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Chuck Martin
"NY Times Best-Selling Author & Business Strategist"
ChuckMartin Expertise: Leadership • Management • Organizational Culture • Productivity • Recruitment & Retention
Fee Range: $15,000 to $20,000
Location: New Hampshire
Chuck Martin is a New York Times business best-selling author, researcher, speaker, and business strategist.

Martin offers invaluable context and pragmatic solutions to the problems leaders at all levels face today, helping them refocus on what matters most: overall vision, customers, strategy, and execution.

He is the author of seven business books, including most recently, Tough Management, the business fable Coffee at Luna’s and the upcoming Smarts: Are We Hardwired for Success (January 2007).and workplace trends.

Chuck Martin is at the nexus of a global idea exchange and the leader of a research engine that regularly samples the mood and intentions of more than 2,000 senior executives and managers from 1,400 companies in more than 50 countries, including half the Fortune 100. Therefore, he has access to an incredible amount of insight and useful information and a true, up-to-the-minute view of today’s workplace. The broad base of his network, the robust and virtually instantaneous nature of his process, and his experience analyzing results give him unusual insight into business and workplace trends

A former vice president of IBM responsible for a global division dealing with Media and Entertainment, Martin has helped identify successful corporate business strategies for some of the leading companies in the world. Prior to joining IBM, he was the founding publisher and Chief Operating Officer of Interactive Age, the magazine credited with helping to define the interactive marketplace and the first publication to launch simultaneously in print and on the World Wide Web.

Martin’s last book, Managing for the Short Term, investigates how companies large and small are managing in today’s volatile world of disruptive technologies, sudden downturns and upturns in the economy, and tumultuous world events. He reassembles the profound disconnect he sees between many organizations’ long-term strategic vision and the short-term actions needed to realize that vision. He is the author of Net Future, The Digital Estate, and (co-author) Max-e-Marketing. He also has written a business fable, entitled Coffee at Luna’s, about an overworked manager who can’t get off the treadmill of work until he learns three valuable lessons that totally improve his situation and those around him as well.

He writes a nationally syndicated newspaper column on management and business issues and regularly appears on television business shows.

Martin resides in New England.

Programs with Brief Descriptions:
  • SMARTS: Hardwired for Success and Leadership
    Why do people gravitate toward certain tasks and shy away from others?Chuck Martin answers this question when he uncovers and explains the 12 Executive Skills (actual brain functions that every person has) that can make or break any department or organization. In an enlightening, entertaining and thought-provoking presentation, he provides a groundbreaking blueprint for leaders, managers and administrators to quickly identify and tap into their greatest strengths as well as the strengths of those around them.

    Martin also shows people how to identify their greatest weaknesses, describing how to get around those weaknesses, after explaining why they cannot be dramatically improved, no matter what. He then details what it takes to identify these traits in others and best practices for leading and managing once this information is understood.

    Beyond leadership and team building, Martin's lecture inspires every audience member to engage in a self-assessment to help them think differently about how they perform any task and ultimately help them work at peak efficiency.

    The effects of understanding Executive Skills strengths and weaknesses are enormous for individuals and entire organizations. Martin shows how this understanding can improve productivity, quality, employee recruitment and retention, training, teamwork, competitive edge, meetings, execution, information management, and stress.

    Armed with this cutting edge information, organizations can then better assemble teams who can execute more efficiently and successfully because each person will be positioned to leverage his/her strengths. This groundbreaking speech is based on Chuck Martin's new book, SMARTS: Are We Hardwired for Success? (January 2007). Supported by in-depth, primary neuro-psychology research with two leading psychologists, and studies conducted by Martin's NFI research, which regularly surveys the moods and intentions of more than 2,000 senior managers in companies worldwide, SMARTS sheds light on our basic human capabilities. It's the ultimate map for building a winning team and leading that team to the top.

  • Tough Management
    Work today is more demanding than ever before. With bottom-line focus, organizations large and small are pressed to do more with less in budget-constrained environments. Everyone is affected, as the burden falls on them, the people they manage, their customers, the customers of their customers, and the employees and managers at all those places. This requires a hardened approach by managers, with an eye toward pragmatically achieving results. These tough times demand tough management, a way to approach work. It is a practical, reasonable, and organized way to get to decisions more easily, make the numbers on a consistent basis, have those throughout the ranks understand where you stand, and increase and improve the business.

    Chuck Martin identifies the seven skills every manager should know and reveals how business leaders can meet the demand and do more and deliver more without rising stress levels. Martin clearly articulates how entire departments and organizations can improve communications to make them clear, concise, timely, and truthful. He delves into ways to force the hard decisions, focus on results, and remain flexible. In this informative, entertaining and high-energy presentation, Martin shows what it takes to tackle business growth and identifies the significance of specific departments to achieve that growth.

    Martin shows how today’s flatter organizations, as a result of delayering or eliminating layers of management, can execute faster decision making, innovation and ultimately doing more with less.

    Martin looks at the latest business trends using research culled from front-line managers to show how to map strategies to tough out the tough times and build bottom line tactics that work for today’s business world.

  • Work-Life Balance to Improve Your Business
    Based on his entertaining and informative book, Coffee at Luna's, Chuck Martin shows audiences how to recognize the three secrets to knowledge, self-improvement, and happiness in work and life. To get off the treadmill of work, leaders, managers and employees need to find it, change it, and pass it on. This involves ways to tune in to those around you, so that you understand what is truly going on. It involves commitment to improve the situation by taking concrete steps. And it ultimately requires you to communicate this knowledge to others around you so that they can also commit to improvement. Identifying Corporate Business StrategiesSharing the stage with President Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, Dr. Phil, and Lance Armstrong, Chuck Martin advises audiences and companies on how to best cope with today’s business challenges. CEO of international market research powerhouse, NFI Research, Martin overseas a global idea exchange and research engine with a network base of 2,000 senior executives from more than 1,000 companies in 50 countries, including: AT&T, GE, American Express, Deloitte & Touche, Microsoft, and IBM. Martin will show your audience a fresh, bottom-line strategy designed for what really works in today's business world.
Client Testimonials:
"Great job! Chuck Martin’s message really hit home with our audience. His customized presentation reflected our clients’ survey responses, benchmarked against significant research on issues facing most executives. Chuck’s energetic and upbeat presence on stage was captivating. "
-- Abby R. Atkinson, Senior Director, NA Marketing, SSA Global

"There can’t be a more fitting testimonial for Chuck Martin than the fact we had him back a second time. He has spoken for our group on two separate occasions, and he manages to always exceed our expectations. He’s an incredible, excellent speaker with terrific energy and great material. We are appreciative for the obvious effort he puts in to preparing for the conference and for tying his comments in to the theme. His material is always on-target, delivered with high energy, and entertaining. Here is an example of some of the comments from the most recent attendee evaluations: • Very energetic and entertaining speaker; could have used more time for this speaker as some items flew by that I would have liked discussed in more detail.
  • Excellent presentation. Look forward to future presentations from Chuck.
  • Great enthusiasm.
  • Good presenter.
  • Dynamic presenter.
  • Invigorating!
  • Best speaker. Definite re-invite. Great keynote.
  • Great way to start – comments on short-term actions, long-term thinking struck a chord.
  • Good insight that I can use.
-- Maureen Campbell, Director of Program Development, CFO Enterprises, (a unit of CFO Magazine)

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