working with a speaker who cares enough to research your group so that his keynote has that personal touch. The reviews are all great!"
-- Banks of North Dakota

"Thank you for an outstanding keynote. You really set the tone for the conference with your energy and enthusiasm, and the way you connected with the audience. You were rated the best out of our eight speakers."
-- Turnaround Management Association

"These are people who have a short attention span, but nobody got up to leave – they were spellbound and captivated."
-- Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

"Your humor, inquisitiveness, and professionalism made you stand out as the “best of the best.”"
-- Learjet

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Book: Negotiation Boot Camp  Author: Ed Brodow Book: Beating the Success Trap  Author: Ed Brodow
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