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David Goldsmith
"Business Forecaster and Management Strategist"
David Goldsmith Expertise: Leadership • Management • Change • Time Management • Project Management
Fee Range: $10,000 to $15,000
Location: New York     Video
As a successful entrepreneur David Goldsmith has founded or co-founded nine separate businesses. One such business was Image Promoters Inc – started in 1986 and sold in 1999 to Proforma Graphic Solutions, a 400 location franchise.

As a consultant, David works with business owners, corporate and mid-level management to rapidly create strategies that help them win in the marketplace.

He has consulted across a broad range of industries including telemarketing, high-tech logistics, retail, hospitality, tourism and manufacturing.
Charismatic on the platform and chosen by Successful Meetings magazine as one of the hot 26 speakers for 2006, David speaks on a wide range of topics including: change management, strategic and tactical planning, technology, leadership, marketing and new product and service development. His clients have included Infosys, Harley-Davidson, The Hartford Insurance Company, American Management Association, Wharton School of Business, National Federation of Independent Businesses, Professional Purchasing Association, Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Born and raised in Middletown, NY, David has studied at Fairleigh Dickinson University and Orange County Community College. He received a Dual Major with a B.S. in Biology and a B.S. in Psychology at Syracuse University. David graduated as a member of the Alpha Epsilon Delta pre-med honor society, and also as a member of the psychology honor society Psi Chi. Upon graduation, he chose a business career rather than entering the medical profession, and pursued an MBA at Syracuse University.

David’s contributions have lead him to sitting on the Board of Directors of the Veterans Outreach Center, EMA Society/Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, Board of Governors of the Citizens Foundation, American Society for Training and Development, the Leadership Council and Training and Education committees for the Syracuse Chamber of Commerce.

He has also been honored with a number of awards including the prestigious The Citizens Foundation Central New York Entrepreneur of the Year. David's accomplishments have appeared in written media around the world, including the Japanese version of Entrepreneur Magazine and the Financial Times of London.

David Goldsmith’s diverse background gives him the ability to deliver content that radically improves the organizations he works with. Set up a conference call and you'll quickly see why he has been named one of the hottest speakers in the industry!

Topics with Descriptions:
  • Enterprise Thinking:
    An Integrated Approach to Leadership and Management
    Speak with any CEO or business owner and they are looking for leadership. Business Week, The New York Times, Fortune and Forbes all recount the need for leadership and better management. Our educational system does not understand it, our business environment tries create it and yet we are falling short continually. ENTERPRISE THINKING takes management through the process of understanding what it takes to grow in management and in leadership and then develops them through a better understanding of the roles the individual play in the organization. The presentation uses real company examples, analysis of corporate needs and a process for understanding the four key elements needed to create first an understanding then action.

  • "The Changing Faces of Leadership:
    The Secrets of Leaders Past and Present"
    Our constant search for the better leader may mind that most of what we have learned has been rehashed from years gone by. Work with David to understand the development of leadership over the past 1000 years while embracing current business changes. In addition the presentation helps the audience walk away with real life methods of changing the work environment and empowering employees and them selves to be more productive and get a sense of control over the ever changing global marketplace.

  • From Dreams to Reality: Achieving Corporate Goals"
    Ever feel caught in the race. The race to keep up, the race to move forward, the race to achieve. Using almost 20 years of proven hands on activities in a seminar or proven concepts as a keynote, this presentation takes people from the heart of who they are to where they must be in order to achieve a more complete life style.

    The Corporate and Personal Goals reaches in between the thin line drawn between work and home. Focusing on corporate planning as well as predictions of future business methodology attendees leave with a better understanding of how to reach new heights in their professional lives.

    The Personal Goal setting workshop systematically and humorously uses stories and real life examples of how to refocus ones life. Participants are challenged and assisted and making real life decisions while at the same time are refocusing their lives to be more in line with a life long objective.

    Achieving personal goals requires both the understanding of planning and implementing a plan. No company can achieve their goals if the individual is left in the dust.

  • "Ten Commandments: Creating Change through the Individual"
    An enlightening and powerful message about bringing together the tools of the individual. Ethics, goal setting, achievement, leadership, all put together in an informative, energized, creative manner. Laugh and ponder the 10 commandments as they apply to life and the business environment. No one walks away unchanged!

  • "13 Characteristics of a Reputation"
    What characteristics make a solid organization in the fast paced global economy. Business environments have always been enterprise in nature yet many individuals see the situation as departmental. The most effective changes take place with the conclusion that programs for large corporations such as Six Sigma and Malcolm Baldridge programs are geared for the large and small organization. Understanding the basics and having tools to achieve a stronger reputation takes companies that are floundering to find a spot in the marketplace to organizations that can make marked improvements in their bottom line.

  • "Dynamic Leadership: The Ultimate Guide "
    If you've been confused about all the different styles of leadership and management, you're not alone. That's why, for this initial segment, were going to open your eyes to the truths about Dynamic Leadership. In fact when you're done you will ultimately call the lessons and direction your going to receive your ultimate instruction guide for your future management career. A guide that outlines where successful managers spend their time and never realize it. Tools that enable you to self educate yourself. Approaches to business that will quadruple your efforts. Concepts that will alter the way you do business every day. If you're looking for a leadership session that will never be forgotten. This is the one.

  • "Snowball Theory: Capturing & Utilizing Momentum "
    Do you feel your stuck in a rut. Most companies will grab onto the next best thing faster than butter on toast just to be current. The problem lies in people who are just not on the same page. Listen to current information on how other organizations are successfully making the transition. Understand technology as it is available to make a paradigm shift in your organization. Create and foster continuous learning as well as develop momentum concurrent with corporate strategy.

  • "Breaking New Ground: Service Starts on Contact"
    We all know when service starts...right! Wrong. Understanding the new economy means understanding the service starts as far out as the stock market, the banner ad or even the casual conversation We have seen the super bowl ad 10's of thousands of customers to an upstart and then a single computer glitch can loose them all. Be aware of how service starts from the first mention of the name to how the net loads your home page. Don't be discourage, act!

  • "2 Steps Ahead: The Competitive New Age of Globalization"
    The market drops in Hong Kong. The investment portfolio of a major fund drops. The working capital of the institution decreases and your pension fund has taken a beating all in the mater of one day. The president makes a remark about genetic engineering and the NASDAQ drops. Everything is connected and the key is to understand that we do now work in a global market place. Want to start an international company launch a web site. Its like learning to fly on the ground the plane works somewhat like a car and as soon as you take flight the laws change and the wind take over. How to control and work in this environment means new understanding of the Global economy. Take the tools and message to develop a strategic plan that can with stand the change.

  • In the Face of Change...A New Perspective
    Organizations throughout the world are facing a multitude of rapid changes, from retraining to meet new world class standards to reorganization in order to adapt to current evolving conditions. The presentation, "In the Face of Change," brings together information that reflects issues involving front line staff to the executive seat. A humorous, informative, thought-provoking program brings the participants through the process of dealing with change.

  • Making Everyone Count: Team Building
    Have you ever wondered, is there a better way to create teams? A way that generates high returns and is not so focused on management "communicating" with others? In this final segment you're going to learn what it takes to build a solid team from the ground up. This includes, choosing your own captains, learning how to empower others, making sure you've got the right structure in place, supplying others with the right tools and then guiding the entire process. In this segment you will learn all this and more. The final piece to outfitting you with the tools your firm, your organization and you need to be successful in leadership and management.

  • Getting It All Done: Managing Projects and Time
    If there was one challenge that all managers and leaders seem to face it’s the battle with time. The fight to get as much done as possible to move your business and your career forward. In this segment you will learn and incredible approach focusing on both projects and time management. In this segment you will learn, how to manage others, how to manage multiple projects, where time manage falls into the leadership toolbar and how to accomplish more than you ever though possible. If you've taken, or not, a time management program in the past then your missing this special link.

  • Why Does Not Matter. What Does!: Redefining
    If you could have only one tool in your tool bag, it should be what your about to learn in this session. Redefining is a rapid tool to always develop better solutions to challenges and opportunities your facing everyday. It's a tool that helps you address the right challenges and deliver the right actions for everyone in your organization to be focused.

    In just about an hour you will be able to learn how to do more with less, how to focus meetings, how to be pre-active in your business and within the organization, how to eliminate fire fighting. The list is endless. From Cannon to Lockheed Martin, Met Life to the Swiss Bank, Redefining is altering management and delivering incredible returns.
Client Testimonials:
"You were definitely one of the highlights of the 3 day conference for me. I found your energy, your eye on the future, and your challenges to conventional thinking all very stimulating and thought provoking. I even put some of your problem-solving strategies to work TODAY and they helped me very much."
-- Mike Irwin, Adventures in Advertising, Director of Regional Sales

"You were fantastic today during this general session. I have taken pages of notes."
-- Ed Sharter, Experient Inc. - Formerly Conferon Global Services CEO

"Humor, seriousness, interaction, and laughter were all woven into a well-prepared evening, yet one allowing for spontaneous discussion as well..In short, you have a real gift. This was one of the most enjoyable and refreshing presentations I have attended"
-- Stephen H Stapleton, FedEx, Managing Director Executive Special Services

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