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Bill Lampton Ph.D.
"Champion of communication and motivation"
Bill Lampton Expertise: Communication • Motivation • Customer Service • Sales
Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000
Location: Georgia
He works with individuals and organizations that want to become champions, by sharing his expertise in communication, motivation, customer service and sales. As a speaker, seminar leader, consultant and coach, he enables clients to get the results they need.

After earning his Ph.D. in communication from Ohio University, he taught five years at the University of Georgia. While serving as a speech communication professor, he expanded his interest into radio/TV, becoming a licensed broadcaster and originating a Larry King-style weekly radio interview program-titled "Dialogue"-for the campus radio station, WUOG.

Atlanta's WSB radio selected him as the guest broadcaster for the Atlanta Classic, a regular stop on golf's PGA Tour. Bill played in the pro-am, and interviewed Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and other golf stars.
In Kansas, he spent weekends as Ed Watson, a popular weekend radio DJ, and became the TV spokesperson for the Coleman Company. Bill narrated TV specials for public television, including one on CanAm racing.

Next, Bill moved into management, serving as vice president of three colleges and a medical center. His responsibilities included fundraising, giving him two decades of experience in a highly demanding sales arena. Working with alumni associations, he learned plenty about customer service. Supervising public relations, he applied and expanded his communication skills. With all of these constituents, motivating his team, trustees, volunteers and prospects became primary. Directing a staff introduced him to the management concepts he uses now in coaching and consulting executives.

He started his illustrious writing career with articles in College Today and College Board Review. Eventually, he became a bylined magazine columnist for Fundraising Management, and a newspaper columnist. The Rotarian, Competitive Edge, Toastmasters, The Atlanta Journa/Constitution, Atlanta Business Chronicle, CEO Refresher, Marketing Management, Balance Magazine and other leading periodicals have featured his articles. Hillsboro Press published his popular book, The Complete Communicator: Change Your Communication, Change Your Life! The book's content developed from a six-month radio show he hosted, "The Communication Corner."

During his faculty and administrative stint, he started his freelance speaking and training career, including three high school commencement speeches and many public seminars. Presiding over numerous major college events, he became an energetic, poised Master of Ceremonies. His growing prominence prompted television's P.M. Magazine to feature Dr. Lampton on its national program.

In 1996, Bill launched his own company, providing leadership in communication, motivation, customer service and sales. His client list includes Krystal Company, University of Georgia Athletic Association, HSMAI, Missouri Bar, Ritz-Carlton Cancun, Orvis Company, National Park Service, Miller Brewing Company, American Institute of Banking, Georgia Nursing Home Association and Lab Products, Inc.

Recently Sixth Star Entertainment selected him as one of its Special Interest Speakers, available for "edu-tainment" for seventy-two cruise ships. He has spoken aboard the Radisson Diamond (Radisson Seven Seas), Regatta (Oceania Cruises) and has upcoming cruises scheduled with Regatta again and with Horizon (Celebrity Cruises) for Bermuda and the Caribbean. Bill says he "likes these working conditions, meets great people and gets to talk about milestones in radio/TV, such as Edward R. Murrow's career and the Kennedy/Nixon TV debates."

Clients welcome Bill's presentations, which feature:
  • Thorough preparation that results in customized presentations
  • Spontaneous, tasteful humor
  • Fascinating stories from his diverse experiences
  • His unique ability to interact with his audience
  • An inspirational tone that permeates even his most serious topics
Dr. Lampton has gained wide recognition, being interviewed by Investor's Business Daily, Delta's SKY, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Entrepreneur, Sales and Marketing Management, Cosmopolitan, Newsday, The Virgin Island Daily News, United Press International, Gannett News Service and 300 radio stations.

A lifelong golfer, he played on his high school and college golf teams, displays two hole-in-one trophies in his office and treasures friendships with Masters Champion Tommy Aaron and multiple tournament winner Doug Sanders. He wrote a series of columns for Golf Life magazine, focusing on how to cultivate clients during a round of golf.

Dr. Bill Lampton has worked in a variety of industries, establishing a record of significant impact. He is eager to "Help You Finish in First Place!"

Programs With Brief Descriptions
  • The Most Incredible Day of Your Life!
    First presented for the management staff of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Cancun, Mexico, this inspirational program helps participants identify what's really important in life-in addition to paychecks, perks and promotions. There's much more to living, as this exhilarating presentation illustrates.
    Afterward, audience members will:
    • Take personal responsibility for their actions
    • Identify their own "place in the sun"
    • Form powerful partnerships
    • Recognize that success requires perspiration
    • Persevere until they succeed

  • Maintaining Maximum Motivation: Strategies for Staying in High Gear!
    After experiencing moments of peak enthusiasm at a convention or retreat, many of us lapse back into monotony, and even discouragement. We wonder what we can do to remain energized and committed. Bill offers the solution. You will be amazed at the first thought he has every morning when he steps out of bed. It's simple and powerful, and will work for you, too.
    Audience members will:
    • Learn to consider setbacks as detours, not dead ends
    • Analyze the motivational strategies of highly successful leaders
    • Select the inspirational approaches that work best for them
    • Establish a behavior pattern that assures daily renewal
    • Replace their sporadic zest with sustained vitality
    • Become more valuable to the organization as rejuvenated employees

  • Communicate Like Champions!
    Using the DISC system of Personal Style Analysis as a basis, Dr. Lampton helps people identify their communication styles, the styles of their colleagues-and, most importantly, strategies for bridging the gaps.
    As a result, participants will:
    • Abandon their dogmatic style
    • Stop trying to change others to fit their mold
    • Improve their listening skills
    • Use language that reduces conflict
    • Adjust to perceptions that don't match theirs
    • Foster greater harmony and teamwork.

  • Championship Selling
    Yesterday's sales strategies won't work in today's market. Brand loyalty no longer guarantees repeat business. Competition has become worldwide, not just "that place across the street." To become champions, we must update our playbook.
    After this presentation, your people will:
    • Stay in touch with prospects without becoming a nuisance
    • Create an attention grabbing
    • universal selling proposition
    • Adjust to prospects with varied communication styles
    • Refine their sales language
    • Get more referrals, and take full advantage of them
    • Use the Internet to stimulate interest, provide information and generate leads

  • Championship Customer Care
    Strike "Customer Service" from your vocabulary, because you can service people without caring for them-as you have certainly noticed. And beware: Years ago, a disgruntled customer might tell ten friends. Now the unhappy client will take to the Internet and tell 10 million readers not to do business with you.
    After this program, your organization will:
    • Avoid the ten statements that offend customers the most
    • Say what customers really want to hear
    • Defuse explosive situations before they ignite
    • Practice empowerment (you can play without asking the coach)
    • Keep current customers and gain new ones

    Note: Bill's Customer Care approach reached a new level when he made a thorough study of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel's hiring and training system, after participating in the hotel's "Legendary Service Symposium" at the Ritz-Carlton Dearborn. He wrote a lengthy special report about the Ritz-Carlton for Expert Magazine.

  • Media Magic
    We call them emergencies because nobody plans them or wants them-fires, injuries and death, embezzlement, outsourcing, sexual harassment, CEO turnover, board resignations, company downsizing and more. Suddenly, reporters gather at your front door. How will you respond when the camera rolls? As a media veteran who has worked with print and non-print media, Bill explains how to interact with media representatives.
    This presentation enables you to:
    • Prepare press releases in the proper format
    • Hold confident, convincing press conferences
    • Respond constructively to threatening questions
    • Train your employees for crisis communication
    • Prepare a written crisis communication plan.
    • Maintain-and possibly increase-your credibility during a public crisis

  • Presentation Skills: Speaking to Win
    To advance to leadership positions and to perform effectively when you get there, no skill is more vital than the ability to speak to groups in a variety of settings. As a full-time professional speaker-and former university speech professor-Bill knows what it takes to succeed with audiences.
    Program participants will:
    • Grasp the basic communication principles they must apply
    • Control stage fright
    • Use the most effective method of preparation and delivery
    • Reduce dependence on their notes
    • Make their presentations interactive
    • Include appropriate humor.

  • Business Writing: On Paper and in E-mail
    The College Board's National Commission on writing confirmed that about one-third of America's workers do not meet the writing requirements of their positions. That's easy to believe when you think about the memos, minutes of meetings and e-mails you have received in recent weeks.
    In this seminar, you will learn to:
    • Abandon the stilted formal language of prior generations
    • Use proper e-mail "netiquette"
    • Change from "taboo words" to "terrific words"
    • Avoid jargon that might be unfamiliar to readers
    • Subdue humor, which is often misunderstood by readers
    • Grab the reader's attention immediately
    • Provide transitions as "road signs for readers"
Client Testimonials:
"In all the years that I have been organizing conferences, I feel that Bill Lampton is one of the very best speakers that I have ever heard. He reaches out to the audience with a warmth and sincerity that is rare. Bill has a way of making his material flow effortlessly while keeping the attendees entertained and energized."
-- Braden Albert, HR Star Conference

"The workshops you conducted at the National Park Service's Annual Training will be of tremendous help in our work with communities throughout the United States. Your presentations were captivating in content and delivery. You effectively designed the sessions to fit our needs in working with diverse groups and in dealing with complex issues. It was a pleasure to work with you."
-- Mary Rountree, National Park Service

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Book: The Complete Communicator: Change Your Communication, Change Your Life! Author: Bill Lampton
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