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So You Think You Hate Your Job…Stop Thinking That Way!
by Steve Rizzo

If you really hate your job read no further, just quit. Or, you can try another alternative and think about what you’re thinking. In most cases it’s not the job; it’s the thoughts you have about it that count.

The great poet Milton said, “The mind is its own place, and it can make a heaven of hell or a hell or heaven.” What a powerful statement and how true it is. The mind is its own place; but it is important that you understand that your thoughts feed your mind. Those very thoughts are the determining factors that make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven in your life.

Let’s say that every morning as soon as you get up to start your day your inner dialogue sounds something like this: “I can’t believe this. This is absolutely ridiculous. Why do I do this to myself? I know what’s going to happen. As soon as I get to work I’m going to be swamped with things to do. When I first got this job I was hired to do one thing and one thing only. Now I’m doing what it takes three people to do and I’m getting paid the same amount of money! And for what?!... No one ever tells me what a great job I’m doing. But, God forbid something should go wrong…who’s the first to get notified? Me, that’s who, I just don’t get the appreciation I deserve. Do I have VICTIM written on my forehead?! All of these changes that are taking place are driving me out of my mind! First they say that they’re gonna do it this way. Then they say no…we’re going to do it another way! Why can’t they make up their minds?! I’ll tell you why…because nobody cares about me!!!...All of this new technology is driving me crazy! I just learned how to work this stupid software and now the geniuses up top are telling me I have to learn a whole new system! Well, thanks for telling me Sparky! And I am sick and tired of people telling me to smile. Well, I don’t want to smile! What about my needs?!”

Right now you may be smiling or laughing over the above dialogue. Some of you may be thinking that this rant sounds hauntingly familiar. The point is that this type of rant is negative-self-talk. The concerning thing about negative-self-talk is that many of us have this type of conversation with ourselves everyday and we’re not even aware that we’re doing it. If there is anything that is going to keep you from being productive – it’s negative-self-talk. If there’s anything that’s going to keep you from finding a solution to a problem – it’s negative self-talk. If you’re having difficulty enjoying the process of whatever it is that you are trying to achieve – it’s because of negative-self-talk.

Periodically you have to literally stop yourself in the course of each day and become aware of what you’re thinking. And are you aware that what you’re thinking doesn’t even have to be true? But, if you believe that it’s true that’s all that matters in your world. You must understand that your brain -your subconscious, does not know the difference between true or false. It only knows the information that you program into it. You could be creating a belief system that states: Work equals havoc, confusion, and lack of appreciation. That’s not conducive to being productive and it’s definitely not conducive for you to enjoy yourself.

Just one negative thought first thing in the morning can cause a snowball affect. It can regulate everything you do throughout the day. It can stifle your energy and enthusiasm. Just one negative thought first thing in the morning can take a promising day and blow it to pieces.

What you think about expands. Not only can negative- self-talk ruin a promising day, it can also destroy an entire lifetime filled with promise. Many gifted and talented people will never achieve their goals or fulfill their dreams because of the constant bombardment of thoughts filled with fear and doubt. They keep playing the same record over and over in their heads. “This just isn’t going to work.” “I just don’t have the money and never will.” “I’m not lucky.” “What will everyone think?” “I better play it safe.”

This type of thinking creates self- sabotaging. And here’s the incredible thing – people who do think like this will actually see evidence of this type of thinking in virtually everything thing they do and everywhere they go – which will only solidify an already negative belief system.

  • Stop yourself in the course of each day and become aware of what you’re thinking. Note, that it is the awareness that dissipates negative thoughts from entering your mind.
  • Just one negative thought first thing in the morning can take a promising day and blow it to pieces.
  • What you think about expands. It’s not the situation but rather the thoughts you have about it that will either minimize or maximize the impact it has on you.
Steve Rizzo is The Attitude Adjuster. He shows people how to acquire the attitude they need to succeed on all levels of life – while enjoying the process. He’s the author of the critically acclaimed book, Becoming A Humor Being and the executive producer of his own nationally syndicated PBS special. Steve Rizzo’s keynote speeches and seminars are invaluable in learning about the power of choice, the power of your humor being™ and the power of your thoughts.

Copyright Steve Rizzo. All Rights Reserved.

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