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Appendix 10.
Site Selection Criteria for Audio-Visual
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  • General questions
    • Does the facility have a contract with a particular supplier?
    • If so, what is the policy on outside vendors in the facility
    • What are the union jurisdictions?
    • Are there charges for setup and move-out days?
    • If a 24-hour hold is made on a room, is there an extra charge?
    • Who locks and unlocks rooms? When? Is there full-time security?
    • Is security in-house or contract? If contract, do you have the option to contract direct?
    • Is there an engineer on staff, or is engineering contracted?
    • When are rooms normally setup?
    • Is there an accessible dock and elevator for contractors bringing in equipment and staging?
    • How big are they? How do you schedule them for move-in and move-out?
    • What is normally provided by the facility as part of the room? (microphones, house sound system, flipcharts, lecterns, etc.)

  • Room inspection
    • What is the "true" ceiling clearance?
    • What is the lowest ceiling point in the room?
    • Are there obstructions (low-hanging chandeliers, columns)
    • What about any light sources or reflective surfaces (windows, mirrors)?
    • Is there a house phone in the room? Can it be disconnected?
    • How soundproof are portable walls?
    • What will be going on in adjacent rooms?
    • Where are the entrances and exits? What can be blocked by A/V stands, stages or seating?
    • Do doors squeak? Close completely? Automatically lock?
    • What is the "true" meeting space?
    • Is there room for A/V setup and a control console?
    • Does the room have a permanent stage? Stage lighting? Sound system?

  • Sound system
    • Who handles the sound in the facility? Is there a patch fee?
    • Is there a good quality sound system in the room? (Ask for a demonstration)
    • Are portable sound systems available (sound lecterns, etc.)?
    • Can the rooms be patched for audio recording from a central location?

  • Lighting
    • Where are the house lighting controls? Can they be remote controlled?
    • Can room lighting be divided into sections?
    • Are "follow spotlights" available? At what cost?
    • If stage lighting is to be hung from the ceiling, what are the restrictions? Where can it be hung? Who can do the work? Is there a reflected ceiling plan available?
    • Are there man lifts, scissor lifts or basket lifts available from the facility? If so, at what cost? If not, from whom?

  • Electrical
    • Where does the electrical service originate in the room?
    • Who provides hook-up service?
    • Do they also provide distribution of the service?
    • What is the cost for hook-up and use?

  • Communications and computers
    • What type of telephone, data and high-speed transmission service is available in the facility (Analog phone line, digital phone line, ISDN lines, T1 line, other)? At what cost?
    • Are two-way radios available? Are there places where these do not function?
    • Does the facility have a vendor for computer rentals? If so, compare to that of a contract vendor
    • Is there a Business Center capable of helping with computer presentations?

  • A/V Requirements for Speaker Presentations
    • Microphones
      • Does speaker prefer handheld or lavaliere (lapel) microphone?
      • Does speaker prefer wireless or wired microphone?
      • Is a mixer required? If so, how many?
      • One wired podium mic (handheld) or wired lavaliere microphone does not require a mixer
      • More than one microphone of any kind usually requires a mixer
      • Standard mixers have 4 channels and can handle 4 microphones. If a speaker wants 5 to 8 microphones, two standard mixers or one 8-channel mixer will be required
      • Is a sound technician needed?
      • For 1 to 4 mics, a sound technician is not normally required
      • For more than 4 mics, a sound technician is always required
      • Is speaker providing mic? Patch fee may apply
      • Will other input devices be used (videotape players, audio cassette players, etc.)? If so, how many? Will additional mixers be required?

    • 35mm slide projectors
      • Are slides vertical or horizontal, or both? Setup for both unless specified otherwise
      • What size screen is preferred? Plan on largest screen applicable for the room
      • Is standard tripod screen or fast-fold screen preferred? For fast-fold, is dress kit (skirt) or pipe and drape required?
      • Will the slide presentation be front or rear projection? Rear projection requires fast-fold screen with dress kit or pipe and drape
      • Is wireless remote control needed? (allows free movement)
      • Will the speaker show more than 80 slides? Will slide trays be preloaded, or are extra slide trays needed? Should a technician switch trays? (Recommend 80-slot trays, which are less prone to jamming.)
      • Who will operate the lights? Is a technician needed? Videocassette recorders (VCRs)
      • What size and format (VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS, U-format, Hi 8, Betacam, Betacam SP)?
      • If presenter is from outside the United States, what is the video standard (NTSC, PAL, SECAM)?

    • Computer interface
      • What make and model computer will be used?
      • What is the monitor scan rate (VGA, SVGA, XGA or higher)?
      • How many computers? Provided or rented? Are power cables, phone cable extensions, etc. included?
      • Does the speaker need an Internet connection? If so, What speed (modem, ISDN, T-1)?
      • If using a laptop, is power supply or adapter needed?
      • Is an LCD projector needed?

    • Cassette decks
      • Is it for playback only or for recording purposes? Playback to large audiences requires a 4-channel mixer to patch into sound system.

    • General A/V Requirements
      • Have equipment set one hour prior to meeting time.
      • If the speaker wants equipment setup the night before a meeting (for rehearsal purposes, etc.) a one-day rental fee may be applied for that night
      • If technical specialists are required, allow for 4-hour minimum and overtime rate after 5 p.m. and on weekends
      • Communicate A/V requirements to A/V contractor as soon as possible. Some equipment may need to be special ordered
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