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Dan Buettner
"Unlocking The Secrets of Longevity "
Dan Buettner Expertise: Health • Adventure • Motivation • Longevity
Fee Range: $15,000 to $20,000
Location: Minnesota
Dan Buettner is ready to wow audiences with secrets from around the world to live longer, better, healthier and happier lives. Buettner is an internationally recognized explorer who founded a project of Quest Network, Inc. that researches the world's best practices in health and longevity and passes that information on to the public through web-based education and public speaking.

A pioneer in both exploration and education, Buettner has traveled the world to solve some of science's biggest questions. Currently, he is leading the Blues Zones Quests, four yearly expeditions that explore the world's longest-lived regions to distill a cross-cultural longevity formula. He's also doing cross-cultural research on happiness. Buettner's book on longevity is: "THE BLUE ZONE: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who've Lived the Longest," published by National Geographic Books in March 2008.
The article Buettner wrote for National Geographic Magazine in November 2005, "Secrets of Living Longer", was the third highest selling issue in the magazine's history and made Buettner a National Magazine Award finalist.

Buettner has created one of the nation's premier adventure learning programs. His Quest Network™ online expeditions opened a new chapter in the book of exploration. These Quests enable millions of online explorers to direct a team of experts as they unravel archaeological - and now longevity-related - mysteries. The Washington Post called his Quests "the most successful experiment in interactive education to date."

In 1995, seeking a platform to use the Web and take audiences along on journeys of discovery, Buettner founded Earthtreks Inc. The company's first project, MayaQuest, enabled an online audience to solve the mystery of the ancient Maya civilization collapse. Some 1.3 million people, including 30,000 classrooms, participated in the Quest.

Buettner sold Earthtreks Inc. to Classroom Connect, (now owned by Harcourt Brace) in 1997, where he oversaw eight more interactive Quests. Along with his team of experts, he revisited the Maya civilization collapse, followed in Marco Polo's footsteps and investigated the fall of the Anasazi in North America.

Buettner has set three Guinness World Records in long-distance cycling. Americastrek (1986-87) took a team of four Americans on a 15,500-mile ride from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. On Sovietrek (1990), two Russians, Buettner, and his brother biked 12,888 miles around the world. Buettner's ensuing book, "Sovietrek", won a Minnesota Book Award.

Africatrek, a multiracial, trans-Africa expedition, took place a year later. Buettner recruited a four-member team of black and white cyclists to highlight the power of racial cooperation and setting goals. Their 12,172-mile ride across Africa took them across the Sahara, through equatorial Congo, and to the continent's southern tip. In conjunction with the expedition, Buettner initiated a program that sent 1,000 bicycles to Africa and an education program that reached over one million students.

Buettner co-produced an Africatrek segment on National Geographic and an Emmy Award-winning PBS documentary. The "Africatrek Trail" CD-ROM, allowing players to relive the expedition, had sales of more than $2 million. Buettner's book, "Africatrek," won the Scientific American's "Young Reader Award."

His accomplishments led to television appearances and profiles in dozens of publications, among them New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic Adventure, TIME, Men's Health, Pravda, and People magazine. As a writer and photographer, Dan's work has appeared in National Geographic World, LIFE, Sports Illustrated, Outside, Popular Mechanics, and the Chicago Tribune.

Buettner's expeditions have garnered the support of many sponsors, including Target Stores, 3M, Apple Computer, Compaq Computers, Lifetouch Portraits, Sun Microsystems, Nike, and Rolex. He was the spokesman for Target Stores' Camp Target, a line of outdoor products.

In the past 10 years, Buettner has delivered more than 500 keynote speeches in diverse venues, ranging from the National Association of Social Studies to Apple Computers, from Stanford University to Target Stores. In 2000, he delivered the keynote address, along with Intel CEO, Craig Barrett, to 7,000 teachers at the National Education Computing Conference. The National Association of Campus Activities Directors inducted Dan into its "Hall of Fame" for his 200 college appearances.

Buettner serves on the Board of Directors for The Loft, a literary organization, and The British Virgin Islands Parks' National Trust. Buettner also is a member of the Explorers Club and was honored in 2006 with Outward Bound's Compass Award for community service.

Buettner graduated cum laude from the University of St. Thomas in 1983.

Dan Buettner offers customized presentations. His most popular topics include, the Blue Zones and Secrets Of A Long Life.

Programs With Brief Description:
  • Unlocking The Secrets To Happiness
    World-renowned explorer and National Geographic writer, Dan Buettner, is on the verge of his next great discovery: unlocking the secrets to happiness.

    Dan and his team of researchers have traveled across the globe to discover hotspots of human contentment and will share with you those secrets and how you can apply them to optimize your job and life satisfaction.

    Dan has researched the largest database in the world that identified the "happiest" region in each of three continents--Asia, Europe and the Americas. Then, on assignment for National Geographic, he traveled to each of these hotspots and interviewed the people and experts to unearth common traits that promote happiness. He's combined that information, along with his interviews with top experts on well-being, and created a cross-cultural formula for life satisfaction.

    His presentation incorporates National Geographic photographs and short video clips. It transports audiences to places around the globe where people are living happy and meaningful lives. It offers universal strategies on how to best achieve that life balance we all seek.

    • A list of surprising happiness lifestyle characteristics to emulate.
    • A cross-cultural formula for adding contentment and meaning to their lives.
    • Inspiration for making small changes that can make a big impact on their lives.
    • Strategies for reaching their personal life goals.
  • Unlocking the Secrets to Longevity
    World renowned explorer and National Geographic writer, Dan Buettner, may be on the verge of his greatest discovery to date: unlocking the secrets to longevity.

    Dan and his team of researchers have traveled across the globe to discover Blue Zones -- hotspots of human health and vitality. Along the way he's met people teeming with vigor at age 100 and beyond. These healthiest, longest-lived people have shared their secrets with Dan and he’s passing on those secrets. Dan and his team of top demographers, scientists and physicians have studied the elders’ diet, lifestyle and culture to create a cross-cultural blueprint for living longer that they will share with you. “We know there’s a recipe for longevity and that 75 percent is related to lifestyle,” he says. “And we’re figuring it out.”

    His presentation incorporates National Geographic images that will take audiences into the world’s four Blue Zones, tell stories and instruct how to get more life from your years and more years from your life. The presentation ends with a simple formula that shares how you could add up to eight good years to your life.

    Audiences take away:
    • a list of surprising habits of centenarians to emulate
    • a cross-cultural formula for adding up to eight additional years of healthy life
    • inspiration for making small changes that can make a big impact on their health
    • strategies for reaching their personal life goals
Client Testimonials:
“With your entertaining delivery, there was a palpable feeling of joy in the auditorium.”
-- Greg McGruder, National Geographic Society

“In 18 years, I have seen only a handful of speakers receive such a spontaneous and heartfelt standing ovation.”
-- Curtis Hoehne, Nature’s Sunshine

“A homerun with Dan!”
-- Richard McLeod, Cisco Sytems


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