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Bob Hooey
"Productivity Strategist and Business Enhancement Expert"
Bob Hooey Expertise:
Leadership • Creativity • Innovation • Communication • Inspiration • Performance improvement
Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000
Location: Canada
Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey has earned international recognition as an inspirational author, leader, facilitator, corporate trainer and motivational keynote speaker on association, community or business innovation; enhanced team profitability; and personal performance and success.

Bob is a prolific writer, authoring nine leadership, business and career development books, a series of eight mini-books, four success systems and a series of six e-books. He is a columnist and frequent contributor on sales, teamwork, leadership, innovation, and success to North American consumer, association, corporate, on-line and trade publications. Companies such as Acushet/Titleist have used his articles to help equip their sales force.
Bob Hooey, CKD-Emeritus is an award winning kitchen designer (retired) who became the 75th Canadian Designer to earn professional certification from (NJ) National Kitchen and Bath Association in 1993. His creative design projects have been featured in several North American magazines. He served for many years on the NKBA teaching faculty and bureau, and still trains at NKBA chapters across North America.

Bob is an award winning leader and community activist. He has been honored by the United Nations and received the CANADA 125 award from the Government of Canada for his leadership in the community. Toastmasters International inducted him into their Hall of Fame on numerous occasions for his leadership contributions. He was honored nationally by The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers in 2000 with a commemorative CAPS President’s Award ‘…for his energetic contributions to the advancement of CAPS & his living example of the power of one!”

Bob works with North American leaders, including Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies, to move their teams and companies profitably to the next level. In 2003, he worked with the senior VP group for Canada’s largest volume retailer of household furniture, mattresses, appliances and home electronics. The following year they met and surpassed the billion dollar sales mark. He’s worked with leaders from Subway, Home Depot, Chevron Canada, TD/Canada Trust, The Brick, OK Tire, Intuit (quick Books), London Drugs, Indigo/Chapters, ICBC, Toastmasters, CAPS and NSA, Ct. Assoc. of Realtors, and the Alberta Assoc. of Municipal Districts and Counties… to name a few.

Bob is an award winning speaker and trainer. In 1998, he walked across a Palm Dessert Stage to the cheers of 2200 Toastmasters to be inducted into their Hall of Fame and received their coveted professional level Accredited Speaker designation. He was only the 48th person in the world to do so and the 5th Canadian to earn this prestigious recognition.

Bob believes life is an adventure to be lived! Whether it is kayaking in post thaw runoffs, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, or joining 3 other men to sail a 65 foot Gaff-rigged schooner from Hawaii to Japan, barely surviving a typhoon in route… he believes we need to push ourselves outside our normal experience.

Programs with brief descriptions:
  • Rising above the storm! How to take personal leadership when life flips you upside down or throws you into change.
    Life happens in the midst of our plans! We need to stop, change pace, and refocus our energies on a regular basis. We need to effectively handle the changes and challenges that rise up, such a business reversal, a drought, unexpected storm or the after-effects of 9-11. Bob toured ground zero shortly after that disaster. Bob sailed through a typhoon off the coast of Japan, and battled the unforgiving seas for his life, to attain a safe harbor in Kobe. This high impact session challenges you to change direction, as needed, and apply personal leadership to overcome the storms in your life.

  • The Power of ONE! Yes, one person can make a difference! YOU!
    Can one person really make a difference? Is that one person you? Throughout history, meaningful progress has been initiated by individuals who saw the opportunity or undertook the challenges to emerge successful. Entire industries have been dominated by one person or firm who dared to be different. Communities have been bettered when one person had the courage to lead. Energize and empower your team to focus on the possibilities and profitably move to the next level.

  • Big Dreams - Small Steps! You can achieve and live your dream!
    Every successful enterprise began as a dream, an idea if you will, in the mind of its founder. Building a successful career or company is laid on the twin foundations of vision and strategic application. We must first dream big dreams which inspire us to action. We then follow those dreams with strategic action steps to see the dream become a reality. Industry leaders have successfully used these skills to recruit and build winning teams.

  • Life Design - Get what you want, creatively!
    Would you like to be more successful, creative, productive, or powerful; have a better job or career; or build a winning team? Get what you want by harnessing the power of applied creativity and focus. Study business and career success stories and you'll find each creatively brainstormed their life and career and then set out to systematically create it. Apply specific success tools and techniques in designing and developing the life of your dreams.

  • Prepare yourself to WIN! Apply the success skills of the world's' top leaders in taking your career, your team and company to the next level.
    You win when your team wins! How do you successfully recruit and creatively lead and motivate winning teams? Harness the leadership secrets, systems and processes of North America's top business and team leaders in leading your own team building efforts. Create an innovative culture which allows your team to access their own creativity and leverage their skills profitably to the next level.

  • Create the Future! Leverage to win with innovation and vision
    According to Bob, 'the best way to predict the future is to create it!' Applied creativity can open doors, increase productivity, enhance employee morale and create profitable, competitive advantage. Dynamic enterprises and organizations have been created by forward thinking and acting leaders. Leverage the power of vision and innovation to see the future you want built on solid foundations for long-term success!

  • Building Bridges - Not Walls! Career and Business Success is built on productive relationships.
    Our success in life is impacted by the people we allow in… those who invest in us, cheer us on, and become our champions and coaches. Each moment, challenge, and encounter is a 'life' building block and an opportunity to create the future we want. Are you building walls or building bridges and foundations for success under your dreams?
Breakouts, workshops and general session format:
  • The Courage to Lead! (Change) - Bring out the best in your team!
    Whether your 'field' is industry, hospitality, sales or marketing, association management or agriculture we all need to deal with the changes and challenges that rise up, such a business reversal, a drought, an unexpected storm or the after-effects of 9-11. Being on the leading edge in any field or endeavor requires continuous and directed growth. This focused session will rekindle your fires of ambition and achievement and provide the ideas and fuel needed to achieve them. Included in the program are specific techniques, ideas, and innovative tools to equip and prepare yourself to inspire and lead your organization through change to thrive and successfully meet the challenges of the 21st century. Enhanced performance is built on a commitment to personal leadership.

  • I'm Already Running As Fast As I Can! - Get what you want and still have a life.
    Today's executives, entrepreneurs and business owners, employees, and families are over-committed and over-whelmed. Increase your personal and professional productivity and balance your time more effectively. Explore practical ideas and innovative immediate use techniques that free up time for the important people and activities in your life. Recognize and minimize your time wasters. Recapture your idle time for more productive use. Schedule your priorities to regain your balance. This session will energize, educate and empower your team to invest the time needed to succeed!

  • Why Didn't I 'THINK' of That? - Applied creativity, strategic planning and innovative problem solving secrets and techniques.
    Your ability to remain competitive draws from your ability to solve your client's problems. Apply specific ideas, creative tips, techniques and innovative problem-solving models for business and personal success by tapping into your creative genius. Discover new styles of applied idea generation. Explore new management and creativity tools and innovative ideas for your business or organization. View problems as opportunities to grow and change the way you live or do business. Set and apply 'workable' ideas and strategies for success for your career or organization. Observation combined with application provide an innovative foundation for growth in any field. Become the creative catalyst needed for change in your career and organization's success. Invent the future - Ideas At Work!

  • Creating 'TIME' to Sell, Lead or Manage - Successfully create more face-to-face time for the sales and marketing process for profitable, long-term relationships.
    How much would a 25-50% increase in potential sales bring to your bottom line? Would it pay to invest time learning how to increase your productivity? Would it pay to invest time building customer loyalty and productive partnerships? How would you or your sales force invest an additional 1-2 hours per day? This interactive, idea-rich program challenges you to systemize and prioritize your activities and streamline processes to free-up 'productive' time for the sales and marketing process. Focus on results-oriented ideas which allow you to redefine and accomplish your priorities, increase your productivity, and dramatically increase your sales results by building repeat business. It's about working less, not 'just' smarter! Making more money in less time - with a better system to enhance and sustain your performance over the long haul!

  • Secrets of EFFECTIVE Customer Service - Millennium Management Tips to move your career or company to the next level.
    Business success and survival in the 21st century depends on your ability to define, anticipate and exceed changing customer needs. A novel idea! Your ability to recruit, service and retain your customers will determine your sustainable success. Transform customer complaints into new business and long-term growth opportunities. Convert customers into loyal fans, evangelists, champions, and repeat buyers! Explore exciting new ideas to build customer loyalty and provide for continued profitable growth. Apply field-proven, innovative ideas on customer service, product development, staff training and effective promotion to grow your career or company to the next level.

  • Unleash Your Business Potential - How to Out-think, Out-perform and Out-market your competition!
    If you want your team to be energized and challenged with new ideas and success techniques, this program will help re-awaken their desires and goals. Learn and apply the three C's of success - everyday! Recruit the Champions, Coaches and Cheerleaders needed for your personal and professional success. Apply specific techniques to hone your competitive advantage. Leverage the secret of 'intelligent' networking in building strategic alliances. Use new 'Cross Promotion' and partnering techniques to facilitate marketing. Create promotional tools and systems to enhance your success in the marketplace. Harness the brainpower of your own Success Team...and more! This is a session that will help 'profitably' explode your business or career.

  • Speaking for Success! - A primer for enhanced interpersonal communications and powerful presentation skills.
    Your ability to succeed in life or business is leveraged on your ability to 'effectively' communicate your ideas orally or in writing. Your ability to climb the corporate ladder is directly dependent on these skills. This pro-active program, led by an award-winning, internationally acclaimed accredited speaker, can give you solid skills and an understanding of what it takes to be an effective communicator. Enhance your communication abilities by applying proven ideas and success tools. Uncover innovative ideas and secrets from North America's finest communicators and speaking professionals. Overcome your fear of speaking and tap into your real power to connect with an audience or customer. Discover how to accurately organize and powerfully convey your thoughts. Explore how to dramatically increase your chances of being promoted, increase sales and enhance your career. Apply your enhanced communication skills successfully as leadership, sales and negotiation tools.
Client Testimonials:
"..he is always on! Bob has the ability to grab his audience's attention and keep it... if Bob is involved - your motivational keynote program or corporate training seminar is guaranteed to succeed!"
-- Maurice Lavigne, London Drugs Coordinator for Training and Development

"Thank you Bob, it is always a pleasure to see a true professional at work. You have made the name "Speaker" stand out as a truism - someone who encourages people to examine their lives and make adjustments. The personal stories you shared with your audience made such a great impression on everyone. The comments indicated you hit people right where it is important - in their hearts. Each of those in your audience took away a new feeling of personal success and encouragement."
-- Sherry Knight, Dimension Eleven Human Resources and Communications

"I still get comments from people about your presentation. Only a few speakers have left an impression that lasts that long. You hit a spot with the tourism people."
-- Janet Bell, Coordinator Yukon Economic Forums

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Book:Secrets of Effective Customer Service Author: Bob Hooey Book:Productivity Power Pack Author: Bob Hooey Book:I am Already Running as fast as I can! Author:Bob Hooey Book:Speaking For Success Author: Bob Hooey Book:Why Didn't I think of That  Author: Bob Hooey
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