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Diane Sieg RN CLC
"Stress Management Guru and Lifestyle Consultant"
Diane Sieg Expertise: Life Balance • Stress Management
Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000
Location: Colorado
Why are we all in such a rush? Living life like an emergency?

According to keynote speaker, lifestyle counselor and former ER nurse, Diane Sieg, the stress associated with living and working in today’s 24/7 world is costly to both individual workers and to a company’s bottom line.

Founder of Personal Balance and member of the American Association of Lifestyle Counselors and the National Speaker’s Association, Diane Sieg is the author of STOP Living Life Like an EMERGENCY (published by LifeLine Press).
In her humorous and high energy keynote speech, Diane Sieg uses her first-hand experience as a lifestyle counselor and nurse to illustrate easy to remember self-care strategies to put your life on a saner, healthier track. Challenging audiences to take Universal Precautions, she shows you how to “Get Gloved, Gowned and Goggled” to create a life with less stress and more meaning. Most importantly, you’ll walk away feeling empowered to eliminate energy drainers, overcome obstacles, and change unhealthy behavior patterns that keep you from living the fullest life possible.

Programs with brief descriptions:
  • STOP Living Life Like an EMERGENCY.
    Are you always trying to do more, be more, have more? Identify your own specific challenges and learn strategies you can take home today to help you give up the struggle created by emergency living. You will come away from this upbeat program with renewed energy and enthusiasm and have more to give in all the areas of your life by learning how to:
    • Wake Up Before You Wear Out!
    • Resolve Your Energy Crisis
    • Identify Your Obstacles
  • Universal Precautions for Everyday Life.
    The crazy-busy lifestyles most of us lead today require us to be ruthless in managing our time, our stress and most importantly, ourselves! This highly interactive program gives you the skills to practice ruthless self care every day by showing you how to:
    • Give up the Guilt
    • Just Say No!
    • Make a Commitment
  • Reclaiming the Spirit of Nursing.
    Do you remember when you first decided to become a nurse? For most, the decision was a defining moment - not only for you, but for every hand you have held, every brow you have wiped and every tear you have shared with patients and their families since. Still, short staffing, increased acuities and complexities of care provide daunting challenges for nurses everywhere. Let Diane challenge and inspire you to reclaim your passion and pride for nursing so that you can continue to make a REAL difference in your work and in your life.

  • Living Out Loud
    In her exciting new keynote, Living Out Loud, nationally known speaker Diane Sieg draws revealingly on her own hard-won and compelling story to show women how to live their biggest and best lives possible by taking care of what is most important: themselves.

    How good can you stand it? How big could you be? Diane inspires you with concrete strategies for rediscovering who you are and who you have always been from the inside out—not by doing more, but by learning to break free of the old fears, insecurities, and destructive patterns that lead to playing it safe and small in your life.

    This high-energy, emotional, and interactive program clearly demonstrates the path to truly Living Out Loud by showing you how to:
  • Find Your Voice … and trust it to know what it knows
  • Speak your Truth … with courage, confidence and compassion
  • Turn Up the Volume … and expand and open to your own greatness Client Testimonials:
    "Although your topic is relevant to many people, it was particularly targeted to our healthcare, benefits, and compensation audience. Your animated session provided us with helpful guidelines to follow in order to slow down our hectic lives and take care of ourselves."
    -- Mark Friedman, Conference Chairman University Conference Services

    "I have never received so many emails thanking me for bringing a presenter to campus! You were an inspiration to all of us by being able to relate to this very diversified group and their needs. Thank you for a dynamic presentation."
    -- Linda Wilkins-Pierce RN, MSN, Behavior Health Educator Metro State College

    Clearing Space to Grow
    Give Thanks for Enough
    Postpone Your Yes
    Do you have an Emergency Living Personality?
    Consider the Top 10 Reasons We Don't Lose Weight

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